First Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Trailer Within Weeks?

Will we see the first multiplayer trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops in the near future? It’s looking increasingly likely. If so, what can we expect to see?


Title should obviously be Call of Duty, not Call of Duy, but can't edit now it's been published.

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Joule3207d ago

I want to see zombies.

jjohan353207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Take last year's trailer for MW2 and cover up 'Infinity Ward' and 'Modern Warfare 2' then replace them with 'Treyarch' and 'Black Ops'.

Wash, rinse, repeat. The ways of milking.

xYLeinen3207d ago

My decision buying this game will depend heavily on this multiplayer trailer. Well, not the trailer in itself, but how the multiplayer looks and works compared to MW2.

I enjoy single player a lot, but I often buy my games for the multiplayer parts elsewise I can rent the games from friends etc. Don't get me wrong, I love to buy games and support developers, but my wallet is, yea, meh..

deadreckoning6663207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"My decision buying this game will depend heavily on this multiplayer trailer. Well, not the trailer in itself, but how the multiplayer looks and works compared to MW2."

Me too. I have high hopes for this game. I predict it will be a heavy game of the year contender =) The only problem is my PS3 game collection is already full of MP shooters(Uncharted 2, Bad Company 2 etc.). I've always wanted to get a COD game, but at the same time, I want something new. Plus, I have no doubt Activision will charge an arm and leg for map packs.

The only reason I'm so excited is because I LOVED playing the World at War SP campaign and zombie mode at my friend's house.

xX TriiCKy Xx3207d ago

I think everyone buys games for multiplayer now. I mean sure, a solid single-player game is good and all, but its the multiplayer that drives the masses.

HSx93207d ago

How can you compare the multiplayer based on a trailer? You are going to buy the game even if they showed some BS on the trailer.

xYLeinen3207d ago

Well no, don't take it to literary. A of a publishers / developers job is to market their games well. I am all about pre order games (just what I like to do I guess), and all the impressions I get before a game is launched by trailers, previews etc. is what my purchase decision is based upon.

So by doing their job very good is to release good and catching trailers. Just look RDR marketing campaign which was genius in my eyes.

evrfighter3207d ago

lol fools like you will just buy the game anyway. hilarious going on like your actually making a decision.

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ergs3207d ago

I hope the trailer will be coming out soon because, as xyLeinen said, my purchase of this game will depend heavily on it; I rarely play the single player so this matters a great deal to me, and will make or break the game.

tdrules3207d ago

I don't need another competitive mp game.
I do however need some awesome co-op

vickers5003207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Call of Duty should just scrap the single player all together. No one really cares about CoD sp anyways, so they should just use that time to make MP more balanced and glitch free, and add more maps and weapons. Multiplayer and zombies/alternative smaller co op mode are all people care about when it comes to CoD.

edit* - Am I wrong? Is there anybody here that actually enjoys CoD sp?

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