Editorial: The Current State Of The RPG

What IS an RPG? This generation, the lines between role-playing and other genres are getting blurrier and where does the RPG stand today?

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Godmars2903027d ago

Western RPGs *Haven't* changed, they've just gained more notoriety, are more adaptive to HD consoles then JRPGs which are floundering on the 360 and PS3. Are doing better on the DS and PSP, but are still little evolved from a PS2 title.

USEYOURFIST3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

sadly jrpg have lost there way this gen and the main ones ff13 and white knight have really disapointed me, the devs have been vocal about how they want to wesernize "read make more money" but they dont realize that western devs obviously make wrpgs better. i feel lost oddessy is the only good proper high profile jrpg this gen (demons souls not jrpg) but hopefully level 5 change that with there new game and ffvs could amazing but we will just have to wait and see,

Chris3993026d ago

WKC was great, so long as you played online. The second one seems to have improved remarkably. Vesperia was pretty (if a bit boring). Eternal Sonata was a thoughtful gem. Lost Odyssey was amazing. Valkyria (SRPG, but still very "Japanese") was a breath of fresh air. Final Fantasy was a bit of an experiment sure, but it sold over 5 million copies - pretty sure that's considered a "success" whether people enjoyed the game or not. And I'm not even going into the number of great JRPGs on handhelds either.

It's like Godmars said, Western RPGs aren't revolutionary, they're just in the spotlight this gen. Anyone who has played a Bethesda or Bioware game KNOWS that they just recycle the same old (but admittedly 'good') formula. Most of these "JRPGs are going the way of the dodo" comments and stories are from people too young or inexperienced to have played PC games.

ranmafandude3026d ago

just give me enough jrpgs and i'm fine.