What Is the Definitive Video Game Console?

Here's how it works: Kotaku asks a question, you answer it. Simple and no strings attached! This isn't some marketing survey or whatever. It's an emotional investment in you.

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Al Bundy3026d ago

The one that only does everything.

SonySoldiers3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

It Only Does be exact, sorry xbots

Exclusive > Multiplatform

Biggest3026d ago

Not all of them though. The 60G PS3 is by far the best. PS1/2/3 games all in one.

Conloles3026d ago

Which is PC, the only console where you can launch two games at once whilst quickly switching to an internet browser then back into the game within 10 seconds.

zeeshan3026d ago

I own both PS3 and X360 but I honestly believe that PS3 has more value, better games and a superior hardware. It simply beats 360 in every major area. I know Live is considered to be more popular and more advanced than PSN but the fact is that PSN gives me exactly what I want and that too for FREE!

pixelsword3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

@ consoles:

Still waitin' fer' me 256 player PC FPS with narry lag 'n' decent graphics.

chak_3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

I was thinking about mag until you mentionned decent graphics.

PC does it all as suggest conloles

the same game at 256 where you only see 20 people because it's not REALLY 128 vs 128?

pixelsword3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )


both decent.

You don't know much about MAG:

128 people stampede:

MAG 128 interdiction, can see all 128 at once across the rather large stages:

Here's 128 on the PC, in all of it's glory:

Half-Life with all of it's graphical strength and server power:

UT III with mostly bots, not players:

fail moar, please.

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dizzleK3026d ago

except give you demos of anything or have a large selection in their online store. :p

seij5553026d ago

What do you mean? Have you ever been on PSN dumbass? PSN has all the best store games in my opinion.

tinybigman3026d ago

wow western gaming media is just sad; because we all know where this will lead.

Donny3026d ago

u already know.... right bundy? playbeyond

TheMART3026d ago

Wait a sec...

The Fatty doesn't do OtherOS anymore.

Nor can it do cross game chat, cross game invites (not talking about some incendents, I'm talking straight from XMB), nor does it have partygamechat&keeping those people with you while the party leader can get everyone together into the same game...

It certainly misses a lot to claim to do everything!

@ SonySoldierdroid

"Exclusive > Multiplatform"

So fail, so fail. There are more multiplat games I enjoy than exclusives overall, although exclusives are always welcome. Its fail to say that because a game is exclusive its always over multiplats.

Cenobia3025d ago

What a stupid argument. Its a fudging marketing slogan.

Go ahead and "jump in" to your 360. I'm sure MS will be more than happy to fix it after you explain how you thought jumping on your console would transport you directly into the game...

Use a fudging text message or text chat if you want to arrange a game. You are trying too hard to make a huge deal out of a couple of missing features. I wonder how often people even use that.

ChickeyCantor3026d ago


You pretend the PC can't handle it.
While you know its a load of crap.

Pc's already went beyond the power of the Ps3/360.
The problem is not everyone has a high-end pc.
Its a marketing problem, not so much that it can't handle tons of players with good visuals.

EvilBlackCat3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )


NOT your mom PC by the way

a Gaming PC

Immortal3213025d ago

I mean sure it can almost do everything, but not at once.

sure it has most AA exclusive.
sure it most games now a days are on the ps3.

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eggbert3026d ago

I immediately think of the NES/SNES. I haven't played mine in years, but i'll always have fond memories of them.

I really do think a ton of people are going to say NES though solely because it revitalized the VG market in NA.

Tony-A3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

The definitive game console is the console that you play definitively.


STFU, disagree person(s)! Oh wait..... you never show yourself anyway. Loser, haha.

Apocalypse Shadow3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

the one that "only does everything."

see...wii CAN'T do everything ps3 can do.but ps3 CAN DO EVERYTHING that wii can do with the right set up.

and...360 CAN'T do everything ps3 can do.but ps3 CAN DO EVERYTHING that 360 can do with the right firmware.

the funny thing too is that microsoft started off at the beginning spewing crap about CHOICE.but sure enough and true to their nature,we have seen microsoft limit CHOICE.

limited on if you can play online for free,limited on choice of a high def player,limited on player counts online,limited on the amount of HDD space you can have,limited on accessories you can use,limited on controller input because kinect lacks one,limited on the ability to do current 3D standards,limited on sound capability.......seriously...i could go on and on.and don't even let me get started on wii's LIMITS.

sony found the proper slogan for ps3,has the system to back it up,the games to back it up and the developers to back it up.

there have been many great systems in the past,but ps3 just topples them with it's shear MIGHT.

let me show you the definition:

xYLeinen3026d ago

Seriously, some will understand this and some won't.

There is no definite console out there. If you REALLY are a true gamer and passioned about games and franchises, you probably have all 3 consoles by now. And you don't use your time in a doomed war where is going NOWHERE.

I understand people got personal preferences, I do too, but seriously, this is getting childish. Sure the PS3 does something more well than the 360 but this also goes the other way.

If you really care about games and the industry leave this be.

theEx1Le3026d ago

couldn't have said it better, + bubs to u

Cenobia3025d ago

So to be a TRUE gamer you need to have unlimited funds and unlimited time?

Most people that have unlimited time have no money because they have no job. Most people that have money have a job and don't have that much free time.

What you are suggesting is that one must be born a "gentleman" to be a true gamer (in case you don't get my meaning, it means that you must be born rich and without need of working for a living). That is stupid.

Your neutrality, and air of superiority irritate me to no end.

xYLeinen3025d ago

Are you trying to be retarded? Try to think for yourself.

Obviously I don't mean that a true gamer have all 3 consoles. But yea, a "true" gamer who is passionated enough puts the differences between the consoles behind and don't act like a child when it comes to fanboyism. Sure everyone has a favorite console, I do too.

And I didn't even mention time. You have the time you have and play when you are able to play. This should too occur very obvious.

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