5 most under-rated game’s of this generation

Gary be discussing the 5 most under-rated game’s of this generation. All of these are on the PS3, for reasons you'll discover :P

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ranmafandude3022d ago

and probably never will lol.

PoSTedUP3022d ago

i played dark sector, have warhawk, army of two and haze.

dark sector was good, i just didnt like the fact that the shooting was limited to the ID locks on the gun.

warhawk is one of the best multiplayer games this gen, awesome planes, ground vehicles, anti aircraft guns tanks etc, this game is hectic and has it all.

army of two was awesome, i like the second one better, could have been better also.

i liked haze, the MP was fun, hyped i guess ruined it, i didnt let it ruin it for me though.

herd crackdown 1 was really good.

scofios3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

To me dark sector was really under-rated ,
I agree with PoSTedUP the ID locks on the guns was bullshit .

Kerrby3022d ago

Dark Sector was pretty good actually. I really enjoyed it.

Crackdown was really good (shame number 2 is bad).

WarHawk is an amazing game, I'd hardly say it's under-rated.

Army of Two and Haze were both horrible.

Redrum0593022d ago

lol haze, a game cant be underrater if it deserves a low rating.

PoSTedUP3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

i have to add MY list:

#2 Uncharted1
#3 motorstorm PR
#4 FEAR2
#5 socom confrontations

HS: epic story and game play (little short tho)
uncharted1: was to good for a early title, deserved much more 10's imo at the time.
socom: was bad, now iz gooood : )
motorstormPR: game needs much more praise, graphics, epic level, destruction etc.
FEAR2: scariest game i ever played. came out around KZ2, but u really cant compare.

moparful993022d ago

Warhawk was and is the only game to this day that has consumed 500 hours of my life.. I played that game day and freaking nite and I loved every freaking hectic second of it.. One of the best online games of this entire generation..

Bravo43022d ago

-Yakuza 3 (4 will also be under-rated for sure)
-Valkyria Chonicles
-MotorStorm Pacific Rift
-Eternal Sonata
-3D Dot Game Heroes

madpuppy3022d ago

Dark Sector is actually a great game that suffered from a few flaws and some lost potential. The kick mechanic was poorly thought out, you would kick only when you looked down, I would have rather had a button do this, it was bizarre to say the least.
Another problem with the game was one of it’s biggest features, the killing moves they were great when you were fighting on on one but if you started being crowded by the infected (which happens allot later in the game) it would break the flow of fights and could get you killed.
As for lost potential, I think that the “glaive” is an awesome weapon but, I think they could have expanded on this theme and provided Hayden Tenno with an array of different infection based weapons, like a staff or sickle type weapon for melee or a hammer. that would have really given the character so much more diversity that the game so desperately needed.
I would love D3 to revisit Dark Sector in a new game, refine the
combat and controls. add new variations of the glaive and other weapons and add more fluidity to the killing moves or allow the player to implement them themselves.


dark sector was a big disapointment for me...

not because of the game that released, but what it became from the orignal concept.

From what they showed of the concept it looked to be one of the coolest games ever. turning into the oh so generic dark, gritty with gears of war like mechanics didn't do it justice to the original concept.

It was an ok game in my book, It would have been better had it not been running on UR3 engine, and it would have been out of this world if it had stayed with the orignal concepts theme.

I would love to see them still do something with that concept but i just don't know how it would work.

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T9X693022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

The description says all these games are on PS3....yet Crackdown is on the list..what the shit is up with that?

EDIT: Ahhh ok that makes sense, I was like am I missing something here lol

TheHurricane_3022d ago

Yeah sorry about that, was a slight error, when I first wrote the piece it was Ps3 only but then I changed my mind and added Crackdown.

guitarded773022d ago

This is actually a really good underrated list... Warhawk is excellent and still has a strong community, AoT, Crackdown and Dark Sector were decent enough, especially when you can pick them up for $10 - $20 new. And Haze wasn't the total shitfest everyone made it out to be... it was actually above mediocre,but it came out when everyone was trying to throw the PS3 under the bus... too bad for FRD.

TheDeadMetalhead3022d ago

"Being a PS3 guy I don’t really know what sorta response this game got from Xbox players or even reviewers but I’d never aactually heard of it until I played it at a friends."

The grammar...It burns.

I've never played Dark Sector or Army of Two. Maybe I'll try them one of these days.

Sevir043022d ago

It IS AMAZING, and is probably the PS3's Best exclusive multiplayer game to date. There isn't another multiplayer only exclusive on the platform that has this still strong of a community on it after 3 years!!!

Dark Sector was awesome, i loved that game, it was really a sleeper hit new IP for me. i'm just sad they didn't do a sequel. personally Sony should buy the IP and have NaughtyDog do something with it or give the IP to Sony Bend to work on. It really was an awesome game.

darren_poolies3022d ago

Well said, I couldn't agree with you any more on that statement.
Warhawk is a brilliant online game and I loved Dark Sector, it is really sad that they decided not to do a sequel but that's the way things flow.

Sarcasm3022d ago

Dark Sector was good, but it was just too short and the multiplayer wasn't very fun.

Daishi3022d ago

Your right about not being able to compare Fear 2 to Killzone 2, Fear is better in every way other than graphics. I mean a fps with an amazing story, I was begining to think it wasn't possible. Even without that you have the atmosphere that goes from scary as hell to adreniline rush in the blink of an eye and then mixes the two!

PoSTedUP3022d ago

they arent comparable bc they are totally different.

"that goes from 'scary as hell' to..."

dude Scary as Hell aint even the words. im 20 years old and this game had me in the corner of the room petrified to move anywhere. i let my friend play the demo and he literally threw the controller on my lap and said he had enough.

oh man i am pumped for fear3!

DigitalHorror813021d ago

Do they ever patch games to add trophy support?

Inside_out3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Warhawk doesn't have any single-player campaign and that above anything else effected people's perception of the game. The graphics are definitely launch title like and if you are thinking of picking this one up ( $10 these days ) be prepared for that.

Resistance franchise is underrated. I think Insomniac really outdid themselves in terms of story and level design. The graphics, while not the best that genre of game play has seen this gen is still very good and some of the criticism seems harsh to me. I expect HUGE things from these guys in the future.

Crackdown was/is still a great title. The art direction/graphics in that game will make it timeless. It was well received but for reasons still unclear, M$ who owns the IP, changed developers. Realtime should of made the 2nd game and it's sad that the franchise was moved in a different direction. Realtime had the vision and passion for the game, I'm not saying that Crackdown 2 is bad, I've only played the demo, but the first Crackdown was different. I hope M$ goes with Realtime for the eventual follow up.

Haze had many bugs but the worst one was a level you could not complete. How a game can be put out on the market, a game that was hyped like the next big thing and suffers from a game ending bug is beyond me.

I would add Alan Wake to underrated. It has received many great scores but the fact it has moved " only " 520,000+ copies in 6 weeks tells me it's under-rated. The game is great fun with incredible production values. Great story, game play and graphics. Why there is no demo for the game is a head scratcher. Giving gamers a chance to try out the combat in a condensed defend type of way would sell alot more gamers on this title. This title may be the most under-rated title, in terms of sales, released this gen...vid down below.

Generally speaking, any game that receives consistent 5/10 type scores is a rental at best. While there are media outlets with there own agendas, the truth will seep thru.

ian723021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Haze did have many bugs, but never come across a level you couldn't complete. Played it all way through a few times and finished every level.

hennessey863021d ago

i enjoyed every minute of that game and imo it has the best lighting of any game its stunning. i cant imagine how amazing it would have looked on pc

TheLastGuardian3021d ago

is an underrated gem. Anyone who hasn't already played it go get it right now. You can probably find it from like $5-20.

jeseth3021d ago

There was no way it could lift up to what people were billing it as. But is did have a good story and fun levels. The voice acting/script was lame but then again, not many FPS games are strong in that area.

No Way3021d ago

Since when is Crackdown a PS3 game? o.O

Tomdc3021d ago

warhawk was in no way underated..

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mrv3213022d ago

Warhawk OWNS. One of the best third person shooters this generation.

fianno3022d ago

One of the hardest too!

MysticStrummer3022d ago

Yeah I thought it was funny that the writer thought flying was the safest way to travel in Warhawk.

TheHurricane_3022d ago

Yeah warhawk is pretty bitchin' but I felt like it just didn't get the love it deserved. I mean I only first played it last year.

dizzleK3022d ago

lost planet 2. it's obscenely fun.

TheHurricane_3022d ago

Have never played Lost planet 2, the demo was good though.

Emperor_Cono3022d ago

Dark Sector was one of those great games that no one has or will ever play XD
Great SP and the online was fun even if it was more or less dead.

Hellsvacancy3022d ago

Id add Dark Void, i really liked it, it wasnt spectacular or nothin but i found it rather enjoyable, it got really slated by the reviewers

I didnt buy it i rented it, but yeah, it was a good game, entertained me enough and besides it couldnt of been that much of a bad game if Brad Pitt is gonna star in the movie version


well your one of the few then, in my opinion Dark Void deserved all the crap it got. I was looking forward to it at first, but after playing a bit of it I got rid of it as fast as I could.