Free, Fan-Made King’s Quest: The Silver Lining Released Today (Trailer)

I’ve never played the King’s Quest games, but I have of course heard of the property. Apparently they were beloved by many, until installment number eight, which was released to mixed reviews and ended up being the final game in the series, until now.

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greeneggsnsam3047d ago

I guess it's a good chance to try it out, but to be honest I'm just not interested...

Sandwich Bender3047d ago

I agree with Sam. I don't care all that much, but free is free.

Lucreto3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

I love Kings Quest. I have played all of them.

*Looks at name and avatar.

I will get this as well and it is free.

aselah3047d ago

never played the game before..looks interesting

aselah3047d ago

oo free, I'm gonna download it and try it!

CrzyFooL3047d ago

Who told you that!> HOW DARE U

aselah3047d ago

easy boys, you're both pretty!

CrzyFooL3047d ago

Men can't be pretty!! How dares u!!

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