Two Worlds 2: Brand New Zombie Shots released

Some brand new screenshots of Two Worlds 2.

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FLOWCity3020d ago

Zombies seem to be the new germans in Video games.

mrv3213020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

You CAN say Nazi's you know?

While I fully agree, most Nazi's soldiers where forced or tricked into fighting the games do nothing to show this. Take the last level of World at War, no attempt was made to sympathise with the injured soldiers.

nickjkl3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

not all germans who fought in the war were nazis

which reminds me theirs a movie on demand called nazi zombies that i didnt finish yet

GoodSpeed3020d ago

Nazi is a political party and had nothing to do with the German military, just like the US military is strictly US, not a Democrat or Republican party affiliated military force. And the only true Nazi military forces were the SS. Those were officially appointed soldiers by Hitler. Everyone else was simply conscripts or volunteers from the general populace.

And zombies have always been in RPGs, it's just that every other game has seemed to adopt them into their repertoire of game villains. Still, I have hope that Two Worlds will get turned around and be the game that 1st one should have been.

JsonHenry3020d ago

I really want this game to be good. If not I guess I can just get Arcania: A Gothic Tale instead. But I really would like an excuse to play both.

The real killer3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Gothic 4 will be end as a flop, why becouse it isn't Gothic any more, they ruined Gothic series those damn Jowood nerds. Did you see the combat system, wow, so messed up.

Two world 2 is 10 times better than Gothic 4, come on Arcania, it doesn't sound Gothic.

JsonHenry3020d ago

I am willing to give the game a chance. Hell, I played Divinity 2 and loved it and a lot of people ragged on it as well. And Arcania looks damn good to me. Aren't you supposed to be playing against the hero of one of the first Gothic games because he went rogue or something?

Anyway, it is the best we are gonna get for a while. And it looks hella better than Gothic 3. (or Risen for that matter)

dizzleK3020d ago

i've played both risen and divinity 2 and i thought the first two worlds was better. the others felt too "narrow" and limited, risen was just fetch quests and divinity was too challenging for me to ever truly feel powerful. i crave the truly open freedom of two worlds and i hope arcania shares that outlook.

Folezicle3020d ago

I'm tossing up weather this is more suited for the 360 or PC

JsonHenry3020d ago

Umm... the PC? Assuming your PC can handle it that is.

lucifon3020d ago

I'll be getting it on 360 just to play with buddies and just so I can chillout on a night playing it, but i think overall it'll certainly be 'better' on PC.

RockmanII73020d ago

What's next, Zombies announced for Metroid Other M?

OneSneakyMofo3020d ago

Didn't you know? Samus IS a zombie. That's the whole reason she's going after Mother Brain.

Spenok3019d ago

Zombies make everything better. xD