Top 10 Sega Saturn Games

From "Have you ever played the Sega Saturn? Most people I know haven’t. The majority who gave the Sega Saturn the time of day will know however that this console has some serious gems hidden within the Sega Saturns incredibly strong library."

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SupaGamer3021d ago

Panzer Dragon! Great game!

joshh3021d ago

Probably one of the greatest!

GuruStarr783021d ago

Fond memories of taking LSD and staring at the spaceship screen saver for hours.

TehChef3020d ago

But I swear that it was the hardest fighting game I've ever played, even on the easiest difficulty!

joshh3020d ago

Love X-men Children of the atom, but without an arcade stick that game was pretty much impossible. In fact i think I couldn't get past stage 3 without an arcade stick lol :(

Handhelds_FTW3020d ago

1) Nights
2) Radiant Silvergun
3) Guardian Heroes
4) Dragonforce
5) Panzer Dragoon 2
6) Fighters Megamix
7) Shining Wisdom
8) Daytona USA
9) Die Hard Arcade
10) Magic Knight Rayearth