PlayStation Move: Seducing The Hardcore

PlayStrum writes: "As casual as the Nintendo Wii was when it launched back in November 2006, it was still bought by those hardcore Nintendo fans who couldn't stand watching another Mario, Zelda or Metroid game go by. Looking at the scheme that Nintendo had going this whole time might have one thinking it was a very clever one. Fast forward to the new motion devices, Sony's Move and Microsoft's Kinect, and you have two different companies with two different approaches to the casual market."

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handheldwars4167d ago ShowReplies(3)
NotoriousWarrior4167d ago


handheldwars thats the dumbest thing someone's said, I mean we are talking about games here its got nothing to do with what you said, pathetic.

And I can't wait to play Socom 4, KillZone 3 and other games with Move. Was never interested in motion controls but Move's precision seems and games are something I need to try. 3D will be next year.

pippoppow4167d ago

The Wii was/is a good concept just executed poorly. The PS3 will have top 1st,2nd and 3rd party offerings Nintendont have for the Wii.

PS3 is positioning the Move to cater to all types of gamers. Sure it will be like a WiiHD but it will have superior content.

Johnny Rotten4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

The thing about Move is that it's not all talk, Sony actually delivered by showing games and some pretty popular games at that.

Sony's coming out with an add-on but with that add-on their giving gamers a reason to justify buying it, and that's the games!

NecrumSlavery4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Sony won me over for me with the tech demos. They showed some seriously awesome stuff. You can see many if it on this month's Qore. All live, no actors, no lag, true 1:1

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UNCyrus4167d ago

The (hard)core gamers are always the early adopters for new tech. Sony is smart that they are alluring those that will adopt the tech first anyways.

And by hardcore, I don't mean people that play CoD and Halo all day... I mean people that buy a lot of games and pump money back into consoles by supporting them.

Tony-A4167d ago


Who is going to shell out all the cash to buy a 360 and Kinect and expensive games when there's no one saying that it's good or buying it right away?

I think Move has the advantage of appealing to those who already have a PS3. They can buy it, tell their friends and it can grow from there, instead of the casuals just going out on their own.

With that said, if anyone has a chance, I think it would be Move but only because of the lineup, hardcore and casual appeal, price and familiarity. One thing Kinect has is the "new" feel, but who's to say Sony won't show off what the Eye can do and make it seem like a 2-in-1 package?

orakga4166d ago

Guys, remember the Conduit? I'd say that was one of the few games that had all non-Wii-owning hardcore gamers' attention because of the point-and-shoot mechanics (among other reasons).

I think Move can easily turn this into something great for the "hardcore". No more analog-stick aiming. Now consoles finally have their MOUSE!

I mean from what I hear, even RE5 is a better game because of the Move implementation, and that game wasn't the best game out there when it first came out (it did sell a lot though..).

Also, god, how about a TRUE remake of Monkey Island, instead of the analog-stick-controlled version that it currently is?

Or what about Okami?
Or Zack and Wiki?
Or... I dunno, ANY PC GAME that needs a mouse to be played properly? (like Dragon Age; it was so much easier playing it on PC because of the mouse)

People are not realizing what Move actually represents here. It's a MOUSE. And as lame as that may sound, it was the one disadvantage that console developers had to circumvent awkwardly over the past 15 years.

Now, Move won't change that landscape drastically THIS generation, but if this becomes standard equipment in the next generation (which I assume it will), then this is great news for everyone.

jneul4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

correction it's a 3d mouse as you are not just limited to the x and y axis like a mouse, but now we have access to the z axis, that is something only achievable in some 3d graphics creation tools and often it involves using your keyboard to move along the z axis or rolling the ball on your mouse, in games you have to use the keyboard to move along the z-axis, having a keyboard is not as good as a nunchuck or a navigator

orakga4165d ago

Hadn't thought of it that way.

I guess I'm still stuck in the 90s mentality. ;)

raztad4165d ago (Edited 4165d ago )

Great idea of DA using MOVE. However I read a preview where DA 2 was being consol-ified. Dunno what that means, probably more action and less point and click tactical stuff.

MOVE would also be great in RTS. RUSE devels had no problems implementing MOVE in it.

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