Why is Microsoft so bad at brand names for its products?

The Guardian reports on Microsoft's inability to give its brands good names apart from "Windows" and "Xbox".

"Nobody knows. It has managed to come up with a couple of good ones down the years - "Windows" ain't bad, nor "Xbox" and you could even tip your hat a little towards "Zune", though that started out as "Argo", which at least has the benefit of being at the start of the alphabet. But we know that the product it likes to call "Silverlight" (its Flash killer) is really known inside the company as "Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere" - make sure you include that slash, now - and last week it affirmed its clunkiness by announcing that its bittorrent-alike sort-of peer-to-peer service, known as "Avalanche" while being developed in Cambridge, would be released as "Microsoft Secure Content Distribution"."

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Lord Anubis5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

There was or is a more interesting article from Cnet's It was really hilarious because Microsoft just cant named products with out having a sentence to describe their products.

///////////////////////////// ///////////////////////
The company has a rich history of products with names that are excessively wordy. Arguably one of the most convoluted monikers announced by Redmond (though thankfully later shortened) was its appellation for the mainstream 64-bit version of Windows XP: Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems.

Its woes in product naming and packaging are legendary both within and outside the company. A popular video has made the rounds on YouTube outlining what Microsoft might have done if it had been tasked with designing the iPod's box. Instead of the minimalist carton that Apple came up with, the video ends up with a text laden container for the "iPod Pro 2005 XP Human Ear Professional Edition with Subscription."

It later emerged that the video was done by people inside Microsoft.

"It was the packaging team trying to make a point about design," Webster said.
///////////////////////////// /////////////////
the video is here.

DJ5233d ago

-still laughing- "Now THAT has shelf presence." pfffft

the_round_peg5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

Microsoft should have called it the "Console for Windows", "Windows: Console Edition", "Windows in a Box", "Zune Box", "Playstation Terminator", "COS" (Console Operating System), or - better yet - the "Super Duper Gaming Module".

Lord Anubis5233d ago

would those names be the pro, the business or the home edition? You have a bright future. Maybe you should work for Microsoft.

XxZxX5233d ago (Edited 5233d ago )

Ppl will avoid windows when they have a choice. I think XBOX is a good name. Simple and easy to remmember. Consoles for windows.. too long and Windows!!

kevin11225233d ago

i actually think xbox is a good name as well.

XxZxX5233d ago

I think windows pretty much kill microsoft brand. People are tired of crashing Windows but still can't avoid the product. But when microsoft faced strong competitors, they're usually not doing very good, because consumers now can avoid it. With XBOX 360 RROD mimicking Windows BSOD, mainstream may already avoiding XBOX 360 which resulted in the poor 1.1mil shipment this quarter.

toughNAME5233d ago

yeeeah xbox is a pretty dumb name

but common lets be isnt that good either

sounds like one of those playground things at mcdonalds

ARog345233d ago

...Oh and don't get me started on the Wii.

The Wood5233d ago

PSX or PS3 sound better

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