Singularity – Time Traveling Stories Should Come with Footnotes

In a way, time traveling is the ultimate frontier for the human mind. Consider the amount of questions that can be derived form the paradox of the astronauts, one leaving on Earth and one on a rocket swirling around space, who grow old at different speeds.

That's a sort of time travel. In a way, memories are time travel and much of today's technological advances are used for the concept of time travel, which involves relieving the past via photographs, videos and audio. And, for those who haven't had enough, there's the time travel of fiction books and video games: going back to a time that was, changing things and then returning to the present in order to see what's changed and how.

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Canary3020d ago

I guess it does its job in that I am now slightly more interested in Singularity than I was before reading (but when you're at zero, there's nowhere to go but up!) but at the same time I'm irked to see (again) so crude an understanding of time dilation.

Of the off-chance the article writer reads these comments, I'll simply say that the article is way, way, way too unfocused. Brevity is your friend: it should take fewer than three paragraphs to reach a point. Personally, I'd have cut the first two entirely--they're nothing but pointless fluff.

thisguywithhair3020d ago

The games story is amazing. Starts off in our normal time line but when a singularity occurs and you change just one small thing our entire history of the past 55 years is changed. All because one man lived when he should have died. Everything that comes after really does make you think what can happen to everything else when such small but pivotal changes do occur.

HenryFord3020d ago

I think so too!
The story is pretty amazing, combined with the name-deserving combat-system it rocks BioShock in the ground.

Storywise Bioshock may be up ahead, but honestly I thought the combats in BioShock were so god damn boring.