PS3 vs Xbox 360: A Fair Comparison Between the Two Rivals

Talktogadgets is going to compare the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 from the experience they had with them. This means that the comparison will not cover technical differences (GPU, CPU …) but only features and user friendliness.

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MariaHelFutura3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

My Neon destroys your Aston Martin.


Own both, but if you can only get one. It`s PS3 all the way.

It Only Does Everything (even most 360 exclusives at some point)

fishd3025d ago

John, Chapter 11, Verse 35

deadpoole3025d ago

Seriously ... if Xbox 360 wasn't part of this generation ... PS3 would have 100% better. Xbox 360 has bastardized this whole gen cuz of its limited storage space and forcing multiplat title to use its limited power.

If there was only PS3 ... developers would have been able to concentrate and able to develop far better graphics/gameplay games just like during PS2 era.

handheldwars3025d ago

Bastardized!?........... ROFL!

I dunno about "far better" graphics, but ya, maybe better gameplay.

PS: During the 6th gen, Xbox and GCN had better graphics than PS2.. so wtf do you mean by "just like during PS2 era" ??

dizzleK3025d ago


hardly. devs are essentially lazy. why do pc ports of console games have nothing but better graphics then? why doesn't the pc version of something like rage still contain the maps and whatnot that had to be cut to fit on consoles? they have damn near unlimited power to work with but they go the quick &easy route instead of taking advantage. if the 360 didn't exist we'd still get varying shades of lowest common denominator.

darkcharizard3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

What if PS3 was released in 2005? -- oh that's an easy one, it would have sold much more than 360 by now!

spooky2053025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I dont go around jamming my religion down peoples throats and neither should you. Unless john, chapter 11, verse 35 is some sort of new game where jesus tears come down like flaming armaggedon while the survivors fight off hordes of demons and the 4 horsemen, we most likely dont want to hear about religion on a gaming website. You are most likely putting off more people than converting.

Aloren3024d ago

@deadpooole : You say the 360 is holding back the PS3 cause of its limited power and at the same time you mention how the PS2 was so awesome... well, guess what console had a limited power last gen ? That didn't stop it from being the best (and did you feel bad that it was "holding back" the GC and xbox ?).

And really, there's never been a generation of consoles where multiplat games were so close, even 4 years after launch; so there's either a global unanymous conspiracy against sony to dumb down every single multiplat game, or there's never been such a small difference between two systems.

fishd3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I am not "jamming my religion down peoples throats" , How aboutyou getting some sense of humor?

I am neither Christian nor religious,sheesh.Stop making Jesus weep with your stupid comments,console wars is more than enough :P

MadMan003024d ago

deadpool, lol ps3 has been bad in games for like 3 years, sales prove this.

Seriously what games actually made the Ps3 amazing that have been out more then 2 years?

Dee_913024d ago

"I must also note that most Multi Platform (games available on both consoles) games look better on the xbox 360 . This website carries out in depth comparisons of the graphics and performances and prove this point."

they look the same unless you count brightness and contrast etc as graphics..

blackbeld3024d ago


PS3 is too powerfull that it can stand two generations the 360 and 720. LOL

PS3 is here to stay 10years. Unlike 360 only 5 years.

hatchimatchi3024d ago

"Seriously what games actually made the Ps3 amazing that have been out more then 2 years?"

Valkyria Chronicles
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Resistance: Fall of Man
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (goty)
Little Big Planet (goty)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (goty)

Now please, I'd like to see a list of amazing TRUE exclusives that have come out for the 360 in the last 2 years. As it stands, I only have 2 of them, Alan Wake and Deadly Premonition and Alan Wake is questionable as to how amazing it is. Deadly Premonition on the other hand, is effing awesome.

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Lou-Cipher3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It is never "FAIR" for the 360 when you are comparing it to the PS3:)

When it comes to Quality Hardware & Software the 360 doesn't stand a chance. That is why the 360 Elitist only talk about sales.

They cant brag about the reliability of their console
They cant brag about the technical features of their console.
They cant brag about the quality of their exclusive games.
They certainly have nothing to brag about when it comes to what the future holds.
They only have sales to entertain them. Poor little fellas.

Sony3603024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

This is why Ps3 fanboys are dubbed the worst. What a snobby, ignorant fangirl comment.

Also note that no matter how ignorant and un-researched a comment as stupid as this may be, it's showered with "agrees" because it's Pro-Ps3.

There are 360 exclusives coming out that look just as good as what we have seen on the Ps3. Also as far as the hardware is concerned, you and about 95% of people who talk about it really have no idea what the hell you are talking about. So quit pretending like you do.

Reliability? The 360 slim has fixed that for good. In fact you 360 haters had to swarm all over the one that actually broke.

Technical failures? That's just reliability re-worded to make it look like another point.

Quality of exclusive games? Left4dead2? Mass Effect2? Halo Reach? Alan Wake? Gears of War to name just a few? Must you go into denial about another console having quality titles as well?

What the future holds? I don't even need to point out why this is easily the dumbest of all your 'points'.

If you're gonna make such a bold, fanboy comment at least back it up with some facts. Pathetic.

ZigZag Master3024d ago

Hey there....I own all 3 consoles and am not a fanboy to any of them...I just like good games....and the PS3 is quickly becoming my favorite because I admit I am a graphics whore and this machine simply can do things that my 360 will not.

Sony can't brag about the reliability of their console either. They have their own share of MAJOR problems.

I own a launch 60gb and I feel like I am walking on eggshells waiting for the thing to break down at any moment. It gets extremely hot, and the fan sounds like a hair dryer. There are legions of gamers who claim their PS3's stop functioning within minutes after firmware updates for Christs sake.

BigPenguin3024d ago

Really sony360? You are calling PS3 fanboys snobby and ignorant? After the shit you just posted? You did not post anything that even remotely backed your point up.

You say there are 360 exclusives coming out that look just as good as what we have seen on the PS3. How about you name even one? Would that have been to hard? You tell the guy you are replying to to quit pretending he knows what he is talking about right after you made that comment with nothing to back it up. You see, that comment is what is known as an unfounded claim. How about some proof next time, because at the last count, we are still waiting on something that looks as good as Tools of Destruction, a game that came out over 3 years ago.

You next comment was on reliability, and you say the 360S has fixed all those problems. Well I am sorry, you are right, they are fixed. It took then 5 effing years man, are you kidding me? You are counting that as a win for the 360? 5 years, and they do not even have 4% of the 360 market yet. No one has them, I am sure that will change in the future, but 4% working consoles out there means 96% that still crap out. And I think the 96% is a bit more important then the 4%. 5 years dude, that is not a win for MS. Stop listening to the MS hype machine about how the RRoD is no longer an issue, it still is. It sure as hell is an issue to me, who still has a release 360(never died).

You are correct technical failures is another name for reliability.

Next is quality of exclusive games, 3 you listed are not exclusive, one is not out yet. That just leaves gears2 and Alan Wake. Trust me, you really do not want to list off exclusives against PS3, we both know you will lose.

You are right, future promise is crap.

For the most part your comment was stupid enough to be called retarded, and as the person who posted it, that says a lot about you doesn't it.

Oh and before you blindly call me a PS3 fanboy and discount my entire post, there is something you should know; PS3: BigPenguin XBL: icybird penguin

If you bother to look you will see I have live gold, and not PSN+. You will also see that I have 47k achievement score on XBL. I have played the crap out of the 360, far more then the PS3. So I want you to understand that when I say this, I come from a position of slight education on the subject. Microsoft is ruining gaming.

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Time_Is_On_My_Side3025d ago

Even though in general XBOX had better graphics the disc format was the same, so how much different can the game be? Nowadays the PlayStation 3 uses 50GB discs while XBOX 360 uses 8GB discs, a major difference. So that's what I think most people are talking about when they say focusing on one platform, mean with the better design choices.

kancerkid3024d ago

Couldn't the devs just make the textures 6 times better then, thus taking up six times more space, and the PS3 games would be just as long as if they were on 360.

The only reason storage is a matter of contention is because the compression allows a lot more information to be stored on BluRay. But then if you have less compression, you can store less info, and thus the games arent any bigger.

And the only game it seems the storage medium was a problem was FF13 and that was only because SE picked the worst encoder for the cinematics. Read the Digital Foundry article on the subject and learn yourself something,

PirosThe4th3024d ago

Believe it or not... Ps3 has never sold as much Consoles because its not hacked..
I know... I know... people are going to disagree, but its the truth.
I got one, and other many people do. However, in some countries its hard to buy "original" games due to incredibly high prices. They are loosing massive market right there.
In Argentina, most of the consoles come from America... specially Wiis, 360 and PS2. So all those 360 higher sales in America also are counted towards most of the poeple who buy then in third world South American countries. Believe it or not it's the truth.

All I know PS3 its the best. And It's ahead of its time when it came out... It only does everything... except piracy XD
I got one and I am glad though...

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cobraagent3025d ago

If it doesn't cover up the facts then how can it be fair? If they wanted a fair comparison they should include only the CPU, GPU etc

MariaHelFutura3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Uh, I think we all know the answer to that.

Neon/Aston (above)

Open a PS3 and open a 360, it`s literally like the difference between poppin the hood of an old beater vs. popping the hood of an Aston.

jlemdon3025d ago

seriously, your only saying because of Blu-ray????LOL

now MS have an Opritunity to add more space with the new update.

you can have 2-8GB of extra with the memory stick.

PirosThe4th3024d ago

I can see that!
A game that comes in one or two DVD9 and a 16gig memory stick... That way it will be full version with no compromises... lol just lol

moparful993025d ago

Umm hate to break it to you but the ps3 has an infinite amount of space upgradeability.. I've been using a 4 gb usb flash drive on my ps3 for years now and I also bought a 160 gig external hard drive for 30 bucks so essentially I have 284 gigs of data storage and if I wanted to could add terrabytes for CHEAP.. Blu-ray is a technical feature that adds tremendous value to the ps3 reggardless of your OPINION... At the end of the day the ps3 has value far outreaching the 360 and microsoft is scrambling to match that value with the 360s and it still falls short..

jlemdon3024d ago

my point is.... that if MS wanted to make 1080P(native) games, they can with the new update. there is no excuse for what they can or can't.

jerethdagryphon3025d ago

because explaining the cell cpu to nontechnical people is quite diffucult especially with ms saying stuff when it was launched

"we have 3 cores at 3.2ghz" sony has 1 core and 7 something else." thats a quote from some ms interview

you cant just state numbers to compare any technical comparisons need to be
done in a consise and factual manor without overloading people

DelbertGrady3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

As if to cover up its bias.

Might as well call it "A fact comparison", as in FACT!

Interestingly enough, they chose not to mention mandatory installs or the inferior performance for many multiplat games on PS3.

Neither did they mention the lack of backwards compability in newer models.

Or that once the battery life in the SixAxis/DS3 is dead you have to buy a brand new controller, since it doesn't have a detachable battery pack.

I guess that's better left out. A power brick that doesn't effect your gaming in any way seemed more important.

Chug3025d ago

You're trying to tell us that the built in battery in the DS3 is a bad thing? I've always seen it as a convenience.

Johnny Rotten3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

here's a battery for the PS3 for $5.00 with shipping!

there are instructions in the manual to remove the old one but I'll explain it for ya since I'm here.

~ remove screws, unplug battery.

Biggest3024d ago

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! You still trying to pull the 2006 crap, Soda? I like how Google can expose so many silly lies with so little effort. I've had a 60G PS3 since day one. I have yet to change a battery in any of my controllers. But when I need to I can use my extensive electronic training that I received at Yale. You may have also learned this extremely high level of training if you ever changed the battery of a small electronic toy. Keep the faith, Soda! You'll knock the PS3 out one of these days!

MariaHelFutura3025d ago

The power brick is annoying, my systems are all elevated and it causes a problem.

mrv3213025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I've had the same SIXAXIS controller for 4 years the Battery is going strong far longer than my 360 controllers AA batteries in fact, and by this point in time the amount my 360 has cost me in batteries I could easily get a Sixaxis. Also you can plug the SIXAXIS in via USB and still use it AFTER the battery has died.

'Interestingly enough, they chose not to mention mandatory installs or the inferior performance for many multiplat games on PS3.'

Same can be APPLIED to 360. Or do people forget that a hard drive in needed to play Burnout: Paradise online AND Burnout preform better on PS3. Many PS3 and 360 games look and preform the same.

All PS3 consoles are backward compatible with PSone games of that region, I don't believe the same can be said for the 360 and original XBOX.

Just saying.

asdf123025d ago

umad cause PS3 was better than the 360 in the comparison?

Johnny Rotten3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

sorry to burst your bubble Soda, see post above.

moparful993025d ago

@sodapopinsky They said nothing about the madatory installs because hardly any games use them. They are a moot point and just something for 360 zealots to use as a negative whenever its just an inconvienence. Multiplats are by and large the same. There is a fair share of multiplats that look better on either platform but at their core they play the same. So again a moot point. What is fact however is that ps3 exclusives are technical showpieces that really show how much more powerful the ps3 really is. Backwards compatibility is again just a bullet point in a fairly weak list that 360 fannerds like to use as a source of ammunition in their anti ps3 campaign. Lol your battery argument is the weakest of all.. You think buying batteries over the life of your 360 is advantage compared to a built in rechargeable battery?? Wow you are sad. As others have already pointed out even if the battery dies, which is highly unlikely, you can just use the usb cable included in the box or just replace the battery for cheap. Needless to say you have no valid points at the end of the day, the ps3 is a great gaming machine that offers much more in the way of entertainment.. PERIOD.

bobdog6263025d ago

360 has a Wireless N inside of it .That same power brick will stop a power surge from destroying your 360.If it was the PS3 you would have to replace the hold thing altogether.

Sin-CityGamer3025d ago

"That same power brick will stop a power surge from destroying your 360."

Is that so? Apparently, that didn't stop millions of 360's having the RRoD problem. Oh, and also, "hold thing altogether" > whole thing altogether.

Biggest3024d ago

The same power brick will burn your house down as well. That power brick sure is awesome!

jerethdagryphon3025d ago

alterbnitivly you can

and replace it for 5$ and a half hours work no worse then ipod batterys

and its lithium ion sdo its good for what 2000 charges ?

cpt_kaos3025d ago

Um actually you only have to open the SixAxis controller and its a simple procedure to replace the battery as I got one of ebay for a few dollars.

If you don't believe me just hit youtube for a how to do video.

NeloAnjelo3024d ago

Hmmm... I have never had a controller die on me... Had all since launch. Much rather that than batteries.

Secondly, the 360 doesnt exactly do a great job of backwards compatibilty. How many xbox games have you or do you play on your 360. I have the 60 gb anyways. I Never played a PS2 game on it, nor on my 360.

Mandatory installs will be a thing of the past. Its because developers are unfamilar with the hardware. Some games actually gives you the option now, and this enables it to run faster than other versions. and we are way past bad ports... except bayonetta of course.

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darkcharizard3025d ago

Xbox 360 Continue? 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Game Over. You lose. Please insert coin.

ForROME3025d ago

Exactly, this whole Xbox holds this gen back is crap, when PS2 was out it was the lesser of the 3 no one complained then, get your head out of your a$$

Lou-Cipher3025d ago

The PS2 & Xbox1 both used DVD. The 360 is holding this gen back because game developers wont make games bigger than 7 gigs, because it wont fit on the 360. Thus, the games are made to last gen specs instead of this gen specs (50gig Bluray)

Dont you realize how much content is getting cut from these Multiplatform games simply because game developer cant make it fit on the 360's meager disc.

bobdog6263025d ago

The Rest can be downloaded from live.You guy arguments are getting thinner and thinner by the minute.

Chimerhazzard3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Hum, I tought that the Xbox360 had no hard drive by default, thus preventing many people from downloading content for their console... specially downloading content that would have been on the game disk, if only Microsoft didn't decide to use outdated DVD tech.

I don't see how Lou's argument is getting thinner. Seems pretty solid to me.

bjornbear3024d ago

allow me to quote you in reply to that:

You guy arguments are getting thinner and thinner by the minute.

seriously =P the rest can be downloaded from live?, i want all of my content on the disk. people are unhappy enough about DLC as it is...but MS loves teh dlc don't they ;P

strotee3025d ago

Wait, the PS2 and original Xbox both used DVD for game media, so how could the PS2 hold it back?

ChickeyCantor3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Raw power.

Thats whats up.
Both GCN and Xbox pushed more polygons.
More memory to work with.

If developers had no problem with the Ps2...then why are you people saying 360 is a pain?

And you people pretend the developers would have made biggers games.
Money doesn't grow on trees.

moparful993025d ago

Dude the original xbox had a more powerful gpu and that was it. Besides developers already had a huge investment in the ps2 and the status quo. Microsoft may have had a slightly more powerful console but it offered nothing in the way of value to developers above and beyond the ps2. Now that we are in the next generation both consoles released 1 year apart making it harder for developers to discern which console to lead development on.. So far the 360's only advantage has been the fact that third parties develop on 360 and port over. But from a technical standpoint the ps3 has the clear advantage. More powerful cpu and a larger physical format.

pippoppow3025d ago

Graphics capabilities for both are close enough. The big difference is in storage media. 6-7G compared to 50 GB is huge. While the fault lies with Devs refusing to take advantage of PS3 capabilities fully due to wanting parity and the 360 sales lead, MS is also at fault for not releasing a larger media capable console.

If the 360 was a DVD+ console with 15-20GB Max of storage media, most likely games like GTA4 would have been larger and less content would have been cut this gen. Look at games like Rage and Alan Wake that have had a redesign due to media size restrictions on the 360. A shame really.

AK463025d ago

360 doesn't have the processing power to run PS3 exclusives.

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