Top 5 Reasons Why Kinect and Playstation Move Will Fail

Four years after Nintendo’s Wii, which was laughed at by its competitors but has sold over 70 million consoles, Sony and Microsoft are hopping aboard the motion control bandwagon. Come this autumn, the Playstation Move and Xbox 360 Kinect will fail and prove that the Wii is lightning in a bottle, never to be caught again.

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MaximusPrime3021d ago

i dont want to know....

every article with a word "fail" in it, is a failure itself

cobraagent3021d ago

that it is coming from a blog which is considered as spam

Cevapi883021d ago

3 months from now....we will get the same article but this time..."5 reasons why kinect and Move will SUCCEED"....just to get hits

MariaHelFutura3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I know one thing. The Wii/Wiimote sold well, the Eyetoy didn`t. :)

MaximusPrime3021d ago

whats the different between Wii and Eyetoy? yes they are different. one is a console and the other is not.

MariaHelFutura3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

The Wiimote is like the Move, Kinect is like the Eyetoy.

Am I missing something?

NecrumSlavery3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

How did the 360's Vision webcam sell?. I got it bundled with You're in the Movies, but it sucks and never worked right.

Natsu X FairyTail3021d ago

They'll both sucseed and move more consoles. I dont see why they'd fail.

DelbertGrady3021d ago

I think one will be very the adult movie business.

ActionBastard3021d ago

Not if the "couch experience" isn't coded.

dragunrising3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I would like both products to succeed to be honest. I love the Wii remote for FPS's so I am definitely excited for PS Move. Likewise, I'm not interested in Kinect casual titles, however I could see the peripheral integrated into core titles. Imagine a game like Deus Ex could use Kinect to scan your face and bypass security systems once you've made a hack in the game.

The measure of success for either device is entirely dependent on how many units Microsoft and Sony decide they need to sell. From my understanding, Microsoft is invested in marketing Kinect, almost as if its a new console launch. In this sense, they expect to sell millions of units. Sony on the other hand is much more interested in speeding up the adoption of 3D gaming than PSMove. Maybe PSMove will take off, maybe not, however it shouldn't effect the overall success or failure of Playstation as a brand. PSMove will sell itself as an alternative option to the Dualshock/regular controller imo, and thats fine with me. Bring on all the PSMove supported titles :-)

jukins3021d ago

they'll both do well maybe not millions on day one but enough to keep support. the move to me has a greater chance to actually support both hardcore games and casual games whereas the kinect so far has only targeted the casuals. if sony can get the message out like they are currently doing now that the ps3 is truely an all in one media solution then move could do well. kinect will have an easier time just because it has a coolness factor then all they'd have to do is show kinectanimals and the dancing game and the kids and soccer moms will be all over it.

mastiffchild3021d ago

Bt then what will they buy? The issues I have with ?Kinect are just that they don't seem to have ,many games coming that different to each other and that's because there's no way to be getting around big game worlds. No sticks and no buttons does rpresent a whole new set of problems and, so far, MS hasn't shown us how they plan to get round this which they need to if we aren't stuck with all "core" Kinect games ending up on rails. QWill people buy similar experiences time and again on Kinect or will MS find clever ways to bring in more genres? Casual;s are still gamers and will want more choice than they currently showed us for this.

Move's problems are more to do with people thinking it'll just be HD Wii-but, again, we'll see. I'm getting Move and want to get Kinect but will hold off and wait for better games-hopefully it won't be too long.

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