Uncharted 2 :"The Lab" July 2010 Schedule-- writes, "First of all, thank you to everyone who have logged into UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer and played “The Lab” for the past three sessions so far.

Because we’re on a bi-weekly schedule, July loses out and only gets two sessions of “The Lab” which will continue until October, when we have three weekends that fall within our scheduling plan."

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seij5554643d ago

Still supporting this amazing game. They are very dedicated for their first online multiplayer.

Spenok4642d ago

Which is good. They seem more dedicated then some other big name developers who have been in the multiplayer sector for MUCH longer.

Commander_TK4642d ago

many people still playing this game?

Noobasaurus_REX4642d ago

yes there are still people playing, still you may get a few of the same people in a match every so often youll have no trouble finding a match

BryanBegins4642d ago

I wish I learned about the "Pluder with Pistols only" before! With the new health (that I actually like), plunder has become really hard to capture. Especially when your team is composed of douches who don't care about the plunder and just camp to increase their kill/deaths ratio!

Snoogins4642d ago

You could check every once in awhile. Also, this article was posted a week ago.

Pistols-Only Plunder was enjoyable. Very happy I finally got my "You Run, I'll Shoot" trophy and don't have to worry about it again.

PopEmUp4642d ago

just throw 3 grenade at them they're fucked lol

SeanRL4642d ago

haha, that should be interesting. Gotta check that out when it's available.

tiamat54642d ago

Grenades only? No guns. That is going to be either a very long match or chaotic. I guess I could use my Explosive expert power to get an extra grenade. This kind of game could be spoit by Statistical Awareness though. That will give people an unfair advantage

Snoogins4642d ago

Maybe ND will have the foresight to plan for that and make boosters inactive? Don't bother with Explosive Expert as grenades will be infinite in supply. Also, don't you think Sure Foot is a better idea?

PopEmUp4642d ago

or it will turn out like some explosion game lol

4642d ago
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