Box Art Revealed For Various PlayStation Move Titles

"Currently, there’s a slew of titles – some of which are already released – which will support PlayStation Move compatibility at the motion controller’s launch. Some of these game’s latest box art has been revealed including our personal favorites, The Fight: Lights Out, The Shoot, and TV Superstars."

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Sev3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

It's so funny, I hate the Wii, but I love the PlayStation Move. It's really about the precision and accuracy.

I've been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 lately, and it's a great game, but nothing pisses me off more than my pointer going off the screen, or disappearing for a few moments during a vital and intense part. My wife has the same issues. I thought it was a faulty sensor bar, but I replaced it, and it still sucks. Then again I don't have Wii Motion Plus, and I refuse to buy it. They should have made it right in the first place IMO.

I just pre-ordered a bunch of Move titles, I want to have them all at launch...

T9X693027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Self promotion much? You submit an article on your sub account, and approve it on your main account, then comment on your own article with a link to the same article.

EDIT: Righht because the article goes up, and within 4 minutes your the first to approve and comment, and playstationlifestyle is your website. lol if you say so buddy. Not to mention almost every single person who approved this article has more than 80% of their submissions linking straight to

Sev3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

Actually, I didn't submit the article. I can see why you have one bubble.

And that link I posted in my comment, isn't to the same article.

In response to your edit:

My editor submit the article and I approved it. So did 2 others from my staff, who are N4G members. There is nothing wrong with this article, it's not against N4G guidelines, so who cares who approves it?

Seems like you just have a hair across your arse for no good reason.

blitz06233026d ago

Hey T9X69, do you boyscout each and every article? So what if he did approve it with his other account? Nothing's wrong with the article, in fact it's a good one. Go troll somewhere else, boyscout.

Quagmire3026d ago

Lets see now. I want:

Heroes on the Move
The Fight
The Shoot

Jaces3026d ago

Hell yea, Time Crisis!!

Need to get that shooting attachment to put my wand in, holding my arm straight out after awhile would get tiring in a shooter. =P

bjornbear3026d ago

you must be a bore at parties.

rockleex3026d ago

Because no one invites him. :P

Ahah just kidding, I know nothing about his personal life... or do I?!

DUN Dun dun!!!!

Anyways, as long as Sev is not self-promoting stupid articles like HHG.

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doctorstrange3027d ago

Yeah, I totally get what you're saying, the Wii's lack of accuracy hampers a lot of games

wolfehound223027d ago

Ya I actually sold my Wii, but I'm buying the Move. Not sure why.

CobraKai3027d ago

Me too. Exactly word for word what you said.

Trexman893027d ago

Well, I'm just not interested in most of the games on the wii, because some of them focus more on the motion control than the actual game. That's why I'm probably not going to get the bowling or kung fu riders game.

jack_burt0n3027d ago

I dont reckon the heroes one is final but the rest looks great.

Theonik3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Yeah, i noticed that issue with my Wii. The cursor tends to flicker on and off a lot making it a pain in the arse to aim or navigate the wii menu. Anyone have a solution for that?
Buying move for Sorcery and some other games.

HolyOrangeCows3026d ago

Kung Fu Rider looks freaking hilarious and fun.

Folezicle3026d ago

I borrowed the Wii of a mate and I played alot of Super Mario Galaxy 1 on, and I never had any issues you mentioned above

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LEO_cst3027d ago

Heroes on the move, Time Crisis.... buy at launch.

silkrevolver3027d ago

... is not a launch title. Sorry. I am interested in how it plays, though.

Colonel-Killzone3027d ago

I will be getting this for socery thats on the top of the list for me as of right now.

LEO_cst3027d ago

sorcery comes out 2011.

the-show-stopper3027d ago

sorcery looks like a really fun game not to metion it could be pretty challenging too

silkrevolver3027d ago

...and KZ3 for me. Maybe echochrome ii if the reviews are good.

Natsu X FairyTail3027d ago

Fight and time crisis got the best boxes.

Harry1903027d ago

I can't believe some of those are getting released at retail level. The Fight Lights Out, The Shoot and so many others scream 'PSN'. I mean come on. $40 for those? I would very very gladly buy all of them if they were $15 in the PSN store but pushing those as boxed titles for $40 is called riding your luck.

Time Crisis is actually worthy of being sold at retail but many of the others aren't.

electrolemon3026d ago

Not sure why people are disagreeing with this- The Fight is a horrible Move game.

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