Top Ten Wants For The Nintendo 3DS Part 2

Ripten: "Last week I discussed half of my top ten wants for the Nintendo 3DS. As I stated then the home button on the Nintendo 3DS got me thinking about the possibilities of what the Nintendo 3DS could do. Here are my top five wants for the Nintendo 3DS."

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CrzyFooL3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

You know what I want, for the damn 3ds to be available already!!

greeneggsnsam3026d ago

Hah, I agree. It's looking really good, I can't wait. Don't let us down Nintendo!

Reibooi3026d ago

Yeah I really wish it was already out. I would expect pretty much everything on this list to happen. Only one I would not be to sure about is Netflix because I don't know if they care to have the service on portable device but if you think about it there is probably alot of people who would love and use that all the time.

KingNintendoFanboy3026d ago

Yeah. I really want to play the Nintendo 3DS. It looks amazing.

aselah3026d ago

Me too!!!! Must. Have.

CrzyFooL3026d ago


xino3025d ago

how can netflix work!?
what the hell do you wanna do with 2 screens watching a movie!?

DS system is only used for games man.
If you want other entertainment apart from games, go buy a PsP

electrolemon3026d ago

While having Netflix in 3D is a big not-happening, Netflix itself is totally plausible, I think.

KingNintendoFanboy3026d ago

Yeah, who says that movies on the Nintendo 3DS have to be in 3D? I see no problem with that.

jjesso19933026d ago

good pricing I would pay £250-£280 for this and I would also like it come out in one country this year and hope region free

ZeroX98763026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

couple of things I want for sure.
Excellent 3rd party developpers support is one of them. The wii lack this one and I hope that the 3DS isn't going to have so much shovelware like the wii and the DS. I'd like to see some tales of games imported over here for 3DS, some good 3rd person adventure (uncharted like games would be awesome!) and many J-RPG.

First party support is a most for nintendo consoles with titles like zelda, mario, kirby, metroid, donkey kong, pokemon, etc.

I hope a new donkey kong would go out on the 3ds would be nice, but the game that SHOULD exist on the 3DS is, without any hesitation, A smash bros game! with graphics simplier to do on 3ds since the resolution is smaller than home consoles, more characters and online support would be awesome. That would make the 3DS even more fun than the wii!

For the features, I like it more on my home console than a portable one, but it's always a nice addition. an internet browser with flash support and java support would be nice. there ou would have facebook, ebuddy (msn), youtube, twitter, etc. support instantly, no need of seperate application in 20 different system updates!

online friend list with texting support and maybe voice chat support, but I would do with not having cross game chat, since when I'm playing a mario game, I'm only talking to partners playing with me, not some other dude playing a completely different game. just use a phone or online chat for this!

achievements-like system like the 360 would be nice. I don't really care about it, but some gamers do.

some basic mp3 playback, photo viewing, video watching features is always welcomed since every cheap mp3 on ebay seems to do it for 20 bucks, so why the 3DS couldn't do it!

a third party storage capacity device would be nice like sd card support or something like that. More storage is always nice.

nunley333026d ago

The DS Lite was the 1st game system to have a facebook app so there will be one on here too most likely. The 3DS does appear to use an improved online system, even better than wii and hopefully similar to PSN OR LIVE with no friend codes and you can have an online account. Game purchases that are tied to your online account and not to the system. For movie playback, alot more storage than 256mb wil be needed and i would like to have video playback off an SD card like i can with the Memory Stick & PSP.

wakash3026d ago

achievements and netflix would be dope!

nunley333026d ago

There is a guy in the comments on that story who said he has 70 games downloaded on his DSI, that is insane. What did he do, download everything in the store just about. Yeah THAT guy needs a way to tranfer his purchases to from his DSI to the 3DS. I only have 30 game buys on my PS3 with no DSI but i do plan on getting the 3DS. And 3DS NETFLIX would be an awesome killer app along with a online account/friend system without friend codes.

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