5 interesting ways to have fun in GTA IV free mode.

There is nothing better than chilling in a GTA IV free mode with your friends. But after a while the size of the map and blandness of the areas do start to bore players and they may be drawn to play a newer, fresher online multiplayer game. Well have no fear folks as that will not happen to you. ZOMG HOW is about to share with you the top 5 things that ZOMG How have found most fun to do online with friends.

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T9X693205d ago

GTA IV fun? Most definitely. Is it as fun as previous GTA's? No.

Cajun Chicken3205d ago

You kidding? I've had HOURS of fun just doing crazy stuff with a bunch of strangers online in GTAIV. It's the only good multiplayer mode!

I like inviting people into helicopters and then just jump right out leaving them with no drivers...

Geovorbin3205d ago

yeah my friend does that to me all the time its hilarious.

fianno3204d ago

I love how 2 people disagreed with you :L :L

They must have been left alone in a helicopter :L

Ocelot5253205d ago

with a little imagination yes

helipcopter fights, chases, kill others on bikes with your helicopter, ...

Faztkiller3205d ago

EVIL Swing Set! Can provide some enjoyment

HarryM3205d ago

Me and friends used to exploit that glitch ALL the time. It's fun to see your car flying over the train track only to hit a building. ;)

Geovorbin3205d ago

having a running race around middle park with high traffic is good craic too because folk just keep getting run over:L

Spenok3205d ago

I'm going to have to try that out. Sounds like fun.

whoelse3205d ago

In the Ballad of Gay Tony I spend a lot of time with the choppers firing missiles at cars, people and other helicopters.

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The story is too old to be commented.