Top 10 Best Halo 3 Screenshots of All Time

Halo 3 was a groundbreaking game in numerous aspects but none so much as its Forge and Theater modes. With the ability to capture both video clips and images combined with the instant availability of both online, creating and sharing content has never been easier.

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ActionBastard3025d ago ShowReplies(4)
003025d ago

That Optimus Prime one is cool.

Arnon3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


Yeah, I'm ok with this.

Fanb0y3025d ago

The things people do...

I mean, that Optimus Prime what appears to have taken many moons to complete.

How do you even keep objects floating in the air? I never found out.

RockmanII73024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

When in forge, you hold onto an object in moniter mode and save the map and it will be floating there when you start a new game. You can also delete an object under it (ex. you have 2 double blocks stacked up, you delete the bottom one and the top one will stay floating).

SixZeroFour3024d ago

THANK YOU!!...i too have always wondered that, lol...dont know how many times i let go of something in the air as the monitor only to have it fall down..lmao

i could have easily searched for the answer on bnet or google, but too lazy i i finally know

STICKzophrenic3025d ago

Halo community is full of win.

Forge is a HUGE reason why this game has remained so popular for so long and was the most played game on XBL for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

People complain about games shipping with x number of maps. Well with Forge, maps become limitless.

Oh, you don't have the creativity to create your own map? Good thing the community shares their awesome creations.

RockmanII73024d ago

The main reason I'm buying a PS3 later this year is because of LBP2 and the only reason I want LBP is because of how much fun I had creating my own maps in Halo 3. Funny how that worked out.

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The story is too old to be commented.