Gamenoob: Blacklight: Tango Down - Review

Blacklight: Tango Down is the latest first-person shooter to join the fray of an increasing number of downloadable shooters for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Blacklight is everything you expect from an FPS, they can’t really deviate from the standard gameplay of shooting things. But, as with all FPS’s, they have to have their own unique elements. Blacklight introduces a HRV (Hyper Reality Visor) which allows players to enter the visor and spot enemies on the map, however they cannot shoot them. It sort of works similar to a UAV in you can find out where enemies are around the map, but as previously mentioned, it renders you a stationary target for the moments that you are in the HRV. The other unique things Blacklight has is a digi-grenade and an EMP grenade. The digi-grenade is like a futuristic smoke grenade that turns the screen into pixelated madness when caught up in it.

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T9X693025d ago

For a $15 game, it has some pretty good graphics and some fun ass gameplay. I'm starting to hate the FPS genre, but this one was actually really fun online.

Inside_out3025d ago

The demo is a laggy mess. Giving the game a 9/10 from what I've seen seems to be a " little " bit too high. Wait for some real in game testimonials.

PSfan093025d ago

speaking of which, when is this coming on psn, i much rather play this than new modern warfare maps

Pandamobile3025d ago

The Wikipedia page has it listed as "TBA August 2010", and the PC version as July 14th.

Rampaged Death3025d ago

It's good for the price but it's nowhere near a 9/10

Spenok3024d ago

Maybe thats one reason they scored it the way they did. Because of the price i mean.

HaVoK3083025d ago

Perfect example why I dont base my purchasing off of game reviews. Lucky if this game reaches a 2 in my book.

TechnicalBS3025d ago

Not the best game I've played as far as FPS games go, but it was fun when I played the demo.

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The story is too old to be commented.