Is Sony About To Repeat Its Mistake And Release PS4 Last Next Generation?

Dear Sony, a note from the wise. When you make a mistake, you learn from it, not act stubborn and repeat the same bad decisions over again like you’re hard of learning. Eventually, your boat will sink; and that’s something none of us would want to happen.

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PirateThom3211d ago

Releasing "last" wasn't their mistake, it was releasing at the highest price tag.

Slient Knight 93211d ago

very true it was too expensive, i waited til ps3 was £300 pounds got 60gb with 3 games included.

hopefully ps4 won't be as expensive since blu ray becoming cheaper to produce now.

ruiner44823210d ago

"rip the most rewards"
"a note to the wise"

Wtf was this written by a third grader?? A word to the wise, it is reap not rip.

Heisenberg3210d ago

He should be embarrassed about his writing skills. Where do they find these people, how are parents and the education system failing this badly? It's amazing that english is this guys first language. I'm so tired of seeing articles riddled with grammar errors, spelling errors, and run on sentences that make no sense.

WhittO3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

It was expensive but people just couldn't see WHY it was at that price.

I don't know how many times I had to explain to people why the PS3 was over £400 at launch.

They couldn't see past the fact that with in-built Wifi, 2.5" HDD, Bluray player, HDMI & Optical outputs, amazing UI with the ability to store and play smoothly HD Videos/Photos with Free (even though basic) online gaming - all available at launch.
(That's before the FREE updates which have given the ps3 3 times the features it had at launch, such as Divx or DLNA etc)

That it would cost MORE to get that on 360.

Then MS came out with giving it's customers a choice, now they have almost everything the PS3 had inbuilt, except of course the most valuable part....Bluray.

Bloodraid3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Hey, GamesThirst. The Wii says hi.

Spenok3210d ago

Well I've read plenty of articles, and Sony said they want there next console to launch around the $300 price tag. That way its affordable from the outset.

The only thing that worries me is how much better will it be then the current PS3 if its going to be so cheap. Obviously they will either have to sell it at a mega loss, or keep features and components out of it to drive the price down.

ruiner44823210d ago

If all they do for ps4 is add a more memory, newer gpu, and more spus they could release it a few years down the line at a 300-350 price point with minimal to no loss. The graphics would be better and the dev tech would stay the same so devs don't have to learn a new system.

BattleAxe3210d ago

Sony would be smart to release the PS4 at least 3 years after the new XBOX, so that it will actually feel like something new rather than a direct competator.

Hideo_Kojima3210d ago

one thing is for sure... I am waiting for both consoles to be released before I buy one.

Things change between generations Xbox was the most advanced last gen now its PS3. So I will need to see both of the consoles before I buy either.

orakga3210d ago

My thoughts exactly. If anything, their mistake was to release it so closely to the 360, so the hardware advantage was not OBVIOUS to the average American consumer (b/c America is the only country where people were swayed by MSFT's bullshit claim that the 360 was on par with the PS3 in terms of hardware).

By giving it a couple of years in between, they not only allow the machine to be even higher-specced, but also people will be less likely to claim that their 2-year-old system is as powerful as Sony's latest invention.

commodore643210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

What all the ps3 fanboys are forgetting is that for the first three years the ps3 graphics in 98% of games were inferior, or exactly on par with the 360.

It is only in its fourth year that we have now seen a handful of games that are exemplary reasons for owning a ps3. IE.: KZ2, GOW, UC2. Maybe GT5. Apart from those, the ps3 has nothing that really interest me, truth be told. Four games? You got to be kidding me...

No matter, it looks like Sony will be forced to repeat its late launch again. As of right now, there is $5 billion of well documented PS3 losses to regain before Sony shareholders will allow a similar ps4 'loss/investment' debacle.
There is simply no chance that a ps4, with projected initial losses, will be launched early, while the ps3 is still in the hole to the tune of billions.

My guess is, MS will get their next console right. They have learned their rrod lesson and will ensure that hardware reliability is rocksolid, while still launching first at a competitive price - A strategy which has proven successful in reducing Sony from first place to third.

When the next xbox launches and completely blows anything ps3 out of the water, gamers won't care about the ps3 anymore. It will be old news and old tech - this is not rocket science. Sony will be forced to drop the ps3 price again to counter and make further losses, on top of the $5 billion.

It really seems like the ps3 is destined to repeat the pattern of losses that were attributed the original xbox1.
How very ironic!

This will surely annoy a great myriad of ps3 zealots, but the truth will set them free, in the end.

orakga3208d ago

PS3 fanboys?

Hey just because the XBox needs a NEXT GEN system to finally compete with the PS3, doesn't mean you get to call everyone else a PS3 fanboy.

Besides, Uncharted 1 came out only a year after the PS3 came out, and had already achieved something the 360 has yet to match.

Also, yes, the PS3 may only have "four games".
But that's still four times more than what the 360 has; "Halo".

Get over it.
Sadly, the truth doesn't appear to be setting you free.

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alphakennybody3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

it could have been higher, that 599$ was right at that time. People just love to complain, I mean it had so many things packed into to it made the other consoles feel outdated. And now that some of those features were taken out to make it less expensive, people still complain about it.Quality doesn't come cheap you know.

Brewski0073210d ago

I bought it at 599 also, you can sugar coat it all you like and yeah even now its features are still top notch while other consoles are ageing quicker. Its not an insult to the console by admitting that perhaps they shouldve launched it cheaper or differently as its still the best console out there.
But from a MARKETING perspective it really was a big mistake as the majority of their core market couldnt afford that. I dont see how people can be blind to say that its launch wasnt a mistake (when saying it wasnt a mistake means your saying it had a successful launch) when the sales figures were so poor.

alphakennybody3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Yet when it came out,it was dubbed the thrid fastest selling console in history if I'm not wrong. Like I said people just love to complain.

Brewski0073210d ago

Correct eddy raja. When launched in the uk it sold 185,000 units in its first week, compared to 105,000 from the wii and a mere 70,000 from the xbox 360.
However sales didnt stay that way, and that was due to the price tag and after initial success the sales stabalised and even dropped in the weeks to follow. But its now well after rebounding and its the best console for your buck right now.
When people counter your argument with some discussion thats not called "complaining" by the way ;).

Ven10003210d ago

the PS3 is still the 3rd fastest selling console. We're not talking about initial weeks. We're talking overall.

Brewski0073210d ago

I wasnt talking about it being the best as in sales right now.. im talking about it giving you the most for the money it sells at, at this very moment in time considering the price drops and the competition in the market. I said it had rebounded , referring to its reputation as an over-priced console and has now got a steady fanbase and still offers the best features for your buck. I wasnt talking about it coming back sales-wise. Although its making ground on the competition. With the WII out front, its the ps3 catching (or not) the 360 this generation that matters.

Hideo_Kojima3210d ago

It cost Sony around $850 for each launch console... how else could they have launched it?

Do you think they should have removed the wireless card? It would just drop to $820... drop the HDMI? It would drop to around $720... drop the shininess and the touch sensitive buttons? It would go to around $650

Considering they COULD save that much from taking those things away they would still need to sell it at a loss and all you would get is a very dubbed down PS3 and you would than rush out and buy another one when they add HDMI and everything else for $300 just like the 360 did.

That is not really saving money.

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Nike3211d ago

"Dear Sony, a note from the wise."

That line right there had me rolling in laughter. GamesThirst and wise? Hahahahahaha! :D

Consoldtobots3210d ago

yeah some people are slow to point out the obvious like.....

no so fast there fanboys at gamethirst, who said releasing last "was a mistake" this gen like you claim???? I mean they make a HUGEEEE leap in calling this gen for MS when it isn't even over and proclaim their strategy as successful. they are CLOWNS any way you cut it.

Terarmzar3211d ago

I did not mind the price tag, i knew what i wanted and i stuck to it and in the end since the stores were sold out this guy was selling it at launch and payed $700 for mine and don't regret it.

tinybigman3211d ago

i can say the same damn thing about my 360. fable 2, forza, halo, gears2, halo 3 were pretty average too. you see how that works out you close minded fanboy. don't be coming at me with your biased bullshit. do not try to pass it off on me.

The_Beast3211d ago

IF PS3 was released at a price of 300 or 400. itll be at least 50 million or more sold by now

Inside_out3210d ago

There are many factors as to why Sony is struggling to regain the market share it lost to it's competitors. The 360 head start is definitely one of them. Don't fret, Sony will release a console to compete with M$ and Nintendo. They have to or they fail worse than they are this gen.

Giving M$ and Nintendo the opportunity to lock up third party developers first will destroy Sony, plain and simple. Think about a launch with Halo 4, Gears 4 and MW4 with the best graphics anyone has ever seen. Sony knows there launch window because they will no doubt include a Blu-ray disc drive in the new me, this is all posturing. Sony will be there with bells on. It would be suicide other wise.

As for this gen...Unreal 3 single handedly showed the world that the 360 was capable of not only great on line but had graphics on par and in the case of Gears, better than the PS3. Look how many great games have used the tech that Epic has designed. Epic actually played a role in the design of the 360. I expect Epic will play a role in the design of the Xbox 720 in 2012. Where would 360 be without the unreal 3 and Gears this gen???. Epic and unreal made the PS3 supercomputer look average. Gears 3 is raising the bar further.

El_Colombiano3210d ago

Your post kind of made sense until the middle of your second paragraph. Then you let the fanboy slip out. Nothing running on Unreal Tech looks anywhere near as good as a PS3 exclusive such as Uncharted 2 or God of War 3. Unreal Engine 3 is a lazy, cheap and sloppy way of making a video game with below average graphics.

MysticStrummer3210d ago

LOL @ your assertion that anything using Unreal 3 comes close to the best looking PS3 games. *wipes tears of laughter from his eyes* You are too damn funny Cez. I think you have gone beyond drinking the Kool-Aid and now you have a Kool-Aid IV. You are right though that the 360 would be nowhere without Unreal 3. The PS3 was the best console when it launched and it remains the best console to this day. The PS4 will continue that tradition no matter who launches first.

hatchimatchi3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

"Epic and unreal made the PS3 supercomputer look average. Gears 3 is raising the bar further."


the first 2 paragrahs made sense but good god the fanboy in you broke out in full form towards the end.

Have you played uncharted 1 or 2? God of War 3, Killzone 2?

The 360 has good games that have great graphics but it's been clear for over a year now that the ps3 can do things that the 360 cannot.

Back to the quote I took from you, funny how you say epic and unreal (engine) made the ps3 supercomputer look average when in actuality, when epic made unreal tournament 3 for the ps3 & 360, the ps3 got the superior version...

likedamaster3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

This is N4G. Your bubbles will get raped and fibs will be regarded as truth by the other side. Good luck.

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Marceles3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

It wasn't even just the price tag, if it had the games to back it up at launch then I think it would've sold even more earlier. I remember when PS2 first launched and I had SSX, Madden, and Tekken Tag for the longest time, but there weren't really any other games to buy for it for awhile. And then later on there was a price drop and the games came pouring in.

It took awhile for that effect to come to PS3. I bought Resistance with it, but alot of the other games that were supposed to launch with PS3 were delayed and it was taking too long for games to be released. I swear it took like 2 or 3 months for just a couple of games to come out, and then the media would pounce on it and flop it. Also HD wasn't a big fad and then there was the whole Blu-ray/HD DVD war which confused people even more on whether to buy it.

I've had PS3 since it launched, and I had to buy games like Enchanted Arms, Rainbow Six Vegas, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Spiderman 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 just to have something to play on the system. Once Unreal Tournament 3 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma came out, that's when it seemed like the third party was finally trying to do something...and then after that Ratchet, Uncharted, Folklore, and Heavenly Sword came out and started creating a little buzz...even though the media still hated the hell out of PS3. Now we're at a point where there's too many games lol...but I sure am glad things have really picked up for PS3.

webeblazing3210d ago

i thought profit matters. i dont care if they launch last if its worth it ill buy it

waltyftm3210d ago

They always release last and always at a high price.

-MD-3210d ago

It was a mix of the two.

jeseth3210d ago

Xbox 360 HAD TO release a year early.

PS3 would have mopped the floor and destroyed Xbox had they released at the same time. Xbox 360 has their market because they released early, probably too early.

While as I love capitalism and respect their ability to rush a shoddy product that could have used some R&D to the market (RROD, Disc Scratching, Errors, etc.), in the end it has cost them.

PS3 has proven its value much the way PS2 had to. And now every PS3 will get a firmware update making PS3's not only Blu Ray players but 3D Blu Ray players. Just another amazing savings in the long run of owning a PS3.

The bottom line is that PS3, like PS2 and PSone, was released to bad press, doubt, and quite frankly jealousy and envy. Now everyone sees its value, performance, and quality. Every dumb American consumer will brainlessly buy the new "thing" because it is new and hip. They don't see the long run or bang for your buck. Now every 360 owner that bought a luanch 360 for $500 and has been paying for LIVE has spent over $750 on that console while the 60gb Ps3 owner has still only invested $600 to play online since launch.

Lets not talk about the suckers that bought the HD DVD add on. LOL.

I don't care who launches first. I'll wait again for Sony's next console because I know I'll get a quality product full of value that won't be maxed out 3 years inot its life cycle.

Foliage3210d ago

The only company that needs to release their next console is Microsoft, since their 360 is dead and they have no games.

The PS3 has a lot of potential left, since it's the most future-proof console around.

infamous-butcher3210d ago

It wasn't this, It was releasing it without a large selection of games at a high standerd. Sure R:FoM was a good game and I played it extencively, but wha else would you or I actually play? Genji?

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Nike3211d ago

Is GamesThirst making a mistake and writing even crappier articles than it did before movements and his gang disappeared/got banned?

Damn, that's a tough one. /sarcasm

stonecold13211d ago

has already peaked already seen better days 5 years this november and time for m$ whip out another console since the 360 finished in japan europe paris the ps3 will out sell it here once gt5 launches once halo fable 3 and gears 3 come out thats the end of the road for the 360 but if fable 3 is on pc then the 360 only has 2 games left the rest multiplatform

MariaHelFutura3211d ago

Sony is in a great posistion if you can`t see that your blinded by hate, the other 2 systems will be forced to put out their systems before Sony. Being forced can make you make alot of stupid decesions, like MS with the 360.

Count3210d ago

Forced lol, that's where I realized that YOU were blind.