Bad Things That Gaming Can Do To Your Life

Gaming is a much loved activity, with all the genres you can play and the stories that can sometimes be gripping however when you play it too much so

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Jaybronee3205d ago

Don't forget that you can watch porn on the PS3 browser so my "love life" doesn't get in the way of my!

Jaces3205d ago

I have a wife who enjoys "watching" so that's good enough for me, lol!

The eye thing I have had happen but hey, if there's no long term effects then no harm done. ;D


This reminds me of this:


That's just a stereotype.

FordGTGuy3205d ago

Watching TV does not make your eyes go bad but straining them does. Don't blame the TV because your not smart enough to take breaks every now and than from it. Also sitting close to the TV doesn't make your eyes go bad however your eyes might already be bad forcing you to sit closer to the TV to see clearly.

Go have your eyes checked before blaming it on the closest thing around you.

3205d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.