Minato Confirmed in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

The 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze has been confirmed to be playable in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.

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Simon_Brezhnev3023d ago

Yeah Pain and Minato are my characters so far i hope Killer Bee in it.

JustOne3023d ago

Day One.

Minato and Jiraiya are my best characters.

Natsu X FairyTail3023d ago

LOL 2 racist Gave u thumbs downs @ imdaboss cuz you want Killer bee to be in it. THEM MOFO's lame as fuck. Holla at a brother when u have the game!

Eamon3023d ago

Cool. Minato is by far the my favourate Naruto character.

I'm lovin the current manga arc!

NoBias3023d ago


kanetheking3023d ago

the manga so he must be in it.

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BldyShdw3023d ago

We know so little about Minato, but even LESS about her. (nothing on how she fights)

MisterNiwa3023d ago

She's the Bloody Habanero, we know enough to make her an actual character. >:I

ranmafandude3023d ago

i'm not into naruto but this due look cool as hell lol.

gtsentry3023d ago Show
despair3023d ago

yo you don't sell out things like that without putting *spoiler alert* many persons may not know that.(i didn't give you any disagrees though)

Eamon3023d ago

Well he's been revealed as his father in both manga and anime for a while now.

Unless, there are dub viewers here. Well, who gives a shit about em LOL

ranmafandude3023d ago

i'm getting the damn game i'm just not into naruto.

kanetheking3023d ago

you must be into it to buy the game.

RedDead3023d ago

Ya know the way theres one Chaacter that EVERYONE likes in everything, this is him.

See why with these to pages

This sort of impossible shit he can do.
He's actually dead but ya get what I mean?

despair3023d ago

The stuff he did in kakashi gaiden was equally insane.

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The story is too old to be commented.