Shin Megani Tensei And Why It’s Worth Your Time

Shin Megani Tensei is some of the best RPGs out there and its overlooked more then it should be. Its well worth your time and here is why.

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ClownBelt3210d ago

Love this franchise to death.

Spenok3209d ago

I agree, SMT is always awesome.

Canary3210d ago

Seems to me SMT is the singly-most loved RPG franchise out there. People love it. People can't shut up about it. Every single game, it seems, is loved. The worst insults it gets are the occasional moronic "weaboo" charge levied at either of the more recent Personas, but even then, such inane insults fail to stick.

And, really, who can compete with SMT? In the past five years, we've seen more Shin Megami Tensei games than any other RPG franchise. More than Final Fantasy. More than Suikoden. More than Dragon Quest. It's time for SMT fans to stop acting like these are niche games... SMT has been mainstream for a while now.