MonkeyPaw Games Publishing Digital Imports On PSN

PSNStores writes: "Import fans can rejoice as games fully in Japanese will be hitting the US PSN store. 5 Japanese Game Archives titles (PSone) were leaked via the ESRB website. We asked MonkeyPaw President John Greiner about these games."

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nunley333026d ago

Wonder if these will have any translation at all to them, this would make the difference in my decision to buy. If anyone looked at the last PSP firmware update, you can now arrange your games by game system and PC ENGINE (turbo graphix 16) NEO-GEO games are listed in their own folders. Those games aren't available so that says they will be coming soon. Now SONY just needs to get the Dreamcast & PS2 games to the store.

skyblue142133026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I have most of the good shooters on the u.s. psn store, here are the psn shooter titles that I own so far: after burner climax, assault heroes, astro tripper, blast factor, everyday shooter, gravity crash, gundemonium collection(gundeadligne, gundemonium recollection,hitogata happa), pixel junk shooter, soldner-x: himmelsstrumer, soldnier-x 2: final prototype, and super stardust hd. Of course I have a few others that are not shooters like: fat princess, flower, and pain. I plan on getting braid but I am waiting for at least a $5 price drop on the game. I think I might get cho aniki, and gaia seed when they get released, they will probably be $10 or less. @SAMUSFAN: from experience with playing some japanese only shooter games at the very least cho aniki and gaia seed will probably be playable even if you don't know japanese because usually at least for japanese games they have some english language in them, and even if they are entirely in japanese(which is rare for japanese shooters) after a few minutes you can usually figure out how to play the game for the most part. And besides I don't think monkey paw would release japanese games on the u.s. psn store if it was impossible to navigate the game(s) in question.

nunley333026d ago

Yeah that's what monkey paw games are getting paid to do is making the menus and other text in english. And yeah shooters and some others don't need the english anyways to be able to play these and know what is going on. So if it's good i'll play, even if in japanese. I like all the japanese stuff & girls anyways!

Aceluffy3026d ago

I hope as soon as any Super Robot Taisen series become available on PSN Japan, they'll bring it here. Much more convenient than having to buy Japan PSN card.
SRW series are about the only series I don't want to be voiced over in English.