Diddy Dirty Money New Stormwind Music Video

Ripten: "A few of us have been dabbling around in the new Cataclysm beta and I thought it might be a good idea to provide you with a video tour of what it’s like to roll up into the new Stormwind for the first time. And to be different, I did it as a P.Diddy music video. Not sure if you kids know what music videos are, but they existed on MTV back when the channel actually featured music."

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CrzyFooL3025d ago

WoW is past it's prime!! So is Diddy!! Cataclysm is more of the same shit!! GTFO

Sandwich Bender3025d ago

ACTUALLY, sir, though I don't give a flying fairy about WoW, Cataclysm seems pretty neat. It's like they're actually shaking things up for once, or at least making an attempt to.

CrzyFooL3025d ago

Same shit, old continent. OMG new races!! How about Blizz drops Diablo 3 already FFS.

Rainstorm813025d ago

or WARCRAFT 4!!!! Well i know i wont see that for a LONG time if ever, Starcraft 2 is up first.

WoW is far past its prime, its time for an all new WoW 2 or something vastly upgraded, but that also wont happen as long as the cash register keeps going off.....Ka-Ching!!

Nostradavis3025d ago

it's past your bed time foo.

Shang-Long3025d ago

one of the worst names ever lol diddy dirty money

electrolemon3025d ago

Music video? Is that those things my parents have on their old DVD things and what not?

Donny3025d ago

electromelon lol i agree.

aselah3025d ago

LOL I love what they are doing with Cataclysm and love the video, regardless!

Take a walk CrzyFool, just cuz you're over WoW doesn't mean everyone else is!

Nostradavis3025d ago

Ooohhh snizap! she told you son!

CrzyFooL3025d ago

gtfo both of you. NERDS.

MRMagoo1233025d ago

there are millions and millions playing wow right now as we speak doesnt sound like its past its prime to me and i can bet there will be more users when cata comes out.

MadMan003025d ago

Diddy is crap...He got big from other peoples songs...-_-

FrankDaTank3025d ago

well that may be true but i actually like this song.

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