Silhouette of new Pokémon shown on Pokémon Sunday

Today's episode of Pokémon Sunday has revealed a new Pokémon silhouette, appearing to be a bird. The name of this Pokémon is currently unknown.

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Archaic3203d ago

Really looks very similar to both Pidgeotto and Spearow, doesn't it? I suppose this will probably be the Pidgy evolution line equivalent of this new generation, but I had imagined that they'd give us rarer and more unique Pokémon in these broadcasts rather than something so...well...plain.

anonymouse1113353203d ago

pidgy has been recycled every generation

Spenok3202d ago

Lol, that was the first thing that came to my mind when i saw the picture. Oh well though, this will be a welcome addition to the Pokemon game collection.

RexRacer3203d ago

TTE was saying that he thought it was a Mamepato evolution. I'm thinking closer to Farfetch'd, honestly.

Archaic3203d ago

Farfetch'd? That's...well....a bit far fetched, if you'll pardon the pun. Where's the vegetable?

RexRacer3203d ago

It's a silhouette. The leek could be hiding.