Why Kinect is too casual

Microsoft seems to be banking on the Kinect becoming a hit with the same crowd that bought the Wii. However, the Xbox 360 has built its reputation on being this generation's must have console for the core gamer. Without a doubt it is a little shocking to see just how casual the launch line-up for Kinect is. So the question begs to be asked. Is Kinect to casual for its own good?

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ingiomar3074d ago

lol you can't declare it casual yet xD

The_Zeitgeist3074d ago

I would beg to differ. We have not yet seen a single hard core game.

WhittO3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

^^ lol.

Wonder how long we actually see gameplay of the Star-Wars themed Time Crisis game.

Because thats what most of the games of Kinect actually are, it's basically a bunch of quick-time events you activate by jumping or ducking.

Works great for Heavy Rain, but wouldn't work if every game was like that, especially sports games, what would be the point!?

Gothdom3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Star wars... you mean, this star wars???

Doesn't look fun to play a game that plays itself

Reibooi3074d ago

They had said time and time again that it would be more then just a causal focused machine and so far we have seen nothing to prove that. Even if something was really early they could have showed or at least mentioned it.

All they did was hurt themselves with what they have said in the past and what they didn't show during E3.

Cenobia3074d ago

lol, I thought you were just going to post the Star Wars kid video.

Bigpappy3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Kinect is doing that with the casuals. The article is missing the whole point. Kinect at launch has nothing to do with existing 360 owners. There are small things that interest people like me (Dash board minority report interaction, fitness and dance games, Kinect Sports). The writer is sounding like M$ is coming to your home and confescating all controllers. Core gamers don't want to replace the controller with motion. When they relax their egos a bit they will see this. Kinet will be nothing more than and option to add elements to existing gameplay in hardcore games.

bjornbear3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )


that was pre-rendered pre-recorded video of what it "would" be like

kinect is too much "would be" and too little "is"

Dac2u3074d ago

It could potentially have a niche market in hardcore RTS and point-and-click Adventure games. RTS games could be really cool, using hand movements to select and deploy units. However, I still see a problem if they can't tone down that input lag while playing. RTS games are worthless if you have to wait a full second after every command so it can register what you've done.

HolyOrangeCows3074d ago

"Its about bringing new people in
Kinect is doing that with the casuals"

Casuals are going to spend all that money for a 360 + Kinect + a Game?
I have a hard time seeing casuals spending over $400 just for a fitness game, Nintendogs rip-off, or dance game. Not with the Wii around.

Folezicle3073d ago

Check out Child of Eden, game looks good but I'm not getting Kinect yet, not until I see some more games that look great

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silkrevolver3074d ago

...EVERYTHING We’ve seen for it is. Everything.

rdgneoz33074d ago

Until they show one hard core game, its casual.

p.s. This isn't hard core...

Mini Mario3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

lol that reminds me of the wii music demonstration

hatchimatchi3073d ago

omg, i didn't watch the microsoft press conference so I missed out on that gem.

For the life of me, I cannot understand why some people are excited for kinect. It looks so insanely stupid and broken.

iamtehpwn3074d ago

'Walking forward'

Think about it.

stuna13074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Is how big a effect is this addon peripheral going to have on xbox360 hardware as a whole? Because it is reputed to use some of the calculating power of the xbox360 itself, will it pose a danger of overheating or, right out frying the xbox360.

Mini Mario3074d ago

That's the thing i don't think they really did think about it.

What if you have to run ? lol

mastiffchild3074d ago

The fact is nobody has yet even suggested to me how MS are going to get around having no alternative to analogue sticks and buttons-for most hardcore type genres you NEED to get around a game world bigger than your front room and need to trigger events in ways not easily done without a button or a trigger.

What we've seen is ALL casual and even the Star Wars thing is on rails-as I'm scared all more serious Kinect games might have to be unless they find something entirely new in control schemes bit even then it has to work as well as and preferably BETTER than analogues and buttons. I see little chance of Kinect being for more than the casuals tbh, but I'#d love to be proved wrong by something incredible. If there WAS something like that, though, wouldn't they have shown it?

Bigpappy3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Where is Move on the pre-order charts?

I am quite sure M$ is reading these article and laughing their butts off as the pre-orders keep climbing and the competition keeps falling farther and farther behind. Core gamers are not going to move away from the controller to go to a motion option anytime soon. Move needs to show the casuals that it is kooler for them than Natal. The "Kool" factor is very important to the casual base, as well as "ease of use". It has nothing to do with how many hardcore games are made easier to get in to. Casuals aren't attracted to hardcore games.

Biggest3074d ago

"Why is kinect too casual?
Where is Move on the pre-order charts?"

Your defense is worst than the '76 Bucs. It can sell all it wants. It can cost more or less than rice in China for all I care. But right here and now the topic is Kinect being too casual. It is 100% casual right now. The plan for the interface manipulation is the definition of casual. The games shown are casual games. Everything about the Kinect is casual. Please buy it, Bigpappy. I hope it brings you years of joy. And even if it does. . . It's still casual until proven otherwise.

MysticStrummer3074d ago

Ah yes... the sales = quality thing. Wrong again. LOL @ that Star Wars video above. It's yet another example of pre-recorded video being shown in front of a person who fails to make it look like they are actually controlling it. In short... a lie. What's amazing is that not only did they pull this same crap two E3s in a row, but also that the media and 360 fans continue to eat it up. Kinect will sell well at first and then vanish. Move will start slow, be declared a failure, then build momentum as die hard Dual Shockers realize they are being schooled by the Movers, as is happening during Socom 4 development. Sony should make it possible to look at the leaderboards and see who uses the Move. That would sell many people on it.

Bigpappy3073d ago

Dude your are not making any sense. You are screeming it is for casuals and that is exactly what I wrote. You said "it can sell all it wants". Why do you think M$ bothered to make it.

In case I wasn't clear enough: Kinect is casual on purpose. That is the reason it is out selling Move already. Is that any clearer. I can't keep repeating. I have limited bubbles.

Obama3074d ago

starwar..the fake starwar game lol?

It is a casual device as 99.9% of the hardcore games won't work with it. It can be used as a gimmick for some of the games but hardcore gamers won't buy it solely for that reason.

jack_burt0n3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

ppl need to worry about it working, not if its too casual.

3074d ago
Johnny Rotten3074d ago

looking at the launch titles reminds me why it's too casual.

jneul3073d ago

looks at release titles looks at games like RUSE and John daily droppig motion support for kinect looks back at kinect, it's so not casual lol / s
let me know when it does games like sorcery, socom4, resident evil 5, look forwards to your next 360 spin when in 5 years time we have not only an eyetoy copy but a ps move copy as well....

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silkrevolver3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )’s just so... limited. I simply can’t see myself playing games on rails for the rest of my life.

TheWarmth3074d ago

No one disses skittles. NO ONE!!!!

cobraagent3074d ago

The games is one of the reasons. The e3 presentation and conference is another

nygamer283074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

oh man here we go again....we still have months before kinect and move releases and still more games to be annouced,it could be be more casual games or core games we dont know right know,im not says its gonna do great or fail im just being optimistic about kinect and move

these articles piss me off,they do it just to get looking foward to the star wars game for kinect and the fight game for move

edit:really a disagree cause im being optimistic???please explain,fuk you psfanboys

edit:wow i lost a bubble for being optimistic about kinect,im starting to hate N4G,its a communist site

claterz3074d ago

Don't you think if there was a decent hardcore game for Kinect it would have been announced already?