Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II Like a “Tactical Puzzle” Thanks to Fan Feedback

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was met with mixed reviews when it was released two years ago. Fortunately, the feedback received from the first game has helped LucasArts improve the second, and a big focus was put on enemy AI …

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CrzyFooL3020d ago

A wha like a wha? LucasArts always listens to fan feedback to make their games better. That is why they are LucasArts and not Activision!!! OHH SNAP SAY SOMETHIN!!!

Nostradavis3020d ago

Whoah? What's wrong with Activision?

Colonel-Killzone3020d ago

Whats wrong with Activision ?

EVERYTHING is wrong with Activision.

rezzah3020d ago

they may do that, but their biggest mistake is canceling Battle Front 3.

DeadlyFire3020d ago

They have still not made a Jedi Knight like game yet. I don't see them listening to much of the Fan Feedback. They still say nothing about Battlefront 3, or KOTOR 3 existing either. They are ignoring the feedback they don't wanna hear. Lucasarts deserves no praise.

Tactical combat is nothing special. They are just admitting first game lacked variety on the battlefield and had no challenge and they are trying to add that to this one.

You make the combat like Jedi Academy. Give it a HD overhaul, some different classes and a balance between jedi/troops like Moviebattles mod has given much of the game. You get perfection.

Cajun Chicken3020d ago

I wonder if you can 'object surf' now? That was the only thing really stopping it being as much fun as Psi-Ops.

Nostradavis3020d ago

I always thought this game looked really good but I guess the first one wasn't that well received...

CrzyFooL3020d ago

omg Psi ops was the shit, I totally forgot about that game.

moe843020d ago

Let's just hope it doesn't suffer from the same bugs, and pathing issues like the first one.

Internal testing ftw.

moe843020d ago

Camera angles in boss fights has got to be fixed though. Definitely was not a fan of the fixed camera location during boss fights on the first Force Unleashed.

KingNintendoFanboy3020d ago

I still think this game will be awful. No offense to the developers.

Neo Nugget3020d ago

If you're basing it on the first game, then that's not fair. Give it a chance at least.

dinkeldinkse3020d ago

But why do you think it will be awful? I liked the first game, but it did have some problems.

UnSelf3020d ago

why does he have to have 2 lightsabers :(

Neo Nugget3020d ago

Because that's extremely badass.

dinkeldinkse3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

I love Dual wielding in games with swordlike weapons.

jerethdagryphon3020d ago

marketing and tradition

jedi knights box was shown by 1 lightsaber

jedi outcast if you look is 2 held close together

force unleashed shows 1 saber

force unleashed 2
or rather II uses 2 saber hilts to indicate iteration number

but as for game wise
rouge jedi tend to duel wield it would seem
both in some books and bok in jedi knight

NecrumSlavery3020d ago

Jedi Outcast never had duel lightsabers. Jedi Academy did thought. BTW Outcast is my #2 Star Wars game, it really needs a good nextgen installment

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