Blame Activision for letting Singularity flop

Add Activison's Singularity to the ever growing list of great games that have been colossal flops this generation. Since the games release on 6/29 the game has only managed to sell around 70k units world wide, and Activision is to blame.

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Servbot3211d ago

In such a flooded market, your FPS better be damn special if you want big numbers. I rented Singularity from gamefly and finished it in roughly 8 hours. Honestly, I didn't see anything special about the game what so ever.

Nike3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

People said the same about Wolfenstein when it released last year, but next to Borderlands, I had more fun with that than Killzone 2, Halo 3: ODST or Modern Warfare 2...and it wasn't even half as successful as any single one of them. It just depends on what people are into, and yes, how aggressively the publisher is willing to market it.

[email protected]: ...Which is why I said I had more fun with Wolfenstein than any other FPS last year (except Borderlands, and it's a close contest).

The_Zeitgeist3211d ago

@ Nike

Wolfenstein was a fun game. The online wasn't the best, but the single player was long.

Conloles3211d ago

This was more fun than KZ2

BeOneWithTheGun3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I thought the concept of Wolf was good but it lacked execution. I did like the "safe zone" you could run around in, in between missions but this is the one and only game that actually made me sick when I ran. That just never happens to me.

Persistantthug3211d ago

It was a C average game...mediocre.
Personally I don't BUY mediocre, I rent and might trade for mediocre on Craigslist.....maybe.

The_Zeitgeist3211d ago

So you are one of those gamers that always goes by reviews?

How did GTA 4 turn out for you? Was it the 10 out of 10 all the reviews said?

Tachyon_Nova3211d ago

I just finished GTA IV yesterday, and I've gotta say the game is pretty impressive. People complain about the driving physics, but they aren't bad at all other than the slightly too stiff steering. The only other problem I had with the game was the non existent checkpoint system. Why must you be forced to redo an entire mission, including travel when you fail right at the end.

peowpeow3211d ago

Because you must be punished! Muahahah..hah..ha..go Demon's Souls!

Kingdom Come3211d ago

People just Whine because they didn't get their Jetpacks and Planes, I prefer some realism...

lh_swe3211d ago

GTA IV has THE most realistic driving physics in any open world game imo. What do you mean? What about the text messages where you could restart from a checkpoint within a mission? I sure as s*** didn't have to drive all the way back, I don't know where you got that from?

GTA IV had some issues like the poorly implemented friend system and the dull minigames but the actual story and gameplay was great.

Persistantthug3208d ago

I have yet to see a 90 scoring game on Metacritic that didn't deserve it...that includes GTA4.

Not counting the 2D versions, I was brand new to GTA because I didn't own a PS2 or an XBOX last gen...I had a Dreamcast and played PC MMO's.

GTA4 was the first 3 games I got with my PS3 Jan 2009 and it was worth every bit of the score it got.

I realize there are many people who apparently were disappointed in it, but as a new and fresh pair of eyes, someone who had no expectations, wants or desires for the game or franchise, I can 100% tell you the game is bonafide quality.

As far as AAA scores go (90+), Metacritic has NEVER let me down yet....never.

And furthermore, I challenge anyone to find a 90+ game that doesn't deserve to be in the 90's.

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The_Zeitgeist3211d ago

I thought the game was awesome. Nothing ground breaking, but very solid.

Silentmerc3nary3211d ago

Agree. Sleeper. A bit creepy as well. Few parts made me jump, particularly the underwater tunnel.

Spydiggity3211d ago

We already played the better version 3 years ago when it was called Bioshock. why would i buy it again when it's not as fun or interesting?

NMC20073211d ago

Haven't you been paying attention? It's cool to hate Activision and now they are being blamed for games flopping even though they only shell out money for projects, hell, I am waiting for an article blaming them for Alan Wake flopping and Crackdown 2 being crap.

Spydiggity3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

what is up with the disagrees? i realize most of you have had your expectations so drastically reduced that you think any piece of junk is entertaining, but come can't actually think i'm wrong when i say it's a bioshock knockoff. LOOK AT IT! left hand uses plasmids, right hands shoots and you have to alternate between the two. there are ghostly outlines of ppl showing you things that have already happened. you find tapes that tell you about what happened in the past. ppl will talk to you through the radio and guide you around. you find upgrade stations to upgrade your plasmids. you open doors using your plasmids...remember opening doors with the electricity?

every aspect is bioshock except it doesn't look as good or play as well. use your heads. these aren't minor similarities...they are out n out ripoffs.
ahhh the n4g're the justin beiber fans of the gaming industry. lol.

BubbleSystemSuck3211d ago

there are Reaaaaaally too much FPS.

This is the FPS Gen... and the majority sucks...

Please, we want to see more games like te upcomming Vanquish

Focker-4203211d ago

Isn't Vanquish a third person shooter??

SuperStrokey11233211d ago

How do you know vanquish will even be good? Is this a case of the blind leading the blind?

peowpeow3211d ago

I am excited for it, but must agree with superstrokey. I should wait until it's out

Ult iMate3211d ago

At least Vanquish can be something different, because japanese developers are making it.

Johnny Rotten3211d ago

If it's such a "steller" game like this article says it is, then why are they wasting my time by reading their blog thoughts and counting how many times they can use the word flop?

How about you write a good write up about how steller this game is, then maybe people will show an interest?

The_Zeitgeist3211d ago

There have been a ton of good reviews for the game. Go look at meta critic. There are a lot of cynical reviewers out there,

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