Sony: Qore Subscribers That Upgrade to Plus Will Not Get a Refund

PlayStation Plus subscribers get the chance to receive each episode of Qore with their subscription and this isn't making some people happy. Since they aren't Qore subscribers, they will miss out on special deals if Qore offers any for subscription based users only - like early beta access. Some Qore subscribers are now wanting a credit or refund if they upgrade their PSN account to Plus. Sony has released an official statement on this issue.

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Godmars2903019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

At the very least then, they should get a few months extra on PS+. Maybe half of what they had left on Qore.

D4RkNIKON3019d ago

Sucks for those people, that's for sure. I did not subscribe to Qore so it's a big plus now that I am a PSN+ sub. Some of my friends were Qore subscribers and I was always jealous when they got into Betas that I didn't.

jjacinto233019d ago

I feel like i need to get a lil refund at least i got 7 more months till my subs runs out, and i i got psn plus

I_find_it_funny3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Qore is a rip-off and now you can see it

Oner3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Qore for me is not a rip-off since I was a day 1 subscriber. Just as the second year ended, PS+ came out, so instead of me re-upping Qore I subbed to PS+ day one as well. Didn't lose out on anything and worked out perfectly. Got more than enough games, freebies, betas, demos etc. from Qore and now even more via PS+.

One thing I just noticed too (but need someone else's confirmation) is that if you sub to PS+ you obviously also get Qore, BUT you also get the free High Velocity Bowling too via Qore! So you get an ADDITIONAL free game with PS+ on top of everything else...and quite possibly whatever extras Qore offers as well since it has it's own specific deals/packages/freebies in it of itself.

DongHungLong3019d ago

This Qore subscriber won't be upgrading to Playstation Plus till my Qore subscription is up then.

Simon_Brezhnev3019d ago

same here i wont upgrade until my qore subscription ends to

vhero3019d ago

Meh is it that important?

T9X693019d ago

Seeing how I subscribed almost a year ago, I don't really care. If I would have bought Qore right before E3, I would be pissed as hell.

Dylantalon13019d ago

the CEOs at sony computer entertainment are robbers because if i buy a nissan 370gt and i upgrade to a nissan gtr , i'll get back the money i have spent on the nissan 370gt even though i still own it.

TheLeprachaun3019d ago

Do you have to kiss Sony's arse at every opportunity? The PS3 is a great console yes but you have no spine.

cobraagent3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

If they do have spines they also have brains, hearts, lungs etc right?
Because i haven't seen any organ in any console or pc
Or are you talking about dylaton1? How can a human being have no spine? Or does a spine represent something of a higher existence?
Either way thats very immature

Deathracer3019d ago

He said Sony are robbers, how is that kissing their ass? Your an idiot.

TheLeprachaun3019d ago

Reread what he said. He was being sarcastic. You're the idiot it seems.

tdrules3019d ago

no you won't get the money back.
Cars depreciate as soon as they're made.

Cars are tradable goods, Qore and PSN+ are a service.

Services cannot be tradable unless they are for a similar alternative, no cash involved

Christopher3019d ago

Gotta love the reasons why people use the agree/disagrees around here. I think 9/10 times it has absolutely nothing to do with logic and all to do with whether or not you blindly support one service/console/game over another.

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ryhanon3019d ago

I am amazed at all of the people that seem to have not understood your post. They clearly need to take some reading comprehension classes.

karan86243019d ago

His post is just worded in such a retarded way that nobody could make sense of it

TheLeprachaun3019d ago

Reread what he said. He was being sarcastic. You're the idiot.

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Close_Second3019d ago New Zealand which means you're not getting as much if you sign up to PSN+.

despair3019d ago

I guess a discount might not be so bad for new plus subscribers as the yearly subscribers free stuff like betas and free games will not translate to plus users as we get month by month episodes.

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