Retail Video Game Deals of the Week Round-up (7/11)

There isn't a great number of deals this week but there are some smoking hot deals available for NCAA Football 11 and Dragon Quest IX. K-Mart in particular has some great deals on the two new releases and a deep deep discount on Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Alan Wake, and Singularity. Target is also offering a great discount on other EA games with the NCAA Football 11 and Toys R Us is offering gift cards with Dragon Quest IX and the DSi XL.

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Queasy3203d ago

Tough choice between choosing to pick up DQIX between Toys R Us and K-Mart this week.

MMFGaming3203d ago

Too many deals. Not enough money. Sigh.

Queasy3203d ago

Story of my life as well.

T9X693203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Gamefly is a good option....well depending on where you live.

Yea I kinda did the same thing, except as soon as I beat my first game I sent it back, then played the second game until my next game came, then send the 2nd game back etc. Constant flow of new games was nice, but like you said not really great for the whole RPG thing.

Queasy3203d ago

Yeah, I use them already but then I'm compelled to barrel through games as fast as I can so I can get the next ones in.

Also, not really a good option for deep RPGs like DQIX.

the new king 743203d ago

so is madden coming out earlier?

3203d ago