AusGamers Interview - Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

We chat quickly to Capcom PR man, Wes Philips at E3 about Dead Rising 2: Case Zero for Xbox 360.

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DelbertGrady3022d ago

It's nice to be able to get the full experience of this game. Loved the first one.

MariaHelFutura3022d ago

I love the 1st aswell, I still own it and play it from time to time.

Kingdom Come3022d ago

Throwing money away on behalf of Capcom, they claimed in an Interview with Gamespot that Case Zero's only diference from Dead Rising 2 is it's story and setting. This is extremely bad news as they are limiting the experience to one console and its contents could have been included on the Dead Rising 2 Disc, however I am looking forward to the game nontheless.