Top Ten Games in Need of a European Publisher

As this week’s Sunday Special feature, Electronic Theatre takes a look at ten of the titles most in need of a release in Europe. Be they intriguing gameplay propositions, unique presentations or simply delivering proven mechanics, all of the below titles warrant further investment from the European gaming community in the hope that a publisher will pay attention to the demand.

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Sneak-Out3048d ago

great .... but no Games like Rogue Warrior LOL

jazzking20013048d ago

nice list, could not make one better

Davoh3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I really want Legend of Mana to be finally released in Europe, but I doubt it'll happen.

Edit - How can someone disagree? It was never released in Europe, and although they announced a PSN version it would probably just be on the Japanese and American Stores.

SpoonyRedMage3048d ago

Kawazu has judged you unworthy.:P

There's tons of Square games we missed out on... even recent ones that have stayed Japan only...

Davoh3048d ago

I don't mind Japan-only games, as the saying goes, misery loves company, so as long as we're not the only ones not to see a release then it's all good xD

Alos883048d ago

If this list was written by me I'd have just written Deadly Premonition ten times. It's that good!

nunley333048d ago

I heard it's so bad it's good in a b-movie kinda way.

Alos883048d ago

Definitely true, I hope they release a demo since it's the type of game you either love or hate.

nunley333048d ago

Why would hail to the chimp be on that list, is there a large group of under-served fans of this game over in the EU? Really? I was this game well received enough to warrant an EU expansion? This game was rush out in time for the o8 elections here, that's 08 now. Maybe they could wait till there is some big election for some EU country, there was already a big UK one so wait till another comes i guess but then it'll just be older and less interest if that's possible.

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