Trauma Team – Crush! Frag! Review!

CFD!'s Nate Andrews heads back into operating room with Atlus' newest entry in the Trauma Center series:

"Releasing only a few months after the 2004 launch of the Nintendo DS, Trauma Center: Under the Knife was one of the earliest and most successful games designed almost entirely to suit the handheld’s fresh interface. Set in the near future and centered around the exploits of lighting-handed miracle-doctor Derek Stiles (a name built upon several layers of system-related pun, as was the custom of the time), Trauma Center’s fast-paced surgery simulation did well enough to warrant a slew of sequels across the DS and eventually the Wii."

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primesuspect3212d ago

This is a very well-written review. Better than 90% of the schlock out there "THE GRAPHICS WERE VERY GOOD" blah blah.

Nice to see someone with a mastery of the language writing game reviews. It raises the bar for the others.