Gran Turismo 6 Will Take Another 5 Years

SystemLink: "Think the wait for Gran Turismo 5 was long? Well, you might have to sit down for this one..."


EDIT: We don't know who the quote comes from. The quote can be found in a full-length feature in the latest OPM, who went to visit the Polyphony Digital studios. We're not sure if that's from a member of staff, an OPM writer, but it's given as fact in the magazine.

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SonySoldiers3025d ago ShowReplies(5)
TrevorPhillips3025d ago

Definitly on PS4

The graphics are crazy in GT5 already, imagine GT6! O_o

MariaHelFutura3025d ago

Since people do screenshot comparison with real life and GT5, it`s pretty safe to say GT6 will basically look real.

Michael_Pachter3025d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

According to my estimates, GT5 won't push PS3 hardware sales.

Anyone who disagrees with me is just a fanboy because I, Michael Pachter, am never wrong! Just look at my Wii HD prediction... oh, wait...

sikbeta3025d ago

Gran Turismo 6: The Literally Real Driving Simulator

MorganX3024d ago

For that you need a really good steering wheel, gear shift, and pedals.

Until then it'll be a great looking driving simulator game.

ExplosionSauce3024d ago

If GT6 is released on the PS3.
But it might take that long if it's made for the PS4.

Cevapi883024d ago

think about it this way, GT4 was released at the end of the PS2's life cycle....the PS3 is just about to hit its 5 year anniversary....Sony is shooting for a 10 year life cycle....and if we are going off of the PS2, then the timing would be just right for GT6 to release on the PS3, right when sony gets in gear to build a new machine....

Persistantthug3024d ago

PS3 is only 3 1/2 years old.

Cevapi883024d ago

my bad....i keep thinking '05 instead of ' its the 4 year anniversary....still makes sense for GT6 to be on the PS3

Dee_913024d ago

gt6 will be a real car and airplane and hotel tickets to the locations the tracks are located

Conloles3024d ago

Wow one game a generation must be some skilled developers....

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fishd3025d ago

This is how GT 5 looks...

Now take a look out of the just had a preview of GT 6 :D

nickjkl3025d ago

no thats not gran turismo 5 thats a real picture from like top gear

Venatus-Deus3025d ago

no... thats the GT5 game engine. Look closely and you will see its not real.

Hotel_Moscow3025d ago

i couldnt tell i was 6 feet away from my tv

beardpapa3025d ago

nick didn't notice the flat looking 2D trees in the background signature of video games.

ExplosionSauce3024d ago

Says a lot about the game's graphics! haha :D

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fishd3025d ago

On a more serious note...

Gran Turismo Creator Says Gran Turismo 6 Won't Take As Long as GT5

frankymv3025d ago

yep....GT6 won't take as long

sikbeta3024d ago

You Sir just OWNED the "contributor" and "Author" of this Article at The Same Time, Congrats, you deserve a Bubble but Mods would not allow it :(

3D+GT5 FTW!!!

Spenok3024d ago

I can't think of why it would. Seeing as how most of the tech is already made for the game. Maybe some slight reworks to the engine, and some new cars, and new tracks, plus whatever else there going to add to the game. I can only see this taking 3 years at the longest to come out.

Kerrby3024d ago

NICE, you just destroyed this articles and websites credibilty.

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The_Beast3025d ago

said that it will take alot less since they had to start from scartch on gt5. gt6 will be alot shorter to devolpe since they already have a base

spektical3024d ago

im not gonna argue about a video game looking like real life. All im gonna say is that i cant wait for GT5, and i hope no retard uses GT5 or future GT games, for that matter, as a way to purchase a real car, and then complain about the car not conforming to the game....

Imperator3024d ago

Just think about this. In the time PD took to make GT5, the entire Forza series was released. PD takes their time and doesn't milk gamers. They released the best, most full and complete game possible and I think we can all agree that GT5 will last us a long, long time. GT6 in 5 years is ok, imo.

NYPunkster3024d ago

to the morons who approved this story....ffffuuu. N4G is going down the crapper.

Kishin3024d ago

Now Featuring gas pans! Flat tires, motor getting rust, full oil changes...! Oh wait the last detail... >_>

Jaces3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

That's fine, it'll probably take that long before anybody actually gets tired of GT5. ;P

hennessey863022d ago

i dont think ill need another driving game this gen after gt5. I dont think ill be buying forza 4 unless they can beat gt5 which i doubt. GT6 for ps4 sounds about right to me

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PirateThom3025d ago

Without reference, it's hard to know what that quote is about, but I'm hoping it means constant track and car updates in that time.

raztad3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

totally right. That quote could be a mere guess. It is not from Kaz, or is it? I'm confused.

Though with the amount of content in GT5 I doubt people will need GT6 for quite some time.

Antan3025d ago

Kaz has said in the past GT6 will take nowhere near the same time GT5 has taken.

fafoon3025d ago

Perfection takes time !!

klado3024d ago

Actually, too human is IN NO WAY meaning of perfection as the game was like a ball in a volleyball play, from console to console, then drop...then console to console then drop...then xbox, then flop, see, where as GT5 is from ps3 to perfection, guess it is simple for both troll and stealth troll like yooo...u! UuU

hi23025d ago

kaz was joking can't say anything without reading the full article