Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop – Crush! Frag! Review! Flashback

CFD!'s Aubrey Klanecky takes a look at Mama's third DS excursion:

"I can’t cook. Period.

"Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but really, I’m terrible at cooking. My ability stops at Hamburger Helper, and even then I have a bad habit of messing that up. So it may come as a surprise that I LOVE Cooking Mama. I borrowed the first game from CFD!’s EIC, Rob Thomas, out of boredom, and fell in love. However, by the second one, I found that the honeymoon was quite over. While I enjoyed playing it, it was the same old thing over and over again. Cutting up vegetables, stirring the pot… there was nothing new! No innovation! So I was wary when I heard that the third installment of the DS series was coming out. How did it fare? Well, you’ll have to click the jump to find out!"

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