Get Access to the Enitre Saints Row World

If you have played the demo, you will probably be familiar with the large red demo blockades throughout the game. 2 videos on Youtube have appeared showing how you can get through these barriers, giving you acces to the entire Saints Row world. There is also a third video showing you how to get an AK in the demo.

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FeralPhoenix5398d ago

Has anyone tried this yet?

Zaskark55398d ago

When I got to the other side the demo keept sending me back.

USMChardcharger5398d ago

lol, sounds like you are talking about after should head towards the light!

USMChardcharger5398d ago

ill be trying it tonight. wish it was the 29th already.

sparco5398d ago (Edited 5398d ago )

You DO NOT get access to the whole world of Saints Row AT ALL. If the whole of the saints row world was only 964mb, dont you think there would be so much more in the game (e.g bikes, planes, bigger world, more cars)? Trust me, you can only go so far before either getting spawned back at where the game starts, or the demo crashes. There is a way to get the AK cos ive done it. I saw the videos before the demo was out (in the uk that is), but you have to follow a cirtain path, otherwise you will fall through the floor, and usually; the demo will crash, or, spawn you back at the start.

Just some advice for you all :)

Alexander5398d ago

He is right you know.

I also got up to the train station and enjoyed the destruction even more than I normally would :)

signal3605398d ago

there are two versions of the demo.
one you can got everywhere one, is limited do to space. sorry about the confusion.

Marriot VP5398d ago

your post is confusing enough, lol

xeon1215397d ago

bs dude their is only one version of the demo kicking about