Killzone 2 Gameplay Upscaled to Full HD resolution

Killzone2 gameplay up-scaled to 1080p.

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Christopher3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Honestly? I watched it on 1080p and it looks horrible... why? Because it's not true 1080 resolution. Looks like someone just resized a 720 or lower resolution video to 1080 and then uploaded it to YouTube and called it UltraHD for the hits. The 720 version looks okay, not great. It's likely because it's an alpha build, though.

And UltraHD? HD = 720 or 1080. Ultra better be at a higher resolution than that.


kneon3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Ultra HD is 4320p, I doubt many people have anything with which to properly view that.

ExplosionSauce3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Because it's a YouTube vid, and most YouTube vids look crappy.
The game is good, regardless.

Conloles3025d ago

Hahaha now you see PS3 fanboys? YOU CANT JUST SCALE A GAME - fail, PC is the only true 'UltraHD' platform.

evrfighter3025d ago

lol seriously? calling upscaling UltraHD?


6048x1080 is what I play pretty much all my fps games in now. For gaming
Eyefinity>3d because of the competitive edge you gain. When it comes to gaming the advantage you gain becomes the standard not the gimmick.

Philaroni3025d ago

I wonder when like 30 years from now if it will just be like EpicHD where its like 300000 Rez or something crazy like that. Then we will look back on the 1080p age as like the 8bit age....

Ocelot5253025d ago

@all the people who think this is really 'ultraHD'


imagine you got a shitty picture of 1280*720 pixels and you load it into paint and upscale it to 1920*1080 pixels

if you answer yes than i got some bad news for you: you sir are a retard. why? because you belief in magic, how can a picture become magically better, you gotta take the picture again with a better camera(more MP) to get a picture with more detail

now this is done with killzone 2, the PS3 makes 720p picture or frame, send it to the TV and the TV upscales it, but it can't improve the image otherwise it would need to render the image and the tv ain't a PS3

note: in the upscaling process the image can be interpolated which can make the picture look more clear but the level of detail stays the same

toaster3025d ago

This is not UltraHD.. I watched some of the YouTube 4k videos and THAT is HD. Looks amazing on my 24inch 1920x1200 monitor but ate up two cores. It's a shame console games can't run HD properly.. they're lucky to even get 720p.

Ocelot5253025d ago


another retard, 4k movie on 1920*1200 monitor means you see 1920*1080(=downscaling)
4K is a resolution of 4096 x 1714

that's it *packs stuff and leave*
I'm gone, I'm going to guru3D

if you don't know shit about tech you should shut up

toaster3025d ago

@ Ocelot

I know 4k is ridiculously huge. It doesn't change the fact that it still looks amazing on my monitor. I did not say anywhere that it was at it's full 4k resolution, I just stated that even 24" it looks good.

To put it to scale, IMAX projectors uses 2K. There is no way a 24 inch monitor could display 4K.

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OneSneakyMofo3026d ago

For those of you who are do not know, YouTube has the new UltraHD resolution, but it's only for compatible computers. This does not matter though as it's just a stretched out 720p resolution which would look HORRIBLE.

But god damn, that video makes me want to play Killzone 2 again.

Chris_TC3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

They upscaled it, wow. How awesome. Not. Every 1080p display has to upscale the 720p signal anyway.

OpenGL3026d ago

I don't know why you got a disagree, because it's true. All flat panel displays upscale anything that is not in the native resolution.

RedDragan3025d ago

Depends on what else they do as well lads.

If those monitors just upscale then meh, if they apply motion adaptive technology and smoothing then win.

And I doubt your monitors come with that, you are looking into TV technology for that sort of stuff.

duplissi3025d ago

@red dragon... you dont want any of that stuff active when playing games anyway. Why? because they add extra overhead for the tv to process the images before they are displayed ie: you get extra input lag! which is a big no no online. also it is the very reason why most tvs have a "game" mode, in game mode the tv or display is displaying the raw image so you dont have any input lag due to the tv or display post processing the image.

NarooN3025d ago

Your trolling is very old and stale. Try something new. I've played PC games at "ultra hd" resolutions and it is NOTHING special. Wow, my HUD and text is smaller! Big friggin' deal.

PirosThe4th3025d ago

yeah... I swear i play pc games and ps3 on the same scree... and it doesn't make much difference on games /s... hell the resolution of fullhd is more than twice the pixels...
I guess if they can render double the frames for 3d... they could also make more games in 1080p

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TrevorPhillips3026d ago


Graphics are incredibly amazing but we obviously know Killzone 3 is much better :)

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Umm... the so called UltraHD looks no better than the native 720p feed.

phinch3026d ago

unless your monitor supports ultra HD resolutions :P

Fishy Fingers3026d ago

Well it's 2560x1600 which is probably higher than most.

But it's pointless, the native feed is 720p so any minor improvements the upscale would add is removed by the compression.

OneSneakyMofo3026d ago

2560x1600 does not equal 4320p. Nice try.

Fishy Fingers3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Oh doesnt it? I didnt realise that :/

So this was submitted for the N4G users that do?

Point remains, the footage is 720p, upscaled which makes little difference, then compressed which has a bigger effect than the upscale would.

RedDragan3025d ago

No no no no.... everybody is missing the point here. Unless you have a 25-foot 4K TV this video means nothing to you.

I bet that video looks awesome on a 4KTV screen. The only problem is, unless you personally know a rich Sheikh you are not going to see this video as it is meant to be seen.

moparful993025d ago

Imagine this being played on the screen in the new dallas stadium!!! *DROOLS*

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wicko3026d ago

I blame youtube for the quality.

Hacker3026d ago

Looks ok seen better looking games though.

mrv3213026d ago


Since your a 360 owner/fanboy I'm going to go with either your PC/friends PS3/youtube of someone PC/PS3.

HarryM3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Oh, thanks for showing me those comments. I take back my previous comment. :)

mrv3213026d ago

His past comments

'All game Engines are different lol it's just that Rage engine is superior that's all. The xbox360 ati graphics are more superior than the ps3's gpu lol its only plain simple fact.

Crysis 2, Rage, Brink, and many other games get shown first running on xbox360 it's Common sense xbox360 in the end is more powerfull than ps3. #10.'

'What RROD?........only one i know of is YLOD lol. #5'

'True i just wanna try out Kinect for surfing the xbox360 dashboard as for games at the moment non interest me.

it beats holding a dildo in your hands. #2'

'I'd rather mess around with the xbox360 dashboard with Kinect rather than hold a Dildo in my hands lol..........Hardcore ps3 fans lol. #6.1'

'The Reasons Why PS3 Will End Up In last Place This Console Generation
It was just meant to be lol ps3RD. #7'

'lol that has just put me of getting GT5......i'll just wait for Forza 4. #5'

'5 Reasons Why the Xbox Kinect Will Change the Face of Gaming Forever
It already has everyone talks Kinect not Move lol. #2'

'looks ok but not amazing but u know sony retards on this site any ps3 game they'll say best looking game ever and so on. It looks ok and day 1 buy but nothing special to me anyway. #11'

'It truly is a awful place I've heard to be in 3RD place. Luckily for me i have a xbox360. #4'

'The shop i work at we get 2 to 3 YLOD ps3 a week brought in....i know sad but true. #12'

'Sad to see the ps3 struggling lol. #6'

'Amazing graphics just goes to show whats possible on xbox360 also looking forward to Crysis 2 and Halo Reach which in there own are also amazing looking games which are pushing the boundaries like never before seen on console. #6'

SO I'm ruining this community? You know by reading this guys comments and coming up with him being a fanboy which you disagree with for some reason.

So is he still not a fanboy?

OneSneakyMofo3026d ago

mrv321, nice counter-trolling.

man0fsteel3025d ago

Served! Served! Served!

haha, I had to, especially since that movie was just on TV

pustulio3025d ago

I'm surprised no one bans PS3 fantards.

He's like the only 360 fanboy i've seen here and theres like 100+ PS3 fanboys hating on everything.

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OmarJA-N4G3026d ago

Yeah too bad he can't watch YouTube HD on his 360.

HarryM3026d ago

And? Is that such a bad thing? Seeing how he's on his computer/laptop right now to post that comment, he can easily check out YouTube HD..

Chris_TC3026d ago

Oh, you typed this on your PS3, Omar?

PirosThe4th3025d ago

lol true that... but i dont see the point when i have my pc and ps3 hooked to the same monitor.... XD

Mighty Boom3026d ago

N4G is a cesspool of fanboyism.

ReBurn3025d ago

Yep. And it's always the "other" side, which makes it even funnier.

Inside_out3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Best graphics on PS3...PERIOD. MGS 4 is also right up there in quality. KZ 3 is suppose to have the same graphics with bigger environments...I"ll believe it when I see it. I think 3D will have a negative effect on the graphics. Wait for 2011 to find out.

The graphics were never the main problem with KZ 2. The problem was the game play. The level design, dark and murky environments, the infamous controls, loading issues, same enemies over and over, poor AI...I didn't have a big problem with the explosions, but people complained about the low res quality of them. Physics were good but I would of like to see some heads pop, maybe and arm or 2 come off.

I wasn't very impressed with the demo...the on rails part was ok but it was...well...on rails. I would of liked to see a more free roaming experience, choosing where the battle took place instead of scripted scenes. The regular level seem to have many of the problems of the first game. The melee has improved in terms of variety but when in the FPS view, most if not all of the action is lost. Pulling the camera back from the FPS view to a third camera angle would give the player a full view of the mayhem...think Halo Reach or Gears technique, which is the norm. There was also alot of corridor game play again and that gets boring real fast, especially if you played the first game and are expecting something new. Sev wearing a tee shirt in a snow storm is odd, especially when the helghan are wearing fur coats? The entire sequence where Sev is carry on a conversation with Rico, all the while they are flying around and being blasted from the helghast was strange as well. Pre-alpha as they say. wait for the retail version.

Guerrilla says they have addressed all the main gripes and we should expect a whole new experience, co-op with Sev and Rico, variety of missions from jungle to outer space and multi-player that is being kept quiet. The only reason I bought my PS3 fatboy was to play KZ. I hope KZ 3 lives up to it's potential...2011 will be very interesting

King_many_layers3025d ago

moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan moan

Wow all you ever do is moan, I took one quick look at your comment history and I came up first of all of how Uncharted 2's such a bad game, talking about bad script only to follow up talking about the "AWESOME" Gears...

Then I clicked open a comment about how people should skip the PS3. Get a life and get a clue.... KZ2 with bad AI.... that made me giggle

SephireX3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I hope you were high when you posted that comment. How has KZ2 bad AI? It has the best AI I've ever seen in an FPS game. The enemies are quick, accurate and break your cover often. Maybe you were playing it on easy mode? The game could have been more open but it wasn't repetitive and it certainly wasn't boring. In fact, it was the exact opposite. It was no more linear than MW or Halo and had far superior multiplayer than any of those franchises. I also liked the controls and the cover system because they made the game more realistic. The loading times were not that bad either considering how big the levels were. Therefore, you're pointing out nonexistent faults and talking negatively about positive aspects. You're entitled to your opinion but I think the majority of people who've played the game would disagree.

RedDragan3025d ago

Agreed. KZ2 has the best AI of any FPS.

Gotta hope that they don't mess it up in KZ3, but I am expecting them to improve it even further.

moparful993025d ago

Ok I'm trying to hold back my fanboyish nature because kz2 is one of my favorite games of the decade and am trying to think rationally. Your comment about how kz2 was dark and bleak bugged me is gears of war not dark and bleak? But people praise that game from the rooftops. For me the AI was brutal. If you wanted to duck behind cover and rest the helghans flanked and used grenades to flush you out of cover.. AS well you can hear them at times communicating as if they are building a strategy.. That gave me goosebumps during my first play through... Then you throw the epic set pieces into the equation. All I have to say is nuclear explosion and everyone who has finished the game knows what I am talking about. That whole sequence was breath taking and remains as one of the most memorable moments in a FPS that I can remember. If you set the controls on utlra sensitive then they are just right.. It has the "weight" to it that is unique. Despite taking some getting used to I actually prefer it now.

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Spenok3025d ago

Such as? Ive heard this kind of comment out of people before, and they werent able to give me any valid games.

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TrevorPhillips3026d ago

Actually on 2nd though it does look better on native 720p