2 Things Dragon Age 2 must have in order to succeed

There are two things that many gamers hated about Dragon Age: Origins in which they are expecting. These two items are improved graphics and high quality voice acting coming from the protagonist. If DA2 falls short in these categories, then DA2 will be seen as a rushed product by Bioware which is something the developer has never been associated with.

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mobijoker3074d ago

Finest Grapics is welcome but not mandatory for a game.The DAO universe was huge.They could easily make it half in size and could have made graphics better with that time.Gameplay and story are what matters.
Btw,i agree that the protagonist needs a voice.Hoping for Morrigan's return.

GameZenith3074d ago

You are correct, graphics are not a vital part of a game but that isn't the point here. The point is Bioware's effort. We've seen what they've done in the graphics department and to be honest, ME would not be the same if it had DAO graphics. We've seen what Bioware can do so why won't they be able to do it with DA2? What is holding them back?

So this isn't about graphics and how important they are. This is about how much effort a developer is putting into a game....

Canary3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

...simply because DAO was so lacking in so many areas. But I'm willing to chalk that up to difficulties with production while the game was in development--any game in production for 10-odd years is bound to have problems.

The main thing DA2 needs is variety, in every respect. More varied enemies. Let's not make the final boss a re-texture this time! Let's have a more varied narrative structure! Honestly, I hadn't seen a "collect 4 magic jewels to kill the randomly evil demon god" structure since the NES days until DAO came around.

More armor variety. More weapon variety. More spell variety. More terrain variety. More level variety. I really hated how most of the areas in DAO were indoors--who wants to spend all his or her time wading through a dank dungeon or cave in this day and age?

And while I agree that graphics are hardly a priority, it would be nice--NICE--to see spell effects comparable to Baldur's Gate II. My biggest disappointment in DAO was how lame the spell vfx were (along with how few spells there were to choose from).

In terms of the article itself... this guys points are utter garbage. His point essentially boils down to "make it more like Mass Effect," which is a game of a style contrary to that of Dragon Age. Must be one of those "young" gamers that hasn't played any older games, and refuses to do so because they're "outdated" or some other such nonsense.

GameZenith3074d ago

I wrote the article and you are not seeing the point of the article. The point isn't for DA2 to be like ME2. The point is for Bioware to put as much time, effort, and resources into DA2 as they did with ME2.

Canary3074d ago

...I think you're missing something fundamental. Mass Effect 2 took less than two years to develop. Dragon Age: Origins took the better part of a decade. Rather than put as MUCH time and effort, better they put in as LITTLE effort.

Anon73493074d ago

You also played a the game on a console. Any of your opinions on the game are *completely void to begin with.*

Your complaint about the graphics is laughable, on the PC I built for much less than the piece of crap PC you most likely own can play Dragon Age: Origins with better graphics than any 360 game avaible.

Also, giving your character a voice only breaks immersion if anything.

Maybe you should just play games that were meant for consoles instead of complaining about a game released in late 2009 for PC then it later being ported to hardware that is about 2003ish.

In no sense am I a PC fanboy/elitest so don't try that BS, heck I currently play most of my games on the PS3 right now because of all the exclusives and I'm actually looking forward to a console-exclusive game called "Blazblue: Continuum Shift" more than I am StarCraft 2.

mobijoker3074d ago

DAO took more time because they had to construct a whole new world and lores which are completely different from D&D .
Moreover,less time doesn't necessarily mean a bad game.This time around,they had got an universe,they just have to plant events there and beautify it.

SolDojo3074d ago

I really feel like making Dragon Age more like Mass Effect is a BAD thing.

I can't understand what point you think you have. You don't want it to be more like ME2, yet you want it to showcase the same production values? You do realize the production values of DA were VASTLY different than that of ME? One focuses on a story and narrative driven party based fantasy and melee combat style, while the other is an action/shooter with a story secondary to the bottom line of BLOW SHIT UP WITH GUNS. You can't expect to be able to "see" the difference between the two and expect that gap to close between DA and DA2, you should expect to feel more profoundly about DA2 than DA, while ME is more frenetic and is mainly about in your face fun, which is the main factor they upped in ME2.

Making DA2 reflect the time, effort, and resources that went into ME2 is like saying you want them to be equal on a graphical level, yet still have DA be the story and narrative driven experience it should be. Mass Effect HAS to look great, because it's story is beyond laughable at most points. Dragon Age carries itself on other merits besides the action, so the graphics become much less important.

I guess, they call it, wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Do you want Dragon Age to be everything, to everyone, at any time? Or do you want it to be a reflection of it's past and true to its roots while moving the story forward?

From my point of view, all they needed to do was just keep writing the damn stories. There is very little I don't like about DA, and yet, I find ME/ME2 a drag to play. The story and the the way you are disconnected from the main character are insurmountable to me. I never felt like I WAS Sheppard, just controlling him. If this is the way I feel about Hawke, I'm going to be SO DISAPPOINTED.

Run_bare3074d ago

But i agree wtih the articles especially about voice acting. The graphics is OK, but not great. Both are important factor especially for a sequel.