Gran Turismo 5 Online Multiplayer Detailed

SystemLink; "In the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine, the 'My Lounge' for Gran Turismo 5 has been unvieled and detailed."

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Kerrby3022d ago

Sounds excellent.

I hope if you spectate, you'll be able to be the co-driver and watch from next to the driver.

Spenok3021d ago

I'd have to say that would be pretty sweet.

Killjoy30003021d ago

I would pay extra for it.

Trey_4_life3022d ago

What a game, i mean seriously this game will provide more epicness than the forza trilogy combined.

Cannot wait, am extrememly excited to play this historic piece of gaming history when it finally hits the store shelf's.

The futures bright, the futures playstation

hennessey863022d ago

its funny how you have to mention forza well me personally ive been enjoying forza 3 and ill be picking up gt5 when its released

demonddel3022d ago

i play the demo and the controls are nowhere near forza 3

Focker-4203022d ago

There wasn't a demo. Prologue and the Time Trial weren't accurate representations of GT5. They've already said this.

Arvis_Jaggamar3021d ago

Prologue still handles more realistically than any Forza title. But when it comes to game mechanics (especially for racers) it's all about what FEELS GOOD when you're playing. This is why so many Xboxers are perfectly happy with Forza, because the controls strike a nice balance for them. It's all personal preference.

Where it gets crazy is when people start arguing about facts. Facts cannot be changed, so arguing about them is stupid. Gran Turismo IS a more realistic driving experience than Forza when it comes to things like handling, engine mechanics and such. Forza's realism always came more from having damage and wrecks.

The fact is, "More Realistic" does not necessarily mean "Better." The two games are just DIFFERENT. Try them both, play the one you like best!


MariaHelFutura3021d ago

GT5P handles great and there is no demo.

ShinMaster3021d ago

...Turn 10 likes to exaggerate certain aspects of the physics just to make people know/think that it's very realistic.

Although sometimes I wonder how I'm able to take certain turns at somewhat unrealistic speeds.

3021d ago
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Blacktric3022d ago

My eyeballs hurts just by look at that screenshot. Epic.

sikbeta3022d ago

"My Lounge supports voice chat for up to 32 players and lets you host 16-player online races or spectate on races in progress, as well as watch the GT-TV VOD service and race replays"

EPIC Driving Simulator

Redempteur3021d ago

i uppgraded my internet connexion in order to enjoy these features ...can't wait ...

kneon3022d ago

I don't really visit Playstation home much but this sounds like something that would work great being integrated into Home. They could even recreate the tracks in home so that you can spectate from the stands or go down to pit lane to look at the cars.

but I'm sure the graphics wouldn't be anything even close to what you see in GT5.

M4I0N33022d ago

yeah, i actually thought of this idea when GT5 Prologue was announced and i tried suggesting it in the GT forums but it went unnoticed :(

EvilBlackCat3022d ago

GT fans will never accept that GT games have never been close to PC Racing Simulators.

THEY ALWAYS hype it like is da only real sim... *Bullshit!*

Dnied3022d ago

ahhhh mr 1 bubble, where'd you get a copy of the game?? GIMME

DigitalAnalog3022d ago

I'm sorry, did Top Gear ever heard of such garbage?

-End statement

3022d ago
morganfell3021d ago

And petty jealousy rears it's ugly head...driven by the disappointment of his own inferior product.

-SIXAXIS-3021d ago

I've searched far and wide for driving sims for the PC. NONE of them are as good as GT.

Hallucinate3021d ago

oh yea iracing is great with what 3 tracks 4 cars and 75$ subscription fee

3021d ago
Commander_TK3021d ago


LMAO. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the PC is the platform with most exclusive games, not to mention that it´s the best platform to game on.

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deafwing3021d ago

after being disappointed after the release date was pushed back again, again and again, all the tidbits about this title that have been trickling out is getting me a excited about it again.

GarandShooter3021d ago

When exactly were those release dates?

It had one release date for Japan only, and one delay.

If you have links to the others, please provide them for us all to see.

Aloren3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Are you seriously trying to say that nobody ever said anything to make people believe it would release sooner than 4 years after launch (well, except once, according to you) ?

Ven10003021d ago

People will always hype and you'll always have some "insider guy" saying he knows the date.

The FACT still remains that PD only stated ONE date thus far which was March 2010 for Japan ONLY and it was delayed. Europe and US never got an official date thus was never delayed here.

Thanks for playing.

3021d ago
Aloren3021d ago

This has more to do with facing me facing hypocrisy than with you facing hate. A lot of people have been waiting GT5 for years, and till now I had never seen anyone pretending the delays were sneaky inventions from haters.
If you really believe that sony never intended you to believe the game would release in a few months during the last few years, or that haters care more about the delays than fans of the franchise who have been waiting for the next installment for years, then you really live in a sad, twisted world.

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MariaHelFutura3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I love you GT. The trailer gives me chills.

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