Lens of Truth: Transformers – War for Cybertron Analysis

Lens of Truth writes "In this Head2Head, the Lens of Truth takes a look at Transformers: War for Cybertron for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Transformers: War for Cybertron is a third person shooter that takes place prior to the Transformers: Prime animated series, when the Transformers still lived on the planet Cybertron. This version of Transformers, developed by High Moon Studios, utilizes the power of the Unreal 3 Engine creating some very impressive visuals to say the least. Come on in to find out which version wins this weeks Head2Head.

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pangitkqb3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

the fact is, no, they are not. Single console gamers may not find these comparisons useful but for others - particularly multi-console owners like myself - buying the best version is simply getting the most available for your money. I often find which console has the best version of a game and go with that platform. Doing so has lead to the creation of a healthy library for both my 360 and PS3.

The importance of getting the best version, btw, is all about performance. Things like dropped frames, tearing, slowdown, etc... can literally make a game harder to play with less responsive controls. It's always a bonus to have the most flashy visuals, but gameplay is the real discerning factor - speaking for myself. This is the reason I went with PS3 for games like Dragon Age, Split/Second, Final Fantasy XIII, Mirrors Edge, etc... The same is also why I went with 360 for games like Red Dead Redemption, Boyonetta, RE5 and Borderlands.

Anon19743020d ago

For all but the most extreme cases, these comparisons have turned us into a bunch of pixel counters. And the conclusions are still subject to human error, still subject to bias and opinion as any other review. So Lens of Truth thinks one game has more screen tearing, but has better graphics. Which wins out. Or how about control issues versus load time? Which wins out. It's just opinion. Often you'll see even the comparisons are at odds with each other.

Lens of Truth will say one thing, Eurogamer another, IGN yet another, Cynamite another. And often their conclusions are enough to raise eyebrows. With Wolfenstein they complained that the 360 version had screen tearing every time you shot. Every single time, yet because the PS3 loaded slower that seemed to trump the 360's performance issues. Or BlazBlue. Graphics the same, performance the same, PS3 version had a couple of seconds of load time difference and the 360 had serious control issues. Another Tie. You have to ask, wtf?

These comparisons are no different than any other review. Check out this article about the comparisons on MW2.

Infinity Ward themselves said "In doing blind side by side tests at the office the ONLY person capable of picking the right version was the programmer responsible for a lot of the rendering code."

So are these type of head 2 head comparisons worthwhile? I think not. Other factors like subscription fees to play online, console reliability, friends lists and controller preference are much more important than turning games into pixel counting, console elitists.

Sea_Man3020d ago

like you said "It's just opinion". A review is also an opinion! So what your saying is if I own both systems and I'm about to drop 60+ dollars on a PS3 game and before I go to Walmart I read some dudes review on it. He says both games are identical so I go buy the game thinking it doesn't matter which system I buy it for. Then I find out from a friend that the XBox has way less screen tearing and I just spent $60 on the inferior version. I'm like what the hell happen that due's review said they were identical. I go to that guys site and find out that he biased he review on the PC version! This happen to me in the past! So yes the LOT provides great information for multi platform owners!

pangitkqb3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

See, I knew someone would say these are useless. Thanks for helping me out ;) Additionally, as I said in my first post, SOME people, myself included, find them useful, others don't. You don't have to.

Moving on, Lens of Truth happily acknowledges that their interpretation is open to human preference, hence the reason for giving a Technical score AND a staff choice which don't need to "add up" BECAUSE of human preference. To quote your own argument, "With Wolfenstein they complained that the 360 version had screen tearing every time you shot. Every single time, yet because the PS3 loaded slower that seemed to trump the 360's performance issues." They CHOSE loading over screen tearing. That was up to them. I can then use the information they have provided, and choose DIFFERENTLY.

So...what does that mean?

The value of these comparisons isn't necessarily the verdict, its the information provided. If i'm a gameplay over visuals type, I can know which plays better. If i'm a visuals over gameplay, I can choose that way. The point is they provide information; just like them I then CHOOSE FOR MYSELF how to interpret it.

How would I magically have this information if nobody was out their doing these tests, regardless of whether I agree with their conclusion? At least I then have information.

fooltheman3020d ago

the problem here is that they choose screen tearing for making it negative... ^^

Eventually you'll need to have the same measurements for each game...if it changes from game to game, you're not reliable

Bigpappy3020d ago

Its the fanboyism that make you count pixels. Some of you just want to be able to shout: mine is better than yours! Then when the comparison come out and completely debunks all you have been saying, you then say that it is useless and try to discredit the source.

My copy of the game may not be the best version all the time, but I sure as hell aint going to buy an other console for the prettier copy. I don't even have enough time for 1 console.

baker_boi3020d ago

Yall don't buy games cause it has screen tearin in it?

Most times you dont even notice the frame that tears because things are moving so fast.

Unless there is considerable slow down for you to have time to notice a torn frame how the hell would you know the game had frame tearing in the first place?

If yall that sensitive over a torn frame you might as well through most of your libraries away. Cause remember they didnt say the 360 version DIDNT have torn frames they just deducted some imaginary points from the PS3 version because that's what they do on every one of these comparison.

Yeah pick up 360 version cause even though the PS3 version looks better this time, screen tearing and having to install the game data just RUINS this game!

Spenok3020d ago

Very very well said my fried. I honestly don't know why i read this articles. I guess just to see which version is (superior) better. Even though they don't have any effect on my purchase decision. My decision is made on exactly what you said at the end, online fees (if any), console reliability, friends and controller preference.

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RudeSole Devil3020d ago

You sound way to intelligent to be commenting on N4G. Your last response is the best I've read in a while. I agree with you 100%.

Tempjf3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Well said my friend well said. Actually this is a quote form one of the staff at the LOT, Jaime I think was his name!

"Regardless, the whole reason this site exists is to help you guys when buying these games. The more information you guys get from sites like this the easier it’ll be for you to decide which system to buy it for. These games aren’t cheap. Where not here to bash one system over the other, only to show that these games do have differences, sometimes big and sometime not even noticeable.

Finally, it’s a great game no matter which system you but it for! Personally, I bought it for the Xbox 360 because I hate screen tearing, but I wouldn’t have know that unless sites like this and DF do their analysis. you see in the end it really comes down to the individual that’s buying the game."

"Finally, we say this time and time, it really comes down to the person buying the game. We just share the information we’ve gathered, weather fact or personal,and share them with you guys, the fellow gamers."

DelbertGrady3021d ago

"First things first, the PlayStation 3 version requires a mandatory install which weighs in around 5 Gig’s and took around 15 minutes to complete. Rarely do we ever consider a mandatory into our decision process, but quite frankly 5 Gig install in this day and age, is ridiculous. To add insult to injury, this huge mandatory install did nothing to improve load times for the PlayStation 3 version. Furthermore, every time you boot up the game, the PlayStation 3 version sits at the intro screen for 35 seconds checking you system again verifying that the game was installed."

5gb mandatory install. Why not install the full game on the 360 and redo the comparison? It usually shortens the loading times a lot and also adds to the performance (texture loading etc).

PirateThom3021d ago

Because Lens of Truth compare the games "as is". They don't do optional installs for PS3 if they're there, but do mention them in passing on occasion.

Joe Bomb3021d ago

"Why not install the full game on the 360 and redo the comparison?"

I know what you mean, but the reason they don't is because an install isn't mandatory on the 360 when the PS forces one. They been comparing these game "out of box" since the dawn of time (kinda) and have stated that in their h2h's many of times.

bjornbear3021d ago

they developed the game /S

if this needs 5 gigs, the dev has no excuse. if games like uncharted 2 don't have mandatory installs, nor should these, not 5 gigs anyway

but ok, enjoy the high

Sea_Man3021d ago

Heck yeah man I agree. I hate it when websites like IGN copy and paste their reviews. It's like come on don't use the Xbox screen shots in the PS3 gallery.. IGN is famous for that!

karan86243021d ago

All those screenshots looked terrible. Graphics arent everything, but look at the last comparison one. Looks like a PS2 game!?!?

Is it just the screenshots shown here, or is it actually like that?

Sea_Man3021d ago

Yeah you really have to watch the video. The rollover images they provide are zoom in so obviously your gonna see imperfections.

Sea_Man3021d ago

Actually down load the video from their site. It's a lot better quality the youtube!

StarScream4Ever3021d ago

Hmmm. Looks like I was right about the 360 will win through performance and the fact that the graphic tearing on the PS3 is significant enough for a 360 win. That though, its still a good game on both console.

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