John Carmack Has Met His Match, Killzone 3 Exceeds Expectations

1. Tekken 7 A Complete Overhaul
2. NBA JAM May Arrive On PSP And DS
3. Transformers: War For Cybertron 9.5/10
4. HipHopRss – Eminem And Raekwon Doing A Song Together (OH MY GOD)
And Much Much More

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deadreckoning6663021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Can't wait to hear ur new info on Playstation Plus. It may actually make me wanna get it.

Edit: WOW, watch this guys..even the haters. BIG news for PSN+

T9X693021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

No hate on hiphopgamer yet? That's surprising.

EDIT: Oh nvm, Dawn of Ashes ruined it.

captain-obvious3021d ago

I knew it was HHG as soon as I saw the title

you cant fool me HHG

inveni03021d ago

He had been tagging his headlines, so I walked right into this one. Didn't click the link, though...I checked the submitter, first.

Conloles3021d ago

HHG, yeah right so again he's saying the graphics on a linear FPS with small enclosed levels are better than an open world game in 1080P with up to 16xAA running at 60FPS (also at that res in 3D if you want it). }

HHG never ceases to stop me facepalming....

Omegasyde3021d ago

Flip flop gamer Show:



1-luv, and click the site bi***es I need to pay my billz.

Lich1203021d ago

HipHop might want to not start his show speaking in hyperboles and absolutes, because at first I was very irritated, thinking he was saying that Carmack and his engine couldn't compete. Later he restates his position as "Rage (and Carmack) are great, it just impressive that someone is showing similar visual fidelity". That is a reasonable stance. The beginning of the show seems completely irrational however.

Just my two cents.

PLAYstar3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

HHG have been rather informative for while now. Other then predictions or rumors by HHG, I can tell you that so long as he seen the thing he knows what he's talking about.. No bias talk, he speak the truth!

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JsonHenry3021d ago

Ahahahahahahaha! Yeah right!

SixZeroFour3021d ago

i dont get it...wouldnt game sharing kinda ruin game sales?

i know that it may also help it, but for the most part, if you play with a certain group of friends everytime, where you guys all go on at the same time (my friends and i always do it) then wouldnt that mean that it could possible cut the sales by atleast half cause then only one person would need to buy it and everyone else can just gameshare it?, cause i game with between 2-6 ppl on xbox at the same time, so if I only require to buy it, and we all play at the same time anyways, then THEY wouldnt ever have to buy it, correct?

i dont have a ps3, or psp so i dont exactly know how it works, can someone fill me in?

ryhanon3021d ago

I've only actually used game sharing once myself, so I'm not sure if this is true of every game, but in my case, the game I shared could only be used on one of the shared PS3s at a time. So if you shared a multiplayer game with the intent of playing with your friends, you would not be able to do so as you could only use it when your friends were not using it.

Despite that limitation though, game sharing is fantastic from a consumer point of view. I can understand why devs may not be thrilled about the idea though.

SixZeroFour3021d ago

Oh..ok, that clears things up...yea, from the way he described it, i thought if one of your friends had a gameshare-able game, you could play it too without you having to buy it

rob60213021d ago

Game sharing would be awesome for co-op games, it just really sucks everyone has to buy the game to play co op. A lot of my friends are more casual and won't buy every game so I'll never get co op. It would definitely make me buy more co-op games if it didn't require my friend to buy the game too.

Ahmay3021d ago

... for some psp titles? and ds titles, you and a buddy can play 2 players with only one game... using bluetooth or whatever... the other hand held is the second controller and receive images and such from it..

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Hallmark Moment3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The only people that think kz3 looks better than Rage are known ps3 fanboys, most gamers and media that has had hands on with both disagree with A passion. Kz3 textures make kz3 look last generation or a launch title from this gen. It's clear pro Sony media and ps3 fanboys are saving face by attacking this game because of it being shown on the 360 while the devs hide the ps3 version and that can't be execpted that the game is getting so much praise

seij5553021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The only people that think that the only people that think kz3 looks better than Rage are known ps3 fanboys; are known xbox fanboys, most gamers and media that has had hands on with both disagree with A passion. Rage textures make Rage look last generation or a launch title from this gen

BattleAxe3021d ago

Its always the 360 fanboys who viciously attack all of Sony's games like a pack of wild starving dogs. I Haven't seen much about RAGE yet, but I might buy it if it gets released on STEAM.

Double Toasted3021d ago

KZ3 looks good, albeit, not Gears 3, Crysis 2 or Rage good, but good nonetheless.

jakethemuss3021d ago

Makes for a great hallmark moment.

Odin7773021d ago

From what I've seen of Rage I think it looks very good graphically but the gameplay I saw just looked a little boring to me. I've not seen much of Rage so I have a malleable opinion on this, mind you. But Killzone 3 had amazing looking gameplay and the graphics are not horrid as you seem to believe, I honestly don't where you got that idea.

N4g_null3021d ago

Until killzone has an engine we all can use no one cares and it's not xbox fans hyping it it's pc fans. Also no one is attacking Sony anymore you guys just keep saying knee jerk stuff that no one gets excited about.

Unlike some of killzones art and I even have models using that style. Maybe I'll put them in rage? So you can see what is truely the better engine.

Hey but I'm more excited for brink than any thing else on the high end side. Other wise I'll be importing last story.

It's sort of hard to actualy talk about stuff when every thing is just opinions.

shoddy3021d ago

That's what I though.
Yall should get use to multi disks and subHD.

heroprotagonist3021d ago

I don't understand your question. What's better than Gears of War 2 on the 360? Well, Alan Wake probably looks better. But then again, Gears of War 2 looks better than all but maybe 2 or 3 games on the PS3, so it's not like it is a bad looking game.

After Gears of War 2 came out a few of the PS3's biggest exclusives came out, like Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 and God of War 3. But things are always changing and now upcoming games like Gears of War 3, Crysis 2 and Rage look like they will surpass those previous games. Even Enslaved is right up there with those games.

thewhoopimen3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

hero, it only takes one victory to prove a winner.

In the basketball finals it only takes 4 games. So how many would you need to figure it out? Hopefully less than a "handful"

And no Enslaved is just starting to approach Uncharted 1. Crysis2 is a non-contender, and neither is geow3 using a multiplat engine. Just like Alan Wake wasn't, Fable3 wasn't, Crackdown Wasn't, Splinter Cell: Conviction Wasn't, or Halo:Reach, Halo3, Red Dead Redemption, etc.

orange-skittle3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Both Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb agreed that RAGE was the best game at the E3. This is comparing it w/ Vanquish, KillZone3, Black Ops, Gears 3, Crysis 2, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier(my fav), inFamous 2, and Assassins Creed 3. If you listen to their commentary when they were speaking to the developer, everyone was blown away and compared it to PC-Like graphics. They weren't that excited about game since Uncharted 2 and we saw how that turned out. I want both of these titles, but I hope KZ3 turns out to be like promised. They revamped that controls, so I am anxious to see how that works out. The fact "id" made the visuals that stunning on an open world format was amazing in itself. People have to remember that KZ3 is linear and shooting missions are rail-based in order to tell a story. If they put those visuals in an open world, it would be unbelievable. I can't wait for either. Gotta come up with an illness quick, so I can call in sick

DigitalRaptor3020d ago

So you think that because Rage looks better, that makes KZ3 look last generation? Get to grips with reality son. Your hate for PS3 fanboys is clearly clouding your judgement.

There are obviously some areas where Rage excels over KZ3 and vice versa.

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Beg For Mercy3021d ago

gotta be the dumbest stuff ever

menoyou3021d ago

Even though I knew it was HipHopGaymer when I read the title, this is probably the first title he's ever put that's actually true. Killzone 3 does look better than RAGE.

HHG is still lame though.

SaberEdge3021d ago

Really? I actually thought Rage looked better than Killzone 3. My jaw dropped when I saw Rage gameplay from E3.

Cueil3021d ago

if you compare video (HD) you can clearly see that Rage not only looks better, but it runs at twice the frame rate and has a much larger world... has anyone got hands on time with both? I don't care if it's just one... that's a skewed point of view...

kevnb3021d ago

killzone doesnt run at 30 fps, they try to cover it up with motion blur and "heavy" controls, but it runs like turd and doest even look that special technically. I will admit though, its got great art style.

starchild3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I haven't played either yet, but I will say that I did get a chance to see Rage at E3 and it looks stunning. Everybody was talking about it. IGN gave it their "Game of Show" award and the G4TV guys were also really impressed with it.

Honestly, it is the best looking game I have seen running on a console and it blows my mind that Id were able to get it running at 60FPS. Like you said, that is literally twice the frame-rate as most console games.

There is no doubt that Killzone 3 looks fantastic, but when you compare them side by side I would have to say Rage looks better, not to mention it also has twice the frame-rate.

Below I am leaving the links to G4TV's demos of Rage and Killzone 3. Open each video in its own tab and go back and forth between them, pausing at various points, and really compare the graphics. For me, Rage definitely has the edge.

suckerpunch3021d ago

yeah right.........

you are so easily influenced. killzone 2 has no color how about that.

3021d ago
StbI9903021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

PEOPLE...rage does ONLY looks better ON...ON...ON pc, but comparing killzone 3 vs rage ON consoles, THEN killzone 3 win hand fcking down...anyone read the conversation dev had with microsoft about multiple disk and it still will looks worse than the ps3 version cus of microsoft 2GB per DVD stuff, how can any multi programmer make a game looks better on a console they don't understand further than guerilla game themselves, GG is FIRST party, capichi?

Ok, thought so.

NinjaAssassin3021d ago

Whatever you say man. The guy above gave a link to the Xbox 360 version of Rage and it does look better than Killzone 3. Open your eyes. When you also consider Rage runs at 60 fps and Killzone 3 only runs at 30 fps then Rage wins hands down.

thewhoopimen3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I know there's a lot of 360 fanboys pining their hopes on ID beating out Guerilla on the graphical front, but with a budget difference of possibly $40-50 millions dollars, one doesn't need to think very hard which game is going to have the higher production values. It's already apparent looking at how static environments are in RAGE. The animations in RAGE are already stilted in comparison and that's where the discrepencies just begin. F**k fanboyism and use logic for a sec: $60-80 million dollar budget vs. $20-30? KZ2 wasn't exactly a flop, so the production quality is going UP from an already HIGH standard.

But even assuming for the sake of argument that RAGE "does" end up looking better than KZ3... which console is going to have the better texture quality with "streaming" textures and disc space being a requirement for "megatextures"? It's obvious the PS3 with 25-50 GB is gonna win out a 8-16gb multi-disc.

Folezicle3021d ago

I think Killzone 3 does look brilliant but id Software are doing something never done before in games graphically.. Id always seem to make the best game engines, its just typical Id. I imagine future game engines will follow its footsteps, can't wait to see Valves new engine too.

spooky2053021d ago

different level. For example killzone has a much better draw distance as the gameplay for rage is shown to be quite linear. Each bullet in killzone carries some sort of physics that not only destroys the enviroment but makes your enemies flail depending on where they get hit. In rage the enviroments dont seem destructable and the enemies just kinda keep going at you depite being blown half to hell by a shotgun. Art style is quite subjective however rage definitely has a advantage due to the colorful enviroments. If lighting is anything like killzone 2 was in killzone 3 then i really doubt rage will fare any better than that. The reflections and shadows of killzone 2 are not being surpassed by rage. Rage looks like a lot of fun. Its face paced, the art design is good, and the extra goodies are enticing. But even if it runs at a faster frame rate that killzone, to me killzone brings a better overall technical package due to those little extra details that i have not quite seen in the rage gamefootage.

N4g_null3020d ago

Seriously rage is less of a game now because of the ammount of disk it uses and now it's unfair to have a bigger budget. Wow really?

Sure the art is great in the game yet the engine is long in the tooth when looking at Id tech5.

Also what did he expect anyway

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pixelsword3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Everyone's talking about how great it looks and this and that about the 360 version, and granted it looks pretty good; but everyone's forgetting how a whole faction was removed from the game, gimping the PC and PS3 version. By ignoring that things were removed from the game only makes Rage appear less than phenomenal overall, which is probably why they are demoing on the 360, like the graphics had anything to do with why they removed the faction (which it didn't, it was about disc space issues).

Besides, like I said earlier, I'm waiting for rage to have environmental-wide particle effects to be applied like they were in killzone 2 before I say Rage looks "better", because there seems to be a trade-off between textures and effects in Rage whereas Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 seems to have both going for it. Killzone 3 may not be the king in the end, but I'm looking at all factors between Killzone 3, Rage, Crysis 2, and my personal favorite, Halo:Reach.

I'm also looking for destructibility in Rage and Crysis 2 as well as Killzone 2 and see which one will exceed in that aspect as well.

N4g_null3018d ago

Unlike killzone even you can make maps for it and go all paritcal crazy if you want.

muDD3021d ago

this fool spreads nothing but useless unsupported flame bait all day! yet N4g does nothing about it...

PressStartNow3021d ago

Don't post. People like you are just rising HHG's heat on this site. If you want him to stop posting, go do something about it. Aside from that, don't click the link and don't post.

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LCS_Furious_Dre3021d ago

Killzone 3 will likely end up being the greatest shooter of this generation. It can be found ONLY on playstation 3

demonddel3021d ago

dont forget cod4 modern warfare

Roozium3021d ago

You're the lead example of a N4G user, a fanboy.

ChronoJoe3021d ago

Oh c'mon. Have you looked at Killzone 3? have you seen the production values on that FPS, relative to anything else?

There's a very, very good chance Killzone 3 will be universally adopted as the best FPS this gen. A fair few people think Killzone 2 already is.

RockmanII73021d ago

It doesn't matter how good Killzone 3 looks, the fact that he said "It can be found ONLY on playstation 3", though it is a true statement, has nothing to do with why Killzone 3 will be great. He sounds like a Sony commercial except not funny.

StbI9903021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

...and? go to engadget...full of xbox bias, go to gamespot, full of xbox bias, go to kotaku, full of xbox troll or defender anyhow bias, go to G4T...full of xbox bias, go to meristation full of nintendo plus xbox troll and dinosaurs, they involve even your mother, xbox troll modding all these sites.

NOW go to N4G...full of sony bias...BUT then it is strange, it is out of this world, and it is BAD, ...come on, it has to be xbox bias too? huh, then warp your ars in time before 2008, there will be your place, til then joystiq and n4g are psfanboy place FTW, you don't like it, close the window.\\


JUST LIKE KRATOS BEAT DANTE, so killzone over any shooter.

Laughing at people saying sht about 30fps for killzone 3, it is a PRE alph]a build...hello? rage is coming next this year, lets see when killzone 3 is released, nor even killzone 2 was below 30fps, and those saying RAGE looks better on xbox...

Why the John carmack said it will and does looks better on ps3? blind much are we, it won't even has dedicated server...

Xbox blindbots at its fullets.

evrfighter3021d ago ShowReplies(6)
SixZeroFour3021d ago basically right, but as for shooters, i think halo reach is up there as well

suckerpunch3021d ago Show
StbI9903021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

What is up with a troll in disguise using suckerpunch name? and over that INSULTING, CAN ANY MOD DO SOMETHING HERE.

btw, use turn ten instead of one of our next first party AREN'T worthy of thy nick.

On topic for this discussion...graphically, not a chance, gameplay wise, the winner.

Inside_out3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I have know doubt the Rage on PS3 will not look as good as KZ 3...BUT...Rage on 360 will look better than KZ 3, no doubt about that. The game is an open world game that will rarely feature the same objects twice. Maybe they are showing the PC version? The graphics are stunning.

There is a reason that Rage is only being shown on 360, the same reason that Crysis is only being shown on 360. The same reason RDR turned out the way it did on PS3 and why MOH is a mess on PS3. These games are built on PC architecture and will struggle to play on PS3. Wait and see.

In the meantime...Rage has another year to polish it all up nice and shiny for the 360.

the-show-stopper3021d ago

he cant
thats just the way hes programed to operate lol

Game-ur3021d ago

Carmack, himself says the consol versions will be look identical, but the PS3 version will render more of the environment because of Bluray (360 will be 4 DVDs), but if you have a gaming PC then maybe that’s the best option.

The_Illusive_Man3021d ago

the only reason that some games is only showed on xbox is because microsoft pays devs to do that so people can only see the xbox version

wages of sin3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Do you have any proof of that statement? That the reason why that happen's because Microsoft pays them; I'd like to see it.

Secondly, do you honestly contend that given the same offer Sony wouldn't jump at the chance?

Stop hating and actually try playing games.It seems like many of you (SDF)have forgotten that fun,is what it's all about.

jneul3021d ago

lol ID already said they had to dumb down the textures on rage 360 version because of limited space, they then want on to comment how 360 could have done better of only it had bigger storage, now if we took the unreal engine out of the picture because we all know it does not maximise SPU's, and look at an engine like uncharted2 uses, sorry but rage looks last gen end of stupid flaimbait

suckerpunch3021d ago Show
Nihilism3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"Maybe they are showing the PC version? The graphics are stunning"

That's rational thought trying to fight it's way through layers of denial and fanboy lard. Rage and Crysis 2 are two of the best looking console games...I can see how hard it is for you to come to terms with that, the frustration in your comments show it.


"I don't think you guys realize that when they show the 360 version of games before the finished product, it is being played on a powerful PC"

LOL more of the same, we'll see on release day my one track minded ignorant little friend.

DaTruth3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Lol!!! I think I got the better odds on that one! Like we've seen on countless release days before. 540p FTW!!!!!

I wasn't trying to troll, just pointing out that the 360 would be a much more capable machine if all its games didn't have to go through the compression wringer! When a PS3 game is shown in pre-alpha, you know it won't have to suddenly be compressed into 6 gigs and you are getting an accurate portrayal of what the game will look like.

Aren't you a PC fanboy? Why the sudden 360 defense force? There is nothing at all ignorant in my post!

PirosThe4th3020d ago

lol... the textures of Rage look crap... you people are blind... I know is 60fps... but... is all that compromise really worth it?
I still can't see the difference between 60 and 30... I rather have more detail at lower framerate...

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DaTruth3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I don't think you guys realize that when they show the 360 version of games before the finished product, it is being played on a powerful PC with no compression and before they go through the downgrading process that gets it actually running on a 360 console.

That is why you guys always brag and then end up eating your words after when the finished product is SubHD and really disappointing. Do you know how taxing heavy decompression is on a CPU?

Alan Wake and SC:conviction were in 720p and uncompressed when they originally showed the games and naturally,they looked amazing and you guys jumped the gun. Then when they had to actually get it running on one disk in a console, the games look like what we see now! The same will happen with Halo:Reach.

seij5553021d ago

I kinda agree but with Reach, what you see is what you get it looks amazing for 360 but not better than KZ2-3 but I don't think they are faking its visuals in any way.

Cueil3021d ago

RAGE was being played on a 360 right in front of Adam Sessler's face he's not the kind of guy who lies about this kind of stuff