Yahoo: Crackdown 2 Review

A lot has changed in the years that divide Crackdown 2 from its predecessor. Once the only open world game worth caring about for the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s console is now host to a clutch of standout titles in the genre.

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seij5553025d ago

Looks like yahoo received their free console. I mean even USA today gave it a 2/5.

DelbertGrady3025d ago

Yeah. It must be bad since it's a 360 exclusive.

inception1233025d ago

no it must be bad because this is the only positive score it has gotten and 1 score doesn't make up for multiple bad ones.

lh_swe3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Did he say that? Did the review say that? No, in fact most of the reviews are indicative that this game isn't what it could have been and if you hold a different opinion so be it but considering how harsh you've been with the PS3 titles of the same score that people have defended, just sayin don't be a hypocrite Soda.