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Guardian: "The story behind Demon's Souls is almost unheard of nowadays. Released 15 months ago in Asia, it has travelled the world by virtue of nothing more than sheer brilliance and word of mouth. It inspired such passion in its players – and in critics – that thousands bought import versions before the game's western releases were announced. I was not immune."

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Hellsvacancy3047d ago

Theres tremendous support for this game, i feel part of sum sort of cult followin, feels cool

PirateThom3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

It's weird. It may be one of the biggest cult games ever. It's, honestly, not even my sort of game, but when you hear people talk about it, you just want to give it a go. I'm pretty bad at it though, like I said, not my sort of game, but I have fun playing it... maybe someday I'll beat something other than the first "boss". I'm fairly content to just run around getting a little further each time though.

Shame on Sony for not seeing the potential of the IP and getting it out sooner everywhere, but kudos for Atlus and Namco for bringing it everywhere else.

Unbiased13047d ago

I dont think we can blame Sony on not believing in this game. It took everyone by surprise, especially after it sucked at its reveal at TGS, build was horrible, bad frame rate and many doubted it is going to get released outside of Japan.
I think once DS2 get announced you will see Sony publish it WW. Sales were great, they wont let Atlus or who ever get their money again.
I believe so

DigitalRaptor3047d ago

I feel the same way. I've just bought it, not played it yet. I know I will find it difficult and fustrating, but I just heard so many good things about it and it seems to be worth a shot. :)

itisa3047d ago

Demon's Souls is the best rpg ever released this generation,hands down.Stop complaining about lack of JRPG this gen when the best JRPG is already here,and its name is DS.

I was suprised why Gamespot gave GOTY back then,but when I got my own copy,I was a very happy man.Interestingly the most people I know who bought this game doesn't have a Ps3 beforehand,and most of them are Pc gamers.

Demon's souls vs NES games comparison fall hard since most NES games are difficult because of their bad game design,while Demon's souls is intended to be very difficult but also very fair.

The game just sat in my Ps3 for a month,before I changed it to something else since I bought new game.Even that,I go back to Demon's souls not long after it.The last time I'm ever obsessed with video game is back when I was playing Fallout 2.

SOAD3047d ago

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get past the first sentence of your post without deciding to reply to it.

"Demon's Souls is the best rpg ever released this generation,hands down."

I know that this is all subjective, and far be it from me to try and change someone else's views about what is good, but then you say,

"Stop complaining about lack of JRPG this gen when the best JRPG is already here,and its name is DS."

And that's where I began to think that maybe *you* don't consider your opinion to just be subjective. Now, there has been quite a few RPGs released this generation, and many of them have received far greater acclaim than Demon's Souls, and far better sales. And even though critical reviews and sales don't really mean anything, they do act as supporting evidence for a claim. So, if you are to say that Demon's Souls is the best RPG of this generation without any evidence other than, "I say so" and then tell other people to stop complaining about a lack of RPGs, then you're just doing it wrong.

I played Demon's Souls for about a month before I submitted to the reality of the game. It's not open-world, there's no in-depth story, and too much of my play time is spent recovering my souls and making up more my mistakes, which is not exactly fun. It's a chore for me. But hey, if you guys like Demon's Souls, that's fine. I just don't like it when people say, "It's the best RPG, and if guys don't like it then you're pussies."

guzman3047d ago

Soad, just piss off already.

-Alpha3047d ago

Poor Thom.

After you beat the first boss just leech off of online players lol.

If you REALLY suck (and I doubt you do, it just requires a little patience), then play with other guys online, it's real fun.

Anyways, beating the first boss is a tremendous joy unlike any other. Don't give up on Demon's Souls.

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spektical3047d ago

i agree about the cult thing. Thats how i got lured into it a week later, and days later i lured my friend into it.

Demon Sous is a very rewarding game even through its extreme difficulty.. like say the dragon god in 2-3.


It is like a new game in Europe.

Arnon3047d ago

It's gone from a cult classic to a mainstream game. It's by far one of the best RPGs of this generation.

kneon3047d ago

I guess I've joined the cult, I just picked it up this morning as it was on sale for half price at EB games.

Tapewurm3047d ago

I purchased the collector's edition of this game and let it sit in it's wrapper for a few months...finally opened it and threw the disc in and was amazed......addictive game....took me two character builds to get it down...takes patience to play, but is one of the most rewarding games out there.

Obama3047d ago

The atmosphere of the game is very unique; it feels like you are playing a hero in some sort of old fairy tale.

peowpeow3047d ago

I suck at DS so bad haha..yet I want to play it so stupid friend got into it, and won't let me borrow it now *rage*

DA_SHREDDER3047d ago

I stopped playing it because im waiting for cross game chat to come so I can actually talk to my friends playing coop with me. Its gonna be so fuckin dope. 10/10!

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jeseth3047d ago

Is one of the most challenging and rewarding games I've ever played. Its toughness reminds me of those NES games that were so impossible they almost made you cry as a child.

DA_SHREDDER3047d ago

My 4 yr old plays Mario Galaxy 2 and trust me, the game is as hard as a regular NES game. I remember freaking out on games like he does now, its so hilarious.

ranmafandude3047d ago

i feel privileged to have played and beaten this lovely rpg(twice and counting lol). now this is a real hardcore gamer's game. it separates the frag heads from the true gamers.

PirateThom3047d ago

Right, I'm going to play it again now... see, this is the effect even a review has on it.

UP3047d ago

apparently someone thinks you wont play the game again.

PirateThom3047d ago

Little do they know, I just did.... for a solid hour and am back to where I was, after meeting with the Monumental, haven't even died yet (save was lost after PS3 died a while ago. :() I've definitely mastered that first level anyway.

ranmafandude3047d ago

i beat the first level in like 30 minutes lol.

Ravage273047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

it does take a while before you 'get' it but once you do...Demon's Souls can easily become your Game of the Decade if you are a fan of games that test your skills.

garos823047d ago

the world is immersive, the gameplay tough and requires 100% concentration. its fun to traverse in the dark castles of boletaria, or the eerie valley of defilement. ive died soo many f%*%en times that any other game would have me using the blu ray as a coaster. but for some peculiar reason it draws me back into it and refuses to let go. still on my first playthrough, and i definately see myself going through all that hell again on new game+...

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