Used games are almost as bad as piracy

When a person walks into a game store, they often times have two options: buy a new game or buy a used game. With tight economies around the world, the prospect of buying a used game becomes much more attractive. Unfortunately for developers, this means they don’t get a cent of the profits every time one of their games are resold. While video game pirates take most of the headlines, many have been admitting that used games can also be just as damaging...

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mushroomwig3019d ago

It does make me feel bad, but like the artucle states, times are bad and I can't justify spending full price when I can spend half that (sometimes less) and get the same experience.

HolyOrangeCows3019d ago

Buying/selling used is NOT anywhere near piracy. I have the right to sell MY BELONGINGS.

I'm not going to blow $60 and told how to use it/what to do with it.

Give me a REASON not to sell it. Support your game.

Cevapi883019d ago

if it wasnt gamestop....another company would have taken its least when i sell a game, i know that its my property after i have shelled out $60...buying goes both ways...if you like the dev then buy the game new, they get the support they deserve...if you dont have the money, its the only way you can enjoy the entertainment....what makes me facepalm is when devs bitch about their mediocre games...why should i buy something that is average over another game that offers so much more content for the same price

Government Cheese3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

So I guess when I went out and bought my first car that was used, that is almost as bad as stealing the car? Because the car company didn't get a cent from me.

So I apologize for not buying a brand new car that costs $20,000 and instead bought one that costs $3,000, and I apologize to game developers for buying a used game that cost $30 instead of a new one that cost $60. Oh wait no I don't.

Flipflopp3019d ago

I agree. If its so bad, then why not shut down used car dealerships. Why are DVD movies OK to sell used, no one is complaining about that.

If a company produces X-number of game discs to be sold and they meet that quota then why do they care about the resale of those games.

Elwenil3019d ago

Used cars are different since as you use a car it degrads it's condition and value. Software usually does not degrade and a used game in good condition plays the same as a new one, which is the whole point in the value of a used game. A used car is rarely in "like new" condition.

msbabie200343019d ago

for once i actually agree with you

Garnett3019d ago

Especally with Disc Locked Content already on the disc, its another $15 for the full game...

Raypture3019d ago

This, I tihnk it's all a corperate conspiracy to get more control and force you to buy more stuff, think going to the movies and having to pay for each person who goes in is expensive? I bet you we'll eventually see people trying for that with TV or DVD/BD.

evrfighter3019d ago

I'm glad developers/publishers are going this route. It's only a matter of time before cd-keys are released on console.

I would hope this kills a large portion of the console market so that the gaming world can get back to games and not DLC and pre-order bonuses.

crck3019d ago

@1.1.4 Your argument makes no sense at all. A used car does not degrade in performance until after the warranty expires (typically 3 to 4 years). Does that mean car companies should get a cut of car sales that are still under warranty? What about computers? A working computer has no drop in performance as they age. Should Dell, HP, Asus and the lot whine about used computer or computer part sales? Fact is NO ONE gets to double dip on used sales except the government who charges sales tax on used sales. Why should the game industry be any different? Why should there be an exemption for them?

Bereaver3019d ago

I agree and disagree. Buying/selling used games isn't the equivalent to piracy but it does feel like it sometimes. Because, not everyone wants to add to their collection like me.

Dogswithguns3019d ago

Actually used games aren't cheap, prices almost as much as new... I buy new but I wait til the price dropped.

Spenok3019d ago

Used games are important. A lot of people use there old games to buy the new ones that come out. Its like 70% of all traded games are toward new releases. I used to manage a GameCrazy, so i saw it happen all the time. Used is a good deal if you can find it.

phalanx_mark3019d ago

no-one is questioning your right to sell your game but the point is the resellers should pay the devs a commission on each resale.

Elwenil3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

You obviously know very little about the automotive industry or perhaps you are not old enough to have ever bought a car yourself. My argument was not for Gamestop or against, merely against the comparison to the used car market. A vehicle begins depreciating as soon as someone buys it. The moment you sign the sales contract, the vehicle depreciates several thousand dollars. This is a fact and a reason many people buy used cars and "let someone else take the hit" on depreciation. As for warranty, that can effect the value but warranties vary horribly from 3 year 36k mile standard "bumper to bumper" warranties to Chrysler's Lifetime warranty that only covers the original owner and everything in between. Like it or not, cars loose value with every day that passes and every mile that is put on them. This is why leased vehicles have a mileage limit and you pay more for every mile over that allocation. Games do not depreciate based on how many times they have been played, only on how old the game is and that is tied more to the popularity of the game near release rather than a performance issue related to how old the disc is.

I'm not going to comment on the rest of your argument as that is way outside the comment I made originally. I'm not arguing the politics of it, merely how foolish it was to compare used cars to used games. The amount of disagrees I got on my original comment either shows that I did not make my point clear, or that too many people here are way too young to know anything about buying a car and comment on things they know nothing about.

PITTBULL833019d ago

I think that developers deserve our money..........well most of them excluding (PUBLISHERS) ACTVI/EA but gaming is a hobby if you can't afford to do it then maybe you should find a different hobby. BE A GAMER NOT A HATER.

IdleLeeSiuLung3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

People love to use the argument that game software don't degrade like other items, but neither does music, movies, software or books (significantly). They aren't b!tchin and moaning about sales all the time, are they?

tplarkin73018d ago

It's perfectly ethical to buy/sell used games. It's a free market. However, it's also fair for developers to seek ways to make money off of used game sales. Gamestop's future is in big trouble, though. DLC is the future. Disks are going bye-bye in a generation or two.

Elvfam5113018d ago

Say what... Games do degrade... game cases, manuals, scratches on disk, and so on.
Why should pay $60 for a used game when most of the things listed might be missing or damage?

I understand if the game industry makes a contract with retail that sell used games to get a cut.

skrug3018d ago

if you cant afford the game at new prices (lets say $60) then wait until the price drops instead of buying it from gamestop used ($54 or w.e the cost is)

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Donny3019d ago

no way, so your saying if i buy a used game because i cannot afford it its wrong?! sorry but ____ you. alot of these developers get more money in a a year than yo will get in a lifetime.

Gue13019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

yeah, that's exactly why I download anime, music and movies illegally. either way the developers aren't seeing the money cus everything goes directly to GS's pocket anyway... /example

I'm just using this to make a point.

AngelorD3019d ago

Why should I pay 120 USD in my country for a game i can get for 50$ new on eBay?
Well I shouldn't, and that's why i use eBay.
To say it's piracy is just wrong - i still BUY the game from a STORE on eBay! It's the same as if I bought it from an actual store.

wongway3018d ago


What horrible place do you live that games cost $120?

hassi943018d ago

AngelorD, you're talking about a completely different situation. If you're buying it new on eBay that person has bought the game wholesale and has the right to sell it on behalf of the publishers, just like any supermarket or gamestore.

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seinfan3019d ago

What's worse is that GameStop charges a hell of a lot more for used games than what you could find on amazon or half. So not only are they ripping off the companies who make the games, they rip off the consumers.

hassi943018d ago

I think we should stop having $60 as a pricing standard, and make games cost differently depending on their longetivity and the developer status.

Noone wants to pay $60 for Fallout 3 that lasts them 100 hours then go spend $60 on G-Force that lasts 3 hours.

Rocket Sauce3019d ago

The feeling of entitlement here is insane. I'm at the point where I want to buy more used games just to spite these people.

ImmortalLegend3019d ago

Well I, for one, won't be taking any part of it. I love my physical media. I don't know about you guys...

killnotic3018d ago

That's what's going on and it's insulting.

PlainOldGamer3019d ago

Yes in a way they don't get any money from used games being sold (The devs) but Gamestop is just like a pawn shop, and I don't hear people complaining about what's being sold there. Besides at least unlike piracy at least they got at least one game sold since that used game was new at one point.

Most of the time for some games I do like to buy used since it is cheaper and i can return in 7 days if I don't like it.

Redempteur3019d ago

i don't feel bad at all ... Used sales are common IN EVERY OTHER MARKET why should it be wrong with video games ??

i bought some game for half their original price ( gems like burnout paradise , resonance of fate ) and it was great deal for me ... had i not found them at their price i wouldn't have bought them full price because my wallet has a physical limit ...

TheLastGuardian3019d ago

how gamestop does business is worse than piracy.

darx3019d ago

What about libraries?

Glasscocked3019d ago

I think the used car analogy is accurate and software too degrades just like an automobile. Brand new games that are $60 at launch never hold that price long and game publishers themselves drop the price of the game after a few month to spur sales. Games also lose value as soon as you take the shrink wrap off, just like that new car a buyer drives right off the lot.

Scary693018d ago

If game developers are upset about the sell of used game maybe they should drop the price of their games to either $39.99 or $49.99 rather then be greedy and sell a game that sucks for $60.

Skizelli3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

So what if the developers don't receive a cent from used games? If someone buys a used car, does the manufacturer see a profit? No. What makes the game industry so much more deserving of this? It's nothing more than greed. The real problem is the price of games themselves. Apparently everyone thinks their game is worth $60, no matter how mediocre or unpolished it is. Since I don't really see the price of new games dropping any time soon, there's really only one solution to this: Set up your own online store that sells both new and used copies of your game(s), and offer deals much like how Steam does. This will help combat retailers that sell used copies of your games. And while you're at it, stop nickel and diming us to death with overpriced DLC.

killnotic3018d ago


But that would take money and effort on the developer's part. But who knows? Maybe they are and this is their way of trying to get rid of the competition.

jerethdagryphon3018d ago

it is also for games that dont have legs games that are one off experiances

i buy new when a game i want comes out but i buy used when i need a quick fix and anything will do

as for digital distro is in custmers best interests... sorry no i dont trust not owning physical media and im a collector

it goes full dd i quit gaming

ABizzel13018d ago

My stand is this:

1. Developers need to make better/longer games. If your game delivers on all fronts, then people are less likely to trade it in.

2. Games need to drop in price sooner. I shoould not have to pay $60 for a game over 3 months old. Most game sales fall off the charts (there are exceptions) after the first full month so by the 3rd month it should drop to at least $40.

3. Develoers shouldn't charge full price for EVERY GAME. You can tell if your game isn't going to be up to the same level of quality as other major releases. If your game falls in that category sell it for $40, and not $60 especially if there's not logevity to it. And if it's a smaller sized game sell it on XBL, and PSN.

Unicron3018d ago

Abizzel -

Better is subjective. You will never please everyone, and no title is a guaranteed hit. Even if your game delivers on all fronts, many people WILL just trade it in regardless because its so easy to do.

dillydadally3018d ago

The title of this article SHOULD be "Used games are almost as DAMAGING as piracy". The word bad implies that it is immoral to buy and sell used games, which it most definitely is not.

Buying and trading of used products is a fact of life and a part of our very economy. It's the same with cars, movies, books, you name it. This is the game industry just being whiny.

Not only that, I don't buy the article at all. Most games I buy new, I never would have bought at all unless they lowered their prices to used prices, so essentially game publishers are trying to sell their games for higher than that demand and then whining when people don't cooperate with their inflated prices.

P1NKY3018d ago

There has been a few occasions where I have gone and bought a used game. The most recent example would be Lost Planet 2 which I bought USED for £23.99 when at the time I could have bought the game NEW for £24.99. If I had seen the NEW copy for that pice I would have bought it new rather than USED.

When you buy a game NEW thats turns out to be absolute Sh!t, so you take it back anf get ALL your money back. Surely that means the shop has lost money since some of the money you originally paid has gone to the devs and Publisher yet the shop is giving you back ALL your money.

Shops make most of their profit on USED games whereas the Devs and Publishers make their profit on NEW games. If they want people to splash out £40 - £50 on a NEW game then they should make that game worthy of that price tag.

Sarcasm3018d ago

I wonder what these people think about used car sales?

WildArmed3017d ago

lol it's a Sin.. u can't sell ur car after you are doing abusing it! i mean using it...
Same goes with your house.. computers.. HDTVs..
because the people who made them don't get paid for the used sales!
How evil will people get!?

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TheColbertinator3019d ago

Used games aren't that much cheaper but I do use that option to screw publishers I hate like Activision

Darkstorn3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The problem is that if we buy used games, we're also screwing developers in the process. I too despise virtually all game publishers; however, buying supports an equally menacing business interest - Gamestop.

TheBuIIetSponge3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Gamestop isn't so bad. They couldn't just throw money at their customers and survive. Wait for their occasional more than generous trade in deal, trade it in and get something back, or be more intelligent with your game purchases and take advantage of renting when its a better choice. Don't blame Gamestop for your own stupidity, at least they are giving you options.


That for example you paid $60 plus tax for a game and you finished it, then you went to trade it in GStop and they offered you 14 or 20 bucks for your game... then you went to the store and saw the game you traded at an affordable price of $54.99. So why trade your games? If you dont have enough money why not sell it to a friend instead? Then why bougth an used game that sometimes comes without a manual and the case just to save $5.00?

I really despises the used game sales but I also believe that if games were at least $10 to $20 bucks cheaper there wouldnt be the necessity to buy used games. Also I believe that all the companies are going to adopt some kind of online license for used games... Just my take.


MetalZombie3019d ago

That's not true, if you wait for sales and bonus deals you can get them a lot cheaper, even through gamestop. I wouldn't buy a used game from them if all I was going to save was $5-$10.

However, as an example of a recent (used) purchase I made through GS I got Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 for my self and Guitar hero 5 for my girlfriend for $73 + tax and free shipping. So, I got 3 games for 13 dollars more than it would have cost me to buy 1 new.

Hanif-8763019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

A newly released game used is for $54.99 at GameStop compared to a new one @ $59.99. Also, if you were to sell a newly bought game they'd give you about 20-25 dollars for it...which is just a legal robbery. I never support used games because it takes away money from hard working developers and you'll feel as if you just got robbed by a GameStop employee for giving you a used product $5 short of a new one.

Deathracer3019d ago

With an edge card a brand new used game is $50 with tax (give or take the change) and a new game with tax is $65. So if I can save $15 on buying a used game that just came out, that's $15 I can spend on the Playstation Store or XBL.

seij5553019d ago

How can something be brand new and used at the same time?

danielle0073019d ago

a pre-owned copy of a game that's been newly released.

vickers5003019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

People who usually buy used games don't buy newly used games though, at least I don't. I have Condemned 2 and Fear 2 ordered right now, and only had to pay 25 bucks for both of them combined used, when if I had payed for them new, it would have been 40 +tax. A 5 dollar difference on a newly used game though is inexcusable.

T9X693019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

So I guess used cars is as bad as Grand Theft Auto?
And used cloths are as bad as stealing from the Goodwill?

EDIT: Yea and? Dealerships gain no profit from used car sales (unless its a used car dealership) and the Goodwill gains no profit if people give away their cloths to their friends instead of the Goodwill.

NExaminer3019d ago

If you read the article, it about how it effects developers financially the same as piracy. They gain no profit from piracy or used games, and with more people wanting to get cheaper games, they're losing profits from increased used game sales.

HolyOrangeCows3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Used games: 1 person buys a new copy in its existence.
Piracy: No one ever purchases a copy.

3019d ago
vickers5003019d ago

Yeah, but that money from the purchase went somewhere it didn't belong. Gamestop doesn't give any of the used game sales money to the devs, and gamestop doesn't deserve that money it gets, so it's pretty much the same thing if you were to pirate it.

It's like buying bootlegs. Just because you're paying for a bootleg, does not mean the person selling (gamestop in this metaphor)should get some money. The concept of "money going somewhere, it may suck for devs but at least it's going somewhere" isn't any better than "money going no where".

SuperStrokey11233019d ago

Vickers, do you think you should have to mail a check to a dev if you sell a game on kijiji or something like that? What about when you sell a used car, does GM or toyota deserve a cut? Of course not, thats stupid right? Well the same idea applys to GS as well. Just cause its a company doing it lots doesnt make it any different at all.

peowpeow3019d ago

Seems someones happy to bend over for publishers. You can't argue against selling something that you fully own, especially if it is common practice in nearly every industry

vickers5003018d ago

I'm not saying you should send a cut to devs, but I am saying that piracy, and supporting gamestop for something they aren't responsible for are in the same league of morality, so you might as well go ahead and pirate (if the issue to you is a moral one).

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Whoooop3019d ago

The difference is that new cars are sold in their respective dealers and they make 100% of the profit.

Developers need publishers and they don't get as much profit from their games.

I don't mind used games because there is a choice, but I just wanted to note that the car comparison is a bit off.

LastDance3019d ago

It's the same in all industries. Gaming is not SPECIAL in any way.

People act like this is a new concept.

If you argue that Gamespot sell a preowned copy for 54.99 when new is 59.95...that just means more people are going to cough up the 5 dollars extra and get a new one.

People cant have their argument go both ways

wiggles3019d ago

I love how everyone cries when money gets lost....

They decide to charge us $60 instead of $49 no problem....but god forbid the consumer strikes back and takes matter into their own hand by finding a cheaper source... Oh no then it's an outrage!!

Come on game companies the solution is simple....

Make quality games that I don't want to return and poof...there goes your used market!!

Not to mention if I buy a laptop that has technical issues I can return it to Best Buy and no problem...but if I buy a game that has horrible technical issues then I can't.

It's funny how no one will ever complain when the going is good...but if they are the ones losing money then it's Gamestop's fault.