OPMUK Announces New Deal for FirstPlay

In the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine UK, it has been revealed that if you subscribe to both FirstPlay and OPM, you'll get a special deal on future issues of the magazine.

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Slient Knight 93120d ago

sony need to get firstplay included with psn+

tdrules3119d ago

FirstPlay is made by Future Publishing.
So that wouldn't make sense

Ja555on3119d ago

SubscriberNumber and the FirstPlay 90 days subscription Order Number?

rymanb3119d ago

Subscriber Number is found somewhere on the packaging of one of your delivered OPM mags.

The Order Number can be found in the email that the PS Store sends you whenever you buy something, just bring that up (for your 90 day subscription) and you'll find the number in the email.

Hope this helps.

Ja555on3119d ago

So I need to subscribe to FirstPlay AND the magazine?

redsquad3119d ago

I gave up on FirstPlay after three "issues" - I found it totally worthless and uninformative.