Vanquish Gets US Release Date, Pre-Order Bonus, Developer Blog, and a Flickr of New Screens

This game lets you punch through bad guy's nuts, and shoot through bad guys' faces into other bad guys' nuts. There are new screens to prove this. It comes out on October 19th, has an exclusive pre-order bonus with GameStop, a new developer blog by Shinji Mikami, and a Flickr account with 30 screenshots.

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milf_sex3026d ago

We must stop that from happening !

crematory3026d ago

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ool, bubble for u sir:)

Duke_Silver3026d ago

that's a lot of promotional content, wish more companies would do that

Anon73493026d ago

Vanquish, the upcoming shooter directed by Shinji Mikami (creator of Awesome game and director of Awesome game, also did I mention he created DEVIL MAY CRY? Yeah, that's consider a genre now), developed for (by* not for) Platinum Games (makers of awesome game and Awesome Game), and published by SEGA who made a great gaming mascot in their early life but gradually worsened as whole after that releasing stupid add-on's for their consoles, then they made an awesome console with awesome games on it, it failed horribly. Now they are known for stuff like cutting content for the NA version of Yakuza 3, making a crappy port of a wonderful game (bayonetta), completely butraping the awesomeness of their beloved mascot until it became a pile of trash among other failures!

DaTruth3025d ago

Multiplatform development is starting to look good. This game looks really nice!

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