Kmart Slashes Prices on 3 Hot Video Games

Kmart has slashed the price this week on 3 popular and hot games. Singularity, Alan Wake, Metal Gear Solid:Peace Walker are all available at Kmart at a low price.

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NateNater3205d ago

Half off on Peace Walker. Thats a pretty good deal.

Merivigian3205d ago

All I do is wait until Black Friday, gamestop slashes the new 59.99 to 39.99, and then buy 2 get one free used games. It's pretty fun to get a nice stack of games every year.

skyblue142133205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I was going to wait until the rumor about the game coming to ps3 comes true but I think at that price that I will head out now since I have a kmart located near me before they sell out because they will at that price. WOW THANK YOU GOD, 2 great deals in a matter of a few days( I just bought red dead redemption for 23.99 for ps3 and now this, whats next? lol). Lately I have been trying to save my money, and deals like these are not making it any easier. Well, I am off to get metal gear solid peace walker, bye.

Neo Nugget3205d ago

Damn, this game is worth the 40 dollar price tag!

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The story is too old to be commented.