RPGFan Review: Disgaea Infinite

John Tucker Writes:

Here at RPGFan, we review RPGs and graphic adventures alike, but it's rare to find a game that hits both of those genres. Disgaea Infinite is one of those rare games. It plays like a visual novel, but it will also appeal to fans of the Disgaea RPG series.

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TheColbertinator3114d ago

Its too text heavy for me but I'm sure fans will love this entry.Now the question is...where is Disgaea 4?

Godmars2903114d ago

For me its will D4 be traditional spites and uber attacks, or are they going to the blander polygon stuff that's taken over their multi-dev efforts. Though the word I'm looking for is worried.

hatchimatchi3114d ago

This actually sounds really cool, i didn't know it was like a visual novel. I may have to get this. I still need to beat 1, 2 & 3 though. That may take a while...