Lawsuit: Activision Created Modern Warfare "Police State"

Activision created a "police state," conducted secret "interrogations" of employees and held $54 million dollars hostage as they tried to threaten and cajole the team behind Modern Warfare 2 into making the next Modern Warfare game, according to an amended lawsuit filed in California today and obtained by Kotaku.

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Nike3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

'Heil Kotick', then?

That has got to be some of the most messed up sh*t I've ever heard about from the gaming industry. You're going to threaten people by with-holding the profits of their own labour (which you wrung out of them, not nurtured). Then you unceremoniously fire the heads of the team. Hope Kotick gets what's coming to him.

SupaGamer3112d ago

Something needs to happen to him. Seriously, I'm done buying any of their COD/MW games and anything else (unless it's really awesome).

nickjkl3112d ago

you lack resolve

I'm done buying any of their COD/MW games

unless it's really awesome

SeanRL3112d ago

"unless it's really awesome"

and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why activision is still alive and well.

CobraKai3112d ago

Hey dude. Buy it USED. I hear Activision actually loses money when you buy used. So then you can buy those "really awesome" games and feel better that, in some miniscule way, you cost them money while at the same time, you saved money. It's perfect.

DaBadGuy3112d ago

Um.....yeah now it's easy for me to say "fuck Activision, Kotick can suck my asshole. He's nothing but a limp dick drizzling shit smear that needs to be raped just to be taken down a peg. Then killed to be taken down another. I'm never buying another CoD game from them ever fuck you very much Activision." See, that was easy, but come launch when I turn on my 360 and all my friends are playing Black Ops and talking about "that awesome part" it's gonna be shitty. I'm going to buy the game and carve out the Activision logo on the box and then carve out the Activision logo on screen. That's anarchy of the highest order.

Spenok3112d ago

LMAO, "Unless" its really awesome.... looks like you will be buying the next CoD.

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skwidd3112d ago

Well, after the fiasco and people talking about boycotting, I DID! NOT gonna give money and encourage an organization that abuses it's employees. People need to stick to what they say and believe if they want change to happen.

Elven63112d ago

Then you must not buy a lot of goods since very few tech companies have a spotless employee record, it's not that common with developers but publishers might have it a bit more.

And it's not "abuse" but more so just to do with royalties, if abuse was the case they could complain to the California Labor Board who would give Activision an ultimatum to fix things or they are forcibly shut down until they can fix things. Interplay was shut down over the inability to pay a mere $13k in salaries (not royalties) so it just goes to show, California takes such things very seriously.

SeanRL3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Activision is gonna be at the fan expo in toronto this year. I think I'll give them a piece of my mind while I'm there.

thisguywithhair3112d ago

I'll be there too. Bring the paintballs lol.

aviator1893112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I don't think that the former IW devs would be taking on a big company like Activision if they had no good evidence and reason to back them up, so I hope the case works out. There are probably two sides to each story, but I'm hoping that Activision loses this one.

DA_SHREDDER3112d ago

Fuck IW. I could care less if they ever got paid for that garbage they called MW2. Fuck Kotick, fuck IW, and fuck all of Activision.

Capdastaro3112d ago

"I could care less"

Surely you mean couldn't?

yewles13112d ago

I agree with SHREDDER. EA, Acti, IW... it's not even a cycle anymore, it's a lemniscate.

demonddel3112d ago

you still butthurt cause Activision said the xbox360 version of MW2 was the version to get i swear before that and i been coming here for over 3 years now i never seen so much hate for a company

yewles13112d ago

...the most BROKEN game this generation, the most VILE acts of greed said generation, and the most ridiculous case of "he said, HE said" ever, and you bring FANBOYISM into this? Priorities, my friend... priorities.

demonddel3112d ago

look friend i wasn't talking to you

wages of sin3112d ago

All in an effort to garner support from one side to another. I'm not buying any of it, not until I hear the full story. I'm not going to get riled up over "he say, she say", especially coming from these guys. First it was when they were with EA and now Activision? I'll pass.

KillerPwned3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Why care? it has nothing to do with us or nor will effect anyone besides the people working in these area`s. Yeah its a shame whats happening but i really could careless. From what all i heard Activision they should just pay up and it be the end of it. Its all about money and power in this world that`s it.

IMO, Also its not like Activision is making anymore great games. The only thing they had was guitar hero and Call of Duty now they are slowly dieing off along with all their other franchises they ruined.

And to you below i am going to college for my masters in Gaming development/ Simulation. But right now i got more imporant things in my life then some little dumb gaming developer and their money problem`s maybe you should be more worried about political things or things that actually involve you. They are what would affect this country more. And if im so ignorant i am sorry i dont care about this as much as you do with all do respect to you.

This has been going on for so long. Its time to move on you got WAY! more imporant things to worry about. BP oil spill for example that is something that could fuck us all over for years to come.

Its a dog eat dog world you gotta fend for yourself.

newhumanbreed3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So ignorant. What if the same thing happened in your work place? I also doubt you have a job, but who cares right? Things like this makes laws so that money hungry corporations can't screw you over in the end.

Edit: They bought Blizzard. They are here to stay. Also, this is politics. A laborer is being withheld his payment for something he created for someone who funded him. A new law could come out of this. I really suggest you change your major if you don't find this lawsuit important.

KillerPwned3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I will say in a sense it is imporant your right laws could happen from this. I`m just saying i hope the best for both companies and that right now i got a lot more to worry about. I personally feel that their is worse out there for me.

We both have are different views that`s just the out come and i respect yours. I`m not gonna be a dick and put u down like a lot of people would on here.

shadow27973112d ago

It's news. If you don't care, don't read it. 90% of news doesn't directly affect the viewer/reader, does that mean it shouldn't be reported? People like to be informed.

Personally, I like to know when companies I give money to wrongfully mistreat their employees. In the future, I will likely think twice about buying their products. Isn't that relevance enough?

I mean, while you're at it, you could say the same thing about the OJ Simpson trial. Who cares if he killed her or not, it doesn't affect me, does it?

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