Pachter: Respawn Entertainment’s Next Game Will be Halo Killer

Following weeks of negative press surrounding Activision and Modern Warfare creators, Infinity Ward, Respawn Entertainment was formed by former heads of Infinity Ward Vince Zampella and Jason West, in partnership with EA Partners. Now, Michael Pachter has predicted in his latest show, Pach-Attack, that Respawn’s new game will be a “Halo killer”.

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TheLeprachaun3021d ago

Not saying he's right or wrong, but I don't trust anything coming from someone who calls us 'his fellow babies'.

RageAgainstTheMShine3021d ago

this guy just can't keep any secret under his pants... right David Jaffe?

Applegate3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

"Respawn Entertainment’s Next Game Will be Halo Killer"

Damn the media has been announcing the coming of the "Halo Killer" since 2003.

Its only a myth, like Detox.

theKiller3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Halo was killed by COD, then Bad Company 2 and Bioshock. then by Killzone 2, then by Modern Warfare 2!!!

damn how long will it take him and others to realize that the Halo of last gen era is not the same as this gen era??

and because of that Halo doesn't need a killer game because it was already killed back in 2007.

Donny3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

there is a halo killer, and it dosent take much to kill it either in my opinion,heres a clue...its a shooter that is coming in 3d, and its not crysis.

go ahead take away a bubble for me having a brain of my own, do it, you know you want to...

GWAVE3021d ago

Halo's sales and popularity won't be killed by anything. It will continue to sell.

However, as far as gameplay goes (which really matters), it went out and bought a pistol with Halo 2, it put the pistol to its own head with Halo 3, and then with ODST it pulled the trigger. Modern Warfare, Bad Company, KZ2, and other shooters were just the worried onlookers.

Active Reload3021d ago

People actually think they can kill Halo huh? They might want to ask for the assistance of God. Just saying...

Double Toasted3021d ago

So true! They should find something better to do, like, make fun of the ones who came and tried but got their asses handed to them.

Active Reload3021d ago

Or they could tell MS to stop making and supporting Halo games. Thats the only real way I'm seeing Halo biting the dust. Anyone saying otherwise is probably daft.

PoSTedUP3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

call of duty: it came, it saw, and it konkered. the most popular fps, also the most played on the 360 and the most sales belongs to call of duty MFW2. the majority has spoken and there is a new sheriff in town.

and when we say "kill" we dont mean destroy off the face of the earth, just, beaten out. i wouldn't want halo to leave us. just gotta recognize call of duty for doing what was said to be impossible.

Boody-Bandit3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

What does it mean?
Halo is a fantastic title and epic series as far as it's popularity, what it has done for console FPS gaming, online features and playability, overall community and so many other things.

Why does there have to be "killer" articles? What do they mean?
Graphically? There are graphically better looking shooters.
Popularity, in sales or online? Sales MW2 has eclipsed it on the 360. Popularity as far as playing online Halo is still tops.

These are just pointless articles that are nothing but fanboy fodder. Sales, popularity, graphics, sound, features, etc and so on should only matter to the individual.

Right now I am just finsihing up on Crackdown 2. It pretty much got hammered and personally most of it warranted but I enjoyed the 20+ hours I devoted to it so far. I completed all the missions now all that is left is collect items if I choose to do so. If I went by the media I would have never touched the game. I buy what I like and play what I like. I don't care what the media or most sites have to say about anything.

Personally I don't doubt Respawn Action will make a fantastic new shooter franchise that will most likely take off. The only thing though is they are losing their brand recognition by having left Activision and the COD tag. It will have to be truly amazing to hit COD or Halo numbers. I highly doubt, no matter how good, the first installment or 2 will achieve that. But as we all know it's all about the marketing. If marketed correctly it might take off right out of the gate. As a shooter fan I am excited to see a fresh new IP.

PoSTedUP3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

ill break it down for you ok.

"what does it mean?"- 'killer' means beaten in popularity and sales in halos case, it may be different for other games. most people saw why halo (3 in particular) was the fps to "beat" because of how popular (awesome sales) and addictive and fun it was amongst the majority of the crowd. now that we see call of duty over taking halo's popularity and sales because it is so fun and addicting over the majority, call of duty is now the game to "kill".

"why does there have to be killer articles?"- there has to be killer articles because the gaming community isnt boring, we like to debate, compare, compete, have fun, point and laugh etc. we all have our different opinions and we all love to share and discuss them, debate them etc.

"what do they mean?"- they mean many different things. most of them "try" to claim a game has killed halo, but most of them do not, until now, with call of duty.

i mean a game being better is an opinion, a game being played more and sold more and just being more popular, is not.

and to think that a game that came out in 2007 is being played more then a game which sold more and is almost bran new, is not logical.

i hope this answers your questions and gives you a better understanding of this matter.

Spenok3020d ago

Maybe, but the so called Halo killer has been just about any shooter since the first Halo came out. And in my opinion there have been many shooters better then Halo ever since then. Killzone, CoD, Resistance, Bioshock, Crysis, and so on. Hell i even enjoyed Red Steel 2 more then Halo. But again, this is just my opinion.

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Shang-Long3021d ago

"Halo killer"
no such thing.. the only thing that can kill halo is halo.

im not saying halo is the best fps but i dont think any other FPS will out sell halo. i truly dont.

Shang-Long3021d ago

ya my mistake COD did pass halo in sales thats what i was relating too.

halojunkie3021d ago

halo 1 and 2 were good. 3 was my least favorite, i love halo but as a gamer ive moved on, now my fav shooter is killzone 2. and if the next game is a halo killer in their eyes good ;) lets all just get along :).

vhero3021d ago

Define how its gonna be killed?? Sales or game quality?

Sales? Been done by COD..

Quality? Been done by titles like Uncharted 2 and Gears Of War..

So what's to kill exactly?? A game that does both would be good I guess but then again COD does do just that...

wazzim3021d ago

People just hate on popular games, Halo hasn't been killed in fun factor. Keep your graphics, sales, quality or whatever, Halo still got the online fun.

dredgewalker3021d ago

The only way to kill a franchise is to steal away all its fans and raze the studio that made it.....

JsonHenry3021d ago

Calling something a Halo Killer isn't saying much since the games are mediocre at best.

DA_SHREDDER3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

How in the hell they gonna kill Gaylo when they killed it already?

hmmmm3021d ago


Are you THAT immature?

HarryM3021d ago

Seriously, "Gaylo"? How did you find this website little boy?

DA_SHREDDER3021d ago

Me and like 100 of my friends have been calling it that since the original xbox days. When did you guys start gaming again?

hmmmm3020d ago

Let me get this straight..

Just because you think something is immature, you have never heard it before? Of course i've heard whiny people like you call Halo 'Gaylo' before and you know what? It sounds as immature now as it did back then.

Also, i started gaming a long time ago with my first home computer the C64. So yes, i have been around quite a while..

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Man In Black3021d ago

It's an overrated piece of shit. There are far better FPS's out there.

karl3021d ago

thats why.. u want to kill the good games?

no, u want to kill the shitty ones.. so maybe well stop getting more of it

SWORDF1SH3021d ago

Nothing can kill Halo because it has a huge fanbase. It's stupid to even consider it at this moment in time.

msbabie200343020d ago

you might wanna lay off the meds, or hell take more because you're truly delusional.

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PoSTedUP3021d ago

well you can stop there patcher. call of duty (sad as it is) has already "killed" halo. it has sold more on the 360 and it is played more on the 360, and call of duty is on all 4 platforms which makes it like the most played fps game EVER at the moment.

the more logical thing to say is that it MIGHT be a "COD" killer.

and this is just my opinion on what a game "killer" is ok.

SixZeroFour3021d ago

your opinion on "killing" is beating it in sales? and sadly, yes, mw2 DID beat out halo 3 in all times sales, and personally think only halo reach has the chance to take that back for fps'(atleast for this year, moh will be a great game, but will sell like bfbc2 rather than halo/cod numbers)

but i think the terms "killing" or "winning war" should really disappear from gaming journalism, cause its all just opinion and never fact

PoSTedUP3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

well i just think that most people saw why halo (3 in particular) was the fps to "beat" because of how popular (awesome sales) and addictive and fun it was amongst the majority of the crowd. now that we see call of duty over taking halo's popularity and sales because it is so fun and addicting over the majority, call of duty is now the game to "kill". and for "war winning" and "killing" to dissapear from game journalism would make game journalism and the industry VERY boring imo. it is human nature to debate, pick sides, argue, have fun, point and laugh, and have different opinions. we wouldn't be normal if we didnt recognize one game out-doing another, or DID recognize it and just never talked about it just because it wasnt a "fact". without it, most of us wouldn't be here lol. do you have any idea what it would be like if everything was based on fact? lol, think about it.

Cold 20003021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Well MW2 had a 40 million install base on the 360, Halo 3 had probably half.

Reach will def be taking the crown back, I mean Halo 3 is a 2007 game.

The real killer3021d ago

Halo is allready killed by them :)

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Xx Ziyad xX3021d ago

yah and every FPS game want hybe will be halo killer